Klipsch Cornwall IV Speakers Review

Klipsch Cornwall IV Speakers Review

The Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers are among the best in the world. These speakers have a stellar reputation as some of the best available due to their exceptional sound and unique appearance. Sо, they have gained widespread favor among music lovers and audiophiles.

This article will discuss these speakers in detail. We will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of these speakers and compare them to others in the same price range.

This review will show why these products are so well-liked in the audio world, whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or just someone who likes the good sound.


  • The exceptional sound quality offers а wide range of frequencies and a dynamic soundstage
  • Unique horn-loaded design that creates an immersive listening experience
  • The high-efficiency rating allows for maximum volume with relatively low input power
  • Solid build quality with high-end materials and finishes
  • Compatible with a variety of different audio equipment and setups
  • Removable cloth grilles that provide a clean and attractive look


  • A high price point may be a barrier for some buyers
  • Large size that may not be practical for all rooms or setups
  • The bass response may bе too strong or overpowering for some listeners
  • Lack of advanced connectivity options or built-in amplifiers may not appeal to all users
  • It may require some tweaking or adjustment to achieve the best sound quality in a given setup

Design and Build Quality

The timeless and elegant style of the Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers dates back to their birth in 1959. The speakers have three drivers: a horn-loaded tweeter, a midrange driver, and а bass driver. One of the most notable aspects of these products is the horn-loaded tweeter, which produces a more transparent and detailed sound than conventional dome tweeters.

These speakers are of the highest quality in terms of construction. Their solid wood veneer enclosure is aesthetically pleasing and sturdy, demonstrating the high quality of the materials used in their construction. So, you may adapt the speakers’ aesthetic to your room’s design by selecting from several finishes, including cherry, walnut, and black ash.

The sound quality is enhanced because their cabinets will resonate less and distort less. Also, speakers have a vent in the back that directs airflow downward, enhancing bass response and decreasing distortion.

Because of their three-way configuration and high-quality construction, these speakers are large and hefty. Still, you may quickly and simply fine-tune the sound to your satisfaction because the speakers are so simple to set up and change.

The speakers complement any home music system because of their stylish design and high-quality construction.


Speaker TypeFloor-standing
Drivers15" Woofer, 1.75" Compression Driver, and a 2" Compression Driver
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)34 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity102 dB @ 2.83V/1m
Power Handling100W RMS / 400W Peak
Nominal Impedance8 Ohms Compatible
Crossover FrequencyHF: 4500Hz / MF: 550Hz
Enclosure MaterialMDF
Enclosure TypeBass-reflex via rear-firing port
Dimensions35.75" (H) x 25.31" (W) x 15.5" (D)
Weight103 lbs (46.72 kg)
Finish OptionsAmerican Walnut, Natural Cherry, Black Ash, Distressed Oak, and Satin Black Ash

Sound Quality

Both dedicated audiophiles and casual music fans have praised the Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers for their outstanding sound quality. The speakers can produce a wide frequency range, from deep, tight bass to crisp, detailed highs.

The horn-loaded tweeter of the speakers allows for a wide frequency range and low distortion at high volumes. That eliminates the need for extra resonance or other artifacts, resulting in a crisp and detailed sound. Therefore, the midrange and bass drivers are finely tuned, creating а seamless and natural sound.

The outstanding soundstage is one of its many strengths. The speakers can easily cover a sizable room with sound, producing an impression of depth and space unusual for speakers of this budget. Because of this, they are great for use in home theater and music systems.

The speakers are also dynamic, so they can play mild and loud music without problems. They can make everything from quiet background noise to explosive crescendos and drum beats.

These gadgets produce a sound of such high quality that they will impress even the most critical listener. They will improve your listening experience no matter what you’re doing: listening to music or viewing a movie.

Connectivity and Features

The Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers are compatible with many types of audio gear. Dual binding post connections are included for bi-wiring or bi-amping the speakers.

The speakers have a sensitivity value оf 102 dB, which indicates they are quite effective at converting input power into output volume. That makes them a great option for bigger rooms or home theater setups and even for use with lower-powered amplifiers or receivers.

These loudspeakers don’t have a ton of bells and whistles, but they do their job well. They lack fancy features like built-in amplifiers or network connectivity, but this may not be a dealbreaker if it means more freedom in setting them up exactly how you want them.

The speakers include a cloth grille that you can remove to reveal a smooth and polished finish when not in use. Also, the acoustically transparent grilles do not compromise the speakers’ sound quality.

All in all, the speakers’ connections and features are adaptable and universally useful, making them a great choice for various audio systems. For example, they are ideal for use in a stereo or home theater system and will produce excellent sound in either configuration.

Competitors Comparison

These models are high-quality speakers that can hold their own against similar products. We’ll compare them to some оf their most formidable rivals below:

The Klipsch Heresy IV is a horn-loaded design that provides excellent audio reproduction like the Cornwall IV. When compared to the Cornwall IV, the Heresy IV speakers are noticeably cheaper despite being slightly smaller in stature. The Heresy IV speakers deliver high-quality sound but can’t compete with the Cornwall IV speakers’ dynamic range or bass response.

Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2: Bowers & Wilkins’ 705 S2 bookshelf speakers are popular for those seeking high-end audio. In terms of size, the 705 S2 speakers are more compact than the Cornwall IV, but they still deliver clarity and detail. To be clear, the 705 S2 speakers lack the dynamic range and bass response of the Cornwall IV models.

The Focal Chorus 726 is a floor-standing speaker with remarkable acoustic performance and sturdy construction. So, Chorus 726 speakers are compact and affordable, delivering audio with the same depth and clarity аs Cornish IV speakers. The Chorus 726 speakers, on the other hand, offer a unique tone that some people could find off-putting.

The KEF R5 is another premium floor-standing speaker with superb audio and construction quality. Although the R5 speakers are more expensive than the Cornish IV speakers, they cover a broader range of frequencies and have a deeper bass response. However, the R5 speakers need more power to achieve the same loudness since they are less efficient than the Cornish IV speakers.

Compared to other speakers in their price range, the Klipsch Cornwall IV stands out thanks to its superior sound quality, sturdy construction, and innovative horn-loaded design. Those who are serious about their music and want the highest possible sound quality from their headphones or speakers will be extremely pleased with these.


The Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers are an excellent choice for a high-end system due to their superior sound, sturdy construction, and distinctive horn-loaded design. Also, these speakers can produce a wide variety of frequencies, from lows that are tight and deep to highs that are crisp and detailed, and they do so while also creating a dynamic and enveloping soundstage.

The Cornish IV speakers aren’t ideal for everyone in every scenario. Still, for those who are serious about their music and want the best possible sound, they’re hard to beat. The speakers provide maximum versatility and compatibility and can be used in various combinations and with а wide range of audio equipment.

We highly recommend these speakers if you want high-end speakers with superb sound and construction. These headphones’ superb sound quality and innovative horn-loaded design guarantee an immersive listening experience that will elevate your enjoyment of music and film.


Klipsch Cornwall IV Speakers Review
Klipsch Cornwall IV Speakers Review


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