Klipsch RP 150M Bookshelf Speaker Review

Klipsch RP 150M Review

Klipsch is an audio manufacturer that never fails to perform when it comes to the sonic quality of its products. The company is one of the leaders in the audio industry, and they always make sure that their models are the best you can buy in the respective price range.
One of such models is Klipsch RP 150M bookshelf speaker.


  • Well built and durable speaker
  • Tight and punchy bass
  • MDF cabinet with a brushed polymer and veneer baffle finish
  • Aesthetically fits any room


  • Slightly expensive


Klipsch RP 150M dimensions are 14.57 x 7.67 x 10.67 inches, and each speaker weighs about 7 kgs. Speaker is a 2-way design, available in ebony or cherrywood finish. It has a solid build, and the front baffle has chamfered corners to reduce the diffraction.
The grille uses magnets to attach, but the speaker looks terrific without the grille, and even the sound opens up this way.
Each cabinet features a 5.25-inch woofer for tight lows and clear mids, plus the 1-inch Linear Travel Suspension Titanium tweeter for crisp highs, which is Klipsch’s signature.
The Klipsch RP 150M has a Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix horn, modified to have a 90 x 90 dispersion pattern instead of a 90 x 60 pattern, aiming for flat frequency response and controlled directivity. The design minimizes reflections that can color the sound and produces a powerful sound that is crystal-clear at all volume levels. Compared to the previous Klipsch models, the new design of the horn has a wider sweet spot, and the placement of the instruments and vocals is more precise. Even the material of the horn had modification and is molded silicone rubber now, which helps to decrease the resonance. As a result, there are smoother and warmer highs.
The Cerametallic woofer produces smooth midrange and well-defined bass. The cone, made of treated aluminum, dampens and prevents distortion.
If you look at the back of the RP 150M, you will notice a Tractrix horn-shaped opening (4.2 x 6 inches) instead of the usual round port tube. This way, the airflow in and out of the cabinet is more efficient. There is less air turbulence, so the bass is more powerful, clean, and less distorted.
Frequency response is 48 Hz -25 kHz +/- 3 dB, and sensitivity rate is 93 dB. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms.
The speakers come with two detachable magnetic grilles and the user manual, so you need to get all the additional cables, wires, and accessories.

Sound quality

The sound from the Klipsch RP 150M’s is breathtaking, and although some horn speakers tend to sound aggressive or bright, 150M’s are easy on the ears.
The music has an exceptional degree of transparency, and no color or tone is added to the sound. The midrange does not accent or recess, and the bass is not boomy nor thin. The sound is just even and flat. If you love Rock or Metal genres, the Klipsch RP 150M has plenty of bass, and you don’t need an extra subwoofer.
No matter how complex the music you are listening to, the speakers show incredible detail extraction. Guitars play clearly and discretely, the drums are with an extreme level of resolution, and each cymbal is quickly resolved from the next. The LTS Titanium tweeter improves the overall performance, adds detail to the sounds, which are clean and natural.
The speakers can present a large soundstage, which is especially noticeable when listening to classical music. Imaging is excellent, and when you sit in the sweet spot, the speakers seem to disappear. The ability of 150M to convey a seamless soundstage is essential for the stereo content because poor imaging can ruin the illusion and make it evident that you are just listening to speakers. The design appears to have the axis in the middle between the tweeter and the woofer (where the Klipsch logo is), so it is probably the best when placing the speaker to make sure the logo sign is at ear height. Also, putting the speakers about 1-2′ from the wall improves the bass response.
The speakers might not have enough low end to reproduce the deep bass drums, but the problem is solved if you add a subwoofer.


The Klipsch RP 150M are fantastic speakers with excellent benefits from the horn, such as low distortion, efficiency, and controlled directivity. The wide dynamic range exceeds the performance of many smaller speakers.
The timbre matches the one in the best studio monitors by being extraordinarily natural and accurate. The bass is tight and punchy, although you might need a subwoofer if you are a fanatic for lower bass.

Klipsch RP 150M Bookshelf Speaker Review
Klipsch RP 150M Bookshelf Speaker Review


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