KEF Q350 Review

KEF Q350 Review


The KEF Q350 are speakers of the new Q generation, which started back in 2011 with Q300s, and this improvement was long overdue to bring back the old shine of KEF, which the competitors overshadowed.

So the first thing that comes to mind when you see the new KEF Q350 speakers is a refined and minimalistic look.

Almost every aspect of the speakers serves to provide a sophisticated presentation. They offer fantastic sound, but they also look beautiful and are a big competition on the market for top-class devices.


  • Huge scale
  • Clear and detailed levels
  • Good timing
  • Balance
  • Improved Uni-Q driver
  • Excellent price


  • Not impressive at low volumes, so you need to push them to get the best out of them
  • Seem some punch and drive is missing
  • No speaker grilles included


The design is clean and sleek, very modern and up-to-date, especially compared with the old KEF Q350.

There is no more chrome strip on the front, nor any holes on the surface. The grilles attach magnetically and are available as an extra option.

The only visible thing is the KEF logo which doesn’t dominate, and the latest generation of the Uni-Q driver has an iconic status.

It looks like a single driver, but it is a 25 mm aluminum vented dome tweeter placed in the middle of a 16.5 cm aluminum mid/bass driver in reality. This design aims to improve the integration between the drivers and help the sound disperse better. The sound travels evenly through the air, thanks to the tangerine waveguide on the tweeter.

It also provides more output gain without more power, which is especially noticeable between 7 kHz and 15 kHz.

The Uni-Q driver is improved and evolved to bring a better quality of high frequencies and reduce any distortion. It is in the middle of the cabinet, not just as a reminder of the KEF’s recognizable look, but its function is to reduce the internal waves and make the clarity better. The result of having the tweeter at the center of the midrange cone is three-dimensional sound, evenly dispersed in the room.

According to the manufacturer, the port is on the speaker’s back, and it helps the bass performance by reducing any noise. The wall brackets that we used to see on the old KEF Q350 are now no longer there, which allows for a better look.

The cabinets are impressive and well built. They look small compared to what they offer.

Their size is 14.25 x 8.26 x 12.04 inches, and the weight is 16.8 pounds each. They come in two colors: black or white satin finish combined with black or silver Uni-Q drivers.

Sound quality

KEF proved that the redesign of the Q series was a smart move. The Q350’s have a level of clarity that none of the devices in their price range have. The voices sound clear and with a character, while integration between treble and mid-range seems effortless. And these speakers can go surprisingly deep and have a good texture.

If you would like to compare them, the most similar models in size are Dynaudio Emit M20s. KEF Q350 are slightly more in-depth for a couple of centimeters.

The cabinet’s extra volume provides a considerable scale of sound capable of filling the room so quickly. The sound is terrific across all the frequencies. While old Q300s had a thin treble, that is not the case with Q350s. The treble is full of details, crisp and sweet.

The good thing about KEF’s is that they don’t allow distortion when you push their limits, and they continuously keep the difference between the instruments. Usually, guitars can show up problems with sound, like excess treble. But these speakers keep that under control.

To get the maximum of the speakers and their performance, you need to have a good amplifier to start. You will notice they have this feature; even when you push their limits, there is no distortion at the bottom end.

You also need to set up the speakers by giving them some time to play, settle down, and have sturdy stands. Don’t be afraid to move them around and seek the best position and sound for your ear.

As you know, the rear ports need to have some space between the wall and the speakers, but moving them a little closer to the wall might give more solidity to the sound.


KEF can be proud of these superb speakers. Everything about them is quality. They managed to bring a high level of clarity and impressive design for a price that is not over the top. They even make some competitors with a higher price tag sound ordinary. And who wouldn’t like to get a sophisticated speaker for a modest fee?

KEF Q350 Review
KEF Q350 Review


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