Logitech Z337 Review

Logitech Z337 Review

The Z337 PC speaker system from Logitech looks great and perfectly positioned in terms of flexibility, whether audio (music) or PC games on the gaming PC or networking with the mobile device; the Logitech speakers are great. Unfortunately, there are also more and more 2.1 PC speakers, but with a Bluetooth connection, it is doable in the Logitech Z337 system. So, let’s see if the Z337 can become one of the best “budget” computer speakers in the speaker test.

  • Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth
  • 80 watts peak power
  • 5 mm input
  • RCA input
  • Control unit
  • UK plug, PC / TV/tablet / mobile phone / PS4 / Xbox One


  • Can stream audio from different devices via Bluetooth
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Strong bass performance


  • Audio midrange drivers sound a little spongy

Beautiful and Simple Design

The design of the Logitech Z337 2.1 PC speakers is beautiful and simple. The satellite boxes and the subwoofer are box-like and durable plastic with a matte black finish, so there’s no embellishment except for the Logitech logo on each satellite. We like the boxes.

The fabric-covered box drivers are angled slightly upwards to direct the sound towards the listener’s ears. Each satellite has its box cable hardwired into its back.

The subwoofer also has fabric-covered box drivers and takes up most of the front of the cabinet, with a small intake on the left side. On the back of the subwoofer, there is a 3.5mm jack, the satellite box inputs, an RCA input, and a button for controlling the bass volume.

Logitech has included a wired remote attached to the back of the subwoofer rather than putting volume control on one of the satellite boxes like many other speaker systems. In addition, this controller features a power button, Bluetooth connect button, and headphone jack, so you have all the important buttons and settings right at your desk.

The setup is pretty intuitive. First, you plug the satellites into the back of the subwoofer – the plugs and sockets are “color-coded” – and then you plug the subwoofer directly into the computer. If the PC does not have Bluetooth, you can connect the boxes to the headphone socket on the computer’s sound card using the 3.5 mm audio cable provided. Then turn on the power switch, and everything runs perfectly.

While connecting the sound system only takes a few minutes, setting it up for optimal sound takes a little longer. All cables are long enough to give a lot of positioning flexibility – for me; it was easy to place the subwoofer right under my desk while I positioned the satellite boxes on top next to the gaming monitor. Finally, I put the wired remote control with the keyboard and monitor to quickly and easily adjust the sound while playing PC games.

Connecting your smartphone or other Bluetooth device is as easy as pressing the pairing button on the remote until it flashes blue and white alternately, then selecting the Z337 from the appliances you want. The system has a view range of 15 meters, but unfortunately, it can only be paired with one device at a time.

Sound test and the quality of the Logitech Z337

The Z337 PC speakers deliver 40W total power – 8W per satellite plus 24W subwoofer – and are rated at 80W peak power. This ensures a decent sound output, even if you are not sitting directly at the desk. In addition, the subwoofer delivers a strong low end, and the bass control makes it easy to tailor it to whatever tone you’re hearing.

Yet while the Z337 puts out a good loud, bold sound, it’s not particularly nuanced. The bass and treble tend to stand out, with the mids getting a bit lost in the mix. With a few settings on the equalizer, we were able to get a better sound quality.

Logitech advertises the Z337 as “fat sound with Bluetooth,” In this respect, the speaker system delivers very well. The boxes bring a copious audio boost to the laptop or computer, whether playing music, playing PC games, or listening to movies/videos on the sound system.


Therefore, we can highly recommend the PC speakers Z337 from Logitech. The Z337 offers great multi-connection convenience and delivers a nice bass boost for audio and overall sound quality.

Logitech Z337 Review
Logitech Z337 Review


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