LG Tone Free FN7 Review

LG Tone Free FN7 Review

LG is not only one of the leading TV manufacturers but is now also involved in the market for true wireless headphones. Unfortunately, the LG Tone Free FN4 and FN6 introduced last year do not have noise-canceling to play seriously in the top in-ear league. With the new LG Tone Free FN7, the brand now offers high-quality in-ears with active noise cancellation, which wasn’t the only improvement. Find out now in our test whether the LG Tone Free FN7 can convince and whether they represent a serious alternative to the AirPods Pro from Apple.


  • Drivers are capable of producing high-quality audio.
  • For the price, you get a lot of noise cancellation.
  • EQ and noise suppression options are included in this useful tool.
  • Water-resistant construction


  • The fit of in-ear headphones might vary, resulting in audio/noise cancellation issues.
  • The default audio settings are odd.
  • On-ear controls can be difficult to use.


The sound: The LG Tone Free FN7 impresses with its neutral sound.

LG proves its natural ability in terms of sound. In our test song Can’t Stop Me Now by Queen, the headphones manage to present the individual components of the song very clearly and naturally. The sound is clear, and the headphones do not swallow any instruments.

The in-ears sound is evident in bass-heavy songs like Pray For Me by Kendrick Lamar and The Weekend. While other headphones can display the bass a little deeper and more dominant, the LG Tone Free FN7 incorporated it into the excellent corset a little more cautiously in the test. So if you prefer a balanced sound rather than a thumping bass, the FN7 is the right choice.

The third test song, Hurt by Johnny Cash, is also played with convincing attention to detail. Both guitars can be seen separately from each other, and in connection with the singing, the result is an enjoyable listening experience. With spoken content such as podcasts or audiobooks, the LG Tone Free FN7 also does many things right and does not overdrive even at high volume.

Practice – the best wearing comfort on the market?

Commuters or travelers rely on sufficiently long battery life with the wireless True Wireless headphones. According to the manufacturer, the LG Tone Free FN7 lasts five hours with noise-canceling (ANC) switched on. In addition, the charging case offers two more charges so that you can do without power for a total of around 15 hours. While the five hours of playback time of the earplugs are pretty impressive, the charging cases of most competitors offer three full charges.

In return, the case of the LG Zone Free FN7 has a minimal and handy design so that it fits in any trouser pocket. The headphones are also convincing in terms of construction. Furthermore, the earplugs offer a secure hold even with fast movements and do not press on the ears due to their low weight, even after hours of continuous use. In this regard, the FN7 are among the most pleasant true wireless representatives on the market.

A unique feature of the headphones is the UV nanotechnology that LG has built into the charging case. According to the manufacturer, this kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria that are on the earplugs when charging.

Bluetooth – A stable connection with Apple and Android

The coupling with the smartphone works without any problems. This can be done both via the app and simply via the device’s Bluetooth settings. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a permanently stable connection with the smartphone or tablet. So there are no connection problems.

ANC – The active noise suppression is convincing

Apart from very low background noise, the noise suppression convinced the LG Tone Free FN7 in the test. In particular, continuous noises such as street noise or the vacuum cleaner are very well suppressed. Moreover, to stay alert in traffic, the headphones also offer a transparency mode that lets through a lot of ambient noise. This is controlled by three microphones in each earpiece, which also ensures high-quality voice transmission.

Operation – the touch-field and setting options are convincing

Like most true wireless models, the LG Tone Free FN7 is operated via touch fields on the earbuds. These are easy to find and respond reliably to every touch. When inserting the headphones, however, the touch fields can be accidentally pressed. To bypass this, however, a key lock can be selected in the associated app.

Further settings can be made via the app. So you can personalize the sound via the equalizer. There are plenty of presets for this. However, if you would like to delve deeper into the matter, you can also set the equalizer individually. The key commands can also be customized. The abundance of setting options can be seen compared to the competition, such as the AirPods Pro.

Design – case and headphones are impressive.

True wireless headphones are certainly so popular because of their attractive design. The LG Tone Free FN7 can be counted among the most beautiful representatives on the market. The slim style on the earphones is classy and stylish and ensures that the headphones are not as clunky as other wireless in-ears. Like headphones, the charging case is also exquisite and straightforward, and the entire scope of delivery is of very high quality. The design is somewhat reminiscent of the market leader from Apple, but there are certainly worse models at this point.

LG Tone Free FN7 vs. FN6 – What are the differences?

The LG Tone Free FN6 cost significantly less than the model tested here at under 100 euros. However, the sound is a little less detailed. The most significant difference is that the FN6 doesn’t offer active noise cancellation. There is also a slight difference in the charging case: unlike the FN7, the FN6 does not have the additional LED light on the top of the housing that indicates the charging status. However, the models do not differ in terms of design, fit, operation, and app. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the FN7, you should look at our review of the LG Tone Free FN6.

Our test result for the LG Tone Free FN7

The LG Tone Free FN7 are excellent true wireless headphones. Whether sound, operation, or practical use: The in-ears do an excellent job in all areas. Comprehensive setting options and lots of features such as a built-in UV cleaner top it all off. Only the battery life of the charging case could have a little more power and other headphones such as the Sony 1000XM3 could be better suited for fans of deep bass. For a current street price of around 160 euros, you can get genuine premium true wireless headphones with active noise cancellation from LG.

In addition to the FN7, LG offers two more affordable models that came onto the market a little earlier. The LG Tone Free FN4 costs 99 euros (RRP) but offers neither ANC nor UV cleaning.

LG Tone Free FN7 Review
LG Tone Free FN7 Review


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