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Klipsch RP 600M Review

Klipsch RP 600M Review


Klipsch RP 600M comes from a company with a significant portfolio in the manufacturing loudspeakers, considering that their first model saw the day’s lights in the distant 1946.

These small speakers you can find on the Klipsch website under Home Audio and the Home Theater sections. It all depends on how you prefer to use them.

In a home-theater ensemble, you can use them as fronts, surrounds, or effect channels. Apart from that, you can use them as stereo speakers as well.

Depending on your room, you can use them alone or with a subwoofer. If the room is small, then you might have good bass only by the speakers. For larger rooms, a subwoofer is what I would recommend.


  •  Quality for the money you pay
  •  Beautiful design
  •  You can use them as home theater speakers.
  •  High sensitivity allows you to use modest amplifiers.
  •  Tractrix horn
  •  You have a wood grain vinyl finish for a free or piano black finish at extra cost
  •  Bi-wire-able binding posts


  •  Imaging lacks focus
  •  Sluggish bass


The size of Klipsch RP 600M is 399 x 202 x 301 mm.

The speaker is a two-way stand mount and has a 25 mm titanium tweeter mounted in a Tractrix horn, a Klipsch trademark since all of their speakers have it. Its purpose is to allow the tweeter’s acoustic power to higher, so the output increases noticeably. The design of the horn is also successful in eliminating any coloration of the sound.

The woofer is 165 mm, Cerametallic cone in a copper color. In case you don’t like the color, you can use the speaker grille attached. It is magnetic and fits right to the speaker. Keep in mind that without the grille, the tweeters might sound a bit bright. A crossover connects the two drivers, and it consists of five components.

The cabinet has a quality build, and it is relatively non-resonant. You can find it in a vinyl wrap of ebony or walnut finishes. The weight is 7.3 kg.

The unusual thing about the rear port is that it also is fitted with a horn similar to Tractrix. The purpose of it is to reduce air turbulence which contributes to lower noise of the port.

There is also a set of bi-wirable binding posts for banana plugs or bare wire.

The speakers also come with some small rubber feet, which you can use or don’t according to your taste level.


Sound quality

The Klipsch RP 600M has 96dB sensitivity into 8 ohms.

As for any other speakers, you need to find a good position for the perfect sound quality. You should avoid putting the speaker right next to a wall to have an optimum bass performance. It needs about 50 cm of space to breathe. Also, it is essential to partner these speakers with a sound amplifier.

You can either love or hate Klipsch RP 600M. From one side, it is a fierce performer that will grab your attention and make you listen to the music, but from the other side, it sounds a bit uneven.

The bass sounds brave considering the speaker’s size, and the tweeter is vivid and challenging at moments. That is why Klipsch RP 600M is more suitable for rock, r&b, or pop, while not so balanced for classical music and clumsy for jazz.

You might notice that the bass seems to tail off fast, and there is some harness in the upper mid-band. Male vocals might sound like they shout and a bit in your face. For the upper registers, the tweeter is the one doing all the hard work. The speaker takes care in resolving the instruments and all notes to be clear, especially when it comes to mid-band or treble registers.

The only limitations are around the lower registers, where you can sense some laziness and decay of the bass guitar. But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t sound terrible, just not precise enough. In the same way, a human eye has problems resolving objects when the light is low. You just don’t see things crisp and clear as they could be in the middle and far distance.


If you want an all-rounded speaker, then RP 600 M is not for you. It is more for those on a budget and prefers a charismatic stand mount that is lots of fun. Matched with adequate equipment, they make up for much better than average stereo speakers.

As a home theater speaker, there is nothing wrong with Klipsch RP 600M. All minor shortcomings get eliminated from the other speakers in the surrounding ensemble.

But if you are a person that is good at optimizing speakers and knows how to do some room optimization, then the little 600Ms will be able to perform at a high level as stereo speakers.

Klipsch RP 600M Review
Klipsch RP 600M Review


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