KEF R5 Floorstanding Speaker Review

KEF R5 Review

You might have stumbled across the KEF R5 searching for new speakers. These speakers are well-liked because of their stylish appearance, sturdy construction, and excellent sound quality. Find out if these speakers are the best option, whether you’re an occasional music fan or an avid collector.



  • Thanks to the Uni-Q driver array and rear-firing port, exceptional sound quality and accuracy.
  • High-quality construction and build, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Sleek and minimalist design that looks great in any home setting.
  • Multiple connectivity options, including a wired connection and Bluetooth.
  • Versatile and convenient to use.
  • Capable оf handling up to 200 watts of power.
  • Ideal for various music genres, including classical, jazz, and rock.


  • Higher price point than some comparable speakers in the same range.
  • Sensitivity may require a powerful amplifier to drive them to their full potential.

Design and Build Quality

A pair of KEF R5 speakers is a sight to behold. Their modern, understated style makes them an attractive addition to any household.

 The speakers are offered in three colors (gloss black, white, and walnut) to accommodate a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

You won’t find better-made speakers anywhere. When it comes to the components, KEF didn’t skimp. 

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is used for the cabinet and is braced and damped tо increase sound quality and decrease resonance. The baffle has a high-gloss piano black finish, making it aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. 

Magnetic fabric is used for the speaker grilles, making them easily removable for cleaning or a style change.

The Uni-Q driver array is a standout aspect of these speakers’ design. Technology like this that relocates the tweeter to the acoustic center of the midrange cone allows for a more natural and consistent soundscape. A rear-firing port on the speakers adds to the bass output.


Frequency Response46Hz - 28kHz
Sensitivity87dB (2.83V/1m)
Impedance8 Ohms (min. 3.2 Ohms)
Recommended Amplifier Power25-150W
Drive UnitsUni-Q driver array: HF: 25mm (1 in.) vented aluminium dome; LF/MF: 130mm (5.25 in.) aluminium cone
Crossover Frequency2.5kHz
Cabinet MaterialEnclosure: Finely tuned reflex ported
Dimensions (H x W x D)1000 x 200 x 300 mm (39.4 x 7.9 x 11.8 in.)
Weight20.3 kg (44.8 lbs) per speaker
FinishesGloss Black, Gloss White, Walnut, Rosewood

Sound Quality

The KEF R5 speakers deliver unrivaled sound quality. Even the most critical listener will be impressed by the crispness, detail, and accuracy of the sound produced by these speakers.

The uni-Q driver array used in these speakers combines a 5.25-inch midrange driver with a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. This layout enhances the soundstage’s clarity and coherence while expanding the sweet spot and enhancing the off-axis response. 

Each speaker includes two 5.25-inch bass drivers, allowing powerful low frequencies without muddying up the midrange.

These speakers reproduce the voices and instruments with amazing precision and clarity. The midrange has stunning fidelity, with a warm and organic sound that reveals every facet of the performance. There is no harshness or sibilance at all in the extremely high tones.

The speakers provide a remarkable bass response. The sound is fuller and more dramatic thanks to the rear-firing port, which also aids in extending the bass response. 

We don’t hear any boomy or muddy tones in the bottom, and it’s played tightly.


The power they can handle and the sound quality they produce is astounding, and both are features of the KEF R5 speakers. With a power range of up to 200 watts, they can reliably fill even a sizable space with clean audio.

Their ability to keep its sound clear and precise even at high levels is impressive. Their resilience and stability under stress are evidence of the high quality оf their construction and design.

The speakers are top-notch in every way, including their ability to operate at low volumes. As a result, audiophiles who appreciate listening to classical, jazz, or any music that relies on subtlety and nuance may find these headphones an excellent choice.

These speakers are high-quality, but their sensitivity limits their usability without a relatively strong amplifier. In any case, this problem can be fixed by selecting an amplifier suitable for their power handling requirements.


The KEF R5 speakers have many inputs and outputs, which may be used in various environments. They have two sturdy binding posts that let you run speaker wire from your stereo amplifier or home theater receiver to the speakers.

The speakers support wired and wireless connections made possible via Bluetooth. With this setup, you may wirelessly transmit audio from your mobile device, tablet, or computer to the speakers. 

The Bluetooth connection requires nо effort to establish and maintain, allowing for dependable, high-quality wireless streaming.

The KEF LS50 Wireless II system is also compatible with the KEF R5 speakers, a remarkable connectivity feature. You can hook up the speakers to your Wi-Fi and play music from services like Apple Music, Spotify, and more. 

The LS50 Wireless II system also comes with a dedicated app that can be used to manage the speakers and adjust their volume and sound settings.

Price and Value

Although the KEF R5 speakers are more expensive than average, they are well worth the money for those passionate about their audio.

These speakers are a fantastic value for the price because of their high-quality construction and exceptional sound performance, which are on par with speakers that cost significantly more.

The KEF R5 speakers are exceptional for their price range due to their precise sound reproduction and attention to detail. Music enthusiasts who want nothing less than the best possible listening experience can’t go wrong with these headphones because of their versatility and dependability.

They are highly effective and feature an attractive and understated design. They are a great purchase for anyone searching for a high-quality set of speakers that will last for years of use due to their sturdy construction and long lifespan.


The KEF R5 speakers are a great option for those in the market for a new pair of speakers due to their high-quality sound, modern aesthetic, and adaptability. They have a rear-firing port that helps tо expand the bass response and provide a more natural and dynamic sound, and its Uni-Q driver array ensures a consistent and accurate soundstage.

It is particularly impressive in its build quality and sturdy and dependable design. A wired and Bluetooth connection makes them flexible and easy to use.

Even though they’re on the pricier end of the spectrum, these speakers are a fantastic buy. Because of their high-quality sound, long lifespan, and adaptability, they are a great buy for audiophiles.

KEF R5 Floorstanding Speaker Review
KEF R5 Floorstanding Speaker Review


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