Logitech Z623 Review | Home Speaker System


Listening to music, viewing a movie, or playing a video game can all benefit from a high-quality speaker setup. One such audio device that claims to produce high-quality sound in a small and reasonably priced container is the Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System.
Its two satellite speakers and robust subwoofer can cover a room with full, enveloping sound.
Examine the speaker detail to discuss its build, audio, connectivity, features, pros, and disadvantages. Read suggestions for other speaker systems that suit your requirements.


  • Impressive sound quality and performance
  • Deep and powerful bass from the subwoofer
  • Easy to use and customize with a control pod for volume and bass controls
  • Good selection оf connectivity options, including RCA and 3.5mm audio inputs
  • Built-in 2.1 channel amplifier simplifies the setup process
  • Automatic standby mode and power-saving switch help save power


  • Satellites are quite large and may take up more space on a desk or table
  • Lack of Bluetooth connectivity may bе inconvenient for some users
  • Control pod may be difficult to use for those with larger hands
  • It may not be suitable for audiophiles or those looking for the highest-quality sound
  • Limited EQ customization options.

Design and Build Quality

The Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System is a cutting-edge audio solution that won’t seem out of place in any contemporary setting. The satellite speakers are sleek, matte black, and feature a rectangular design with rounded corners. 

A desk or bookshelf can accommodate their 7.7-inch height, 4.6-inch width, and 5-inch depth without them looking out of place.

The subwoofer stands 11.2 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep, making it the most noticeable component. The subwoofer’s front-firing 7-inch driver generates deep, powerful bass that can be fine-tuned through a knob on the device’s rear.

 The subwoofer features a port on the side that improves low-frequency sound quality.

Thanks to top-notch materials, the speaker system appears to be well-made and long-lasting. The satellite speakers are a sturdy blend of plastic and metal, and the subwoofer is constructed from MDF (medium-density fiberboard) with a vinyl coating that looks and feels expensive. 

It has a high build quality for its low price.

Sound Quality

Compared to other home speaker systems in their price range, this speaker system’s performance is outstanding. The sound from the satellite speakers is clear and detailed, with a smooth midrange and bright but not piercing highs. 

The tremendous bass the subwoofer produces enhances the whole listening/viewing/playing experience.

This speaker system can faithfully reproduce a wide variety of audio frequencies, аs its frequency response extends from 35 Hz to 20 kHz. It has a noteworthy soundstage and imaging, with distinct audio channels and a clean center channel for vocals.

It also can go extremely loud (its max power output is 400 watts) without distorting the sound, making it suitable for big rooms. It has a real RMS (Root Mean Square) power output is 200 watts, which is still respectable for a speaker system of this price.

Connectivity and Features

The Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System’s several inputs and outputs make its audio playback capabilities versatile. This speaker system can be connected to your computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, game console, or any other audio source through the RCA or 3.5mm audio inputs. 

The right satellite speaker’s front panel incorporates a connector for use with headphones, allowing for quiet listening.

Noteworthy about this speaker system is the presence of a control pod, from which basic functions like volume, bass, and power can be quickly accessed. The 6-foot cable connecting the control pod tо the subwoofer provides convenient placement options.

Thanks to this speaker system’s built-in 2.1 channel amplifier, no external amplifier or receiver is required. This streamlines the initial setup and allows you to use the system quickly.

This speaker system also has an automated standby mode that activates after 15 minutes of inactivity and a power-saving switch on the back of the subwoofer for when you want to turn the whole thing off.

Competitors Comparison

While the Logitech Z623 Home Speaker System is a great option for those looking for аn affordable and compact speaker system, some alternatives are worth considering. Here are a few competitors and how they compare:

  1. Creative Pebble Plus: The Creative Pebble Plus is a compact 2.1 speaker system with a similar design to the Logitech Z623. It has a subwoofer and two satellite speakers that produce clear and balanced sound, and it also has a control pod for easy access to volume and bass controls. The Creative Pebble Plus has a lower RMS power output of 8 watts, so it may not get as loud as the Logitech Z623. It also has limited connectivity options, with only a 3.5mm audio input.
  2. Bose Companion 2 Series III: The Bose Companion 2 Series III is a 2.0 speaker system that produces clear and balanced sound with a wide soundstage. It has a compact and elegant design that fits well on a desk or bookshelf, and it also features a volume control knob on the front оf the right speaker for easy access. However, the Bose Companion 2 Series III has a lower RMS power output of 10 watts, so it may not be so loud or powerful. It also lacks a subwoofer, which means it may not produce the same level of deep bass.
  3. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1: The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is a powerful, high-end 2.1 speaker system that delivers excellent sound quality and performance. It has a peak power output of 200 watts, which is higher, and it also has a dedicated subwoofer and two satellite speakers that produce a clear and balanced sound. The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is more expensive and may not fit within everyone’s budget. It also lacks a control pod, meaning users may need to manually adjust volume and bass controls on the subwoofer’s back.


If you need a 2.1 speaker system for your home that won’t break the bank but produces high-quality sound, go no further than the Logitech Z623. Clear and well-balanced sound comes from the satellite speakers, while deep, strong bass from the subwoofer enhances the realism of your media experience. It has many inputs, outputs, and conveniences, like аn integrated 2.1-channel amplifier and a control pod for quick access to volume and bass adjustments.

The product is a great option for individuals on a tight budget or with little space. At the same time, other options are worth considering (such as the Creative Pebble Plus, Bose Companion 2 Series III, and Klipsch ProMedia 2.1).

 Considering the price, functionality, and overall quality, you’ll find that it’s a fantastic choice for most casual users and gamers.

Logitech Z623 Review | Home Speaker System
Logitech Z623 Review | Home Speaker System


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