LG Tone Free FN6 Review True Wireless Earbuds

LG Tone Free FN6 Review

Compared to the LG Tone Free FN7, the LG Tone Free FN6 do without the noise-canceling function. However, the FN6 is currently more than 50 euros cheaper. We have tested for you whether that is the only difference or how the almost identical-looking models differ.


  • Compact
  • bacteria-killing charging case
  • Wireless charging
  • Comprehensive companion app


  • Lacklustre battery life
  • Uninspiring default sound profile
  • Ear fatigue sets in quickly

The sound – how good do the headphones sound?

Good sound is at the heart of every headphone. The LG Tone Free FN6 does an excellent job in terms of sound. Hurt from Johnny Cash sounds very harmonious with the in-ears from LG, and the individual components of the song are transported very well. The headphones Don’t Stop Me Now from Queen are just as good. The sound of the stage is solid, and the song sounds pleasant throughout.

The headphones struggle a little with the bass from Pray For Me by Kendrick Lamar and The Weekend. Some headphones do a better job of conveying a full and deep bass. Nevertheless, this song also sounds very coherent, and the bass fits into the tonal corset. In addition, spoken content such as podcasts and audiobooks are enjoyable and straightforward on the headphones. Overall, the in-ears sound perfect for their price range, and the headphones are fun to use. However, if a high level of detail and a full sound are essential to you, the Tone Free FN7 would be better off.

Practice – The LG Tone Free FN6 in the everyday test

As true wireless headphones, the Tone Free FN6 naturally also need their battery. This lasts up to six hours, while the charging case holds two more charges. So you can enjoy music for up to 18 hours on the go. This number is quite impressive, and nothing stands in the way of long trips without a power connection. Furthermore, with the quick charge function, the headphones can be used for up to an hour after just five minutes of charging.

The LG charging case has another unique feature: a UV cleaner is built into the small and handy box. According to LG, as soon as you put the headphones in the charging case, the UV light kills 99.9% of all bacteria on the headphones. From our point of view, a very sensible idea.

Another aspect in which the LG Tone Free FN6 can score is the fit. Just like the higher-quality variant, the FN7, the headphones sit first-class in the ears. Even with fast movements, they offer a firm hold, and they also sit very comfortably in the ear. They are also so light that at times you almost forget you are wearing the headphones. Furthermore, the headphones are protected against splash water according to the IPX4 standard and can therefore be used without hesitation during sports and in the rain.

The headphones can be very easily connected to the smartphone via the app or the Bluetooth settings. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a permanently stable connection with the smartphone or tablet. We couldn’t find any connection problems in the test, and the range was also excellent.

Operation – The touch fields and setting options

As with most wireless in-ears, the FN6 from LG has touch panels on the earphones that can control playback. These are easy to find and respond reliably. In addition, a key lock can be selected via the app so that the fields are not accidentally pressed continuously when inserting the receiver.

The associated app from LG offers a wide range of setting options. So you can personalize the sound via the equalizer. Experienced sound specialists can customize the sound in this way. Everyone else can choose from a few presets. The key commands can also be customized. LG is setting a high standard for setting options that only a few competitors can keep up with. The app is available for both Android and IOS.

Design – Stylish headphones with high-quality material

True wireless headphones are also popular because of their stylish design. The LG Tone Free FN6 does a perfect job in this regard. In their format, they are strongly reminiscent of the AirPods Pro and are accordingly similarly stylish. The charging case looks just as high-quality and has a very comfortable size that should find space in every trouser pocket. The overall package is very high quality and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of quality.

LG Tone Free FN6 vs. FN7 – What are the differences?

The LG Tone Free FN7 costs about 200 euros more than the model tested here. In return, they offer a slightly better and more detailed sound. The most significant difference is the active noise cancellation, with which you can block out external noises on the FN7. The FN6 does not offer this function. There is one slight difference in the charging case: unlike the FN6, the FN7 has an additional LED light on the top of the housing that indicates the charging status. However, the models do not differ in terms of design, fit, operation, and app. You can find more information about the FN7 in our test:

Test conclusion on the LG Tone Free FN6

The LG Tone Free FN6 does a lot of things right. The headphones are clearly in the league of top models regarding the app, fit, and charging case. The battery life and the Bluetooth function are also beyond any doubt. The sound is currently below 100 euros expensive, wireless in-ear headphones, excellent and pleasant. However, you have to do without active noise suppression. THEREFORE, the LG Tone Free FN6 can be recommended to anyone looking for very high-quality true wireless headphones in the mid-price segment. If you are looking for good in-ear headphones with noise-canceling, you should get the LG Tone Free FN7take a closer look; Apple fans will likely be eyeing the much more expensive AirPods Pro anyway.

LG Tone Free FN6 Review True Wireless Earbuds
LG Tone Free FN6 Review True Wireless Earbuds


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