Klipsch R-15M Review Bookshelf Speaker

Klipsch R-15M Review


Although Klipsch R-15M speakers are not flagship models, they show an excellent symbiosis of crystal clear audio and affordable price. Klipsch is one of the most famous companies in the audio industry, present on the market for seven decades, and they are known for the recognizable sound of their speakers. It is a sound that makes you fall in love with it or hate it, but definitely, you won’t be left indifferent.

The engineers have found a way to use the new technological processes and techniques, implement them into R-15Ms, but keeping the same price.


  • Affordable price for a high-quality device
  • Small enough
  • Amazing sound and bass
  • Blends into home decor


  • They need amplifier


The Klipsch R-15M speakers are beautiful, recognizable, and decorative pieces that can fit in different ambients, from classical to modern. The distinctive contrast between the copper-colored driver and the black cabinet gives these speakers an elegant look. Especially they look remarkable placed on stands.

The cabinets consist of 3/4”MDF, solid built and finished with a brushed metal look. They come with optional rubber feet that adhere to the speaker’s bottom and help prevent sliding.

With speakers’ size of 8.1 x 7 x 12.5 inches and weight 10.3 lbs, they are not the smallest in their category. Their size is perfect for bookshelf speakers, not too large (so they can fit without problems) and not too small (to be invisible).

The immediate thing that you notice is the 5.25-inch copper IMG (injection-molded graphite) woofer. Slightly darker than standard copper, it has terrific reflection and represents the recognizable signature of Klipsch speakers. Being lightweight but still rigid, the driver is capable of reproducing low frequencies without distortion.

A 1-inch aluminum compression LTS tweeter (linear travel suspension) loads in a 90 x 90 Tractrix horn. It is excellent that this horn, which is Klipsch’s design, used in more advanced speakers, has found its spot in the less expensive R-15M. The 90 x 90 is an improvement of the old horn that brings the more natural sound, better response, and no distortion even when the sound volume is high.

The small Klipsch logo is between the tweeter and the woofer without breaking the speaker’s look but still managing to add subtle branding.

The minimalistic style of Klipsch is noticeable on the back as well. There are a rear-firing port and two 5-way binding posts.


Sound quality of Klipsch R-15M


Klipsch company is famous for making speakers with an accurate sound, and so does the R-15M do them justice.

The mids might be a little thin compared to the others, but that is easy to get solved with amplifiers. On the other hand, highs are incredible, and the bass is clean, on point, and gut punchy.

Of course, if you need crazy amounts of bass that will shake the house down, you will not find it in Klipsch R-15M. But you can’t find it in any speaker without a subwoofer. Although the speaker is small, it kicks a decent amount of bass, thanks to the intelligent engineering. Watching action movies is such a joy with these speakers because of their colossal imaging and handling of explosions and gunshots.

These speakers sound outstanding when listening to live performances. The sound is so lifelike that it can overshadow many more expensive speakers. The horn is the one that makes all the magic happen.

The sound is natural in a frequency range of 62 – 24 Hz, which covers almost all frequencies known to the human ear.

Especially in the mid-range, there are no unnatural peaks or valleys, but only a smooth response without overpowering the rest of the sound’s spectrum.

The highs are the ones that divide people into a group that loves them and another one that hates them. For some, the sound is too hyped, and for others, it is not. After all, it all comes to personal taste.

R-15Ms have analytical sound, and they can resolve an incredible amount of details. Nothing hides from these speakers. They extract everything from the recording, no matter if that is fingers on the strings of the guitar, singer’s breath, or the movement of some actress’s dress in a movie.

If you are listening to a busy soundtrack, the separation of instruments and harmonics is impressive. The sound doesn’t get smashed or muddy.

Imaging is good, with a relatively wide sweet spot that you can find with the speakers’ carefully positioning. The soundstage is vast and three-dimensional.


Klipsch R-15M are incredible speakers with a rich and exciting sound. They created a bridge between Klipsch fans and those who avoid them by solving many of the previous flaws and further improving the strong points.

If you need budget-friendly bookshelf speakers with a floor-standing speaker’s attitude and power, your pursuit is over.

Klipsch R-15M Review Bookshelf Speaker
Klipsch R-15M Review Bookshelf Speaker


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