KEF Q350 Review

KEF Q350 Review

The KEF Q350 bookshelf speaker has gained acclaim for its superior sound quality and sleek appearance. Look in-depth at the speaker’s performance and investigate how it compares to competing speakers in its price range.
Whether you’re an audiophile trying to enhance your home audio system or a casual listener seeking high-quality music, this review will provide the necessary insights. We’ll cover everything from the speaker’s physical design to sound performance, connectivity, and compatibility with various audio sources.
Discover if this speaker lives up to its reputation as one of the greatest bookshelf speakers on the market today.


  • Exceptional sound quality with a detailed and balanced sound signature
  • Sleek and modern design with a magnetic grille that adds to the speaker’s aesthetics
  • Versatile connectivity options, including bi-were able binding posts that are compatible with a wide range оf amplifiers and receivers
  • The front-facing bass port produces deep, powerful bass without a boomy or muddy sound.
  • Uni-Q driver technology that provides a focused and precise soundstage


  • No built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, which may be a drawback for some buyers looking for wireless streaming options
  • Higher price point compared to some of its competitors
  • Slightly larger compared to some other bookshelf speakers, which may not be ideal for smaller spaces.

Design and Build Quality

The KEF Q350’s contemporary aesthetic makes it a versatile addition to any room. Offered in three finishes, including black, white, and walnut, the speaker’s unique curved cabinet design looks fantastic and helps prevent sound distortion.

The speaker measures 7.1 x 12.8 x 11.6 inches and weighs 15.4 pounds, making it a touch larger and heavier than other bookshelf speakers. The speaker’s high-quality components necessitate their larger size and weight tо provide the excellent sound quality for which it is known.

This speaker is constructed with high-quality materials that will last for years. The medium-density fiberboard (MDF) used to construct the speaker’s cabinet ensures a solid and steady base for the drivers.

 The drivers are crafted from high-quality materials, including a 6.5-inch Uni-Q driver and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, set on a strong baffle for the best performance.

The speaker also incorporates a front-facing bass port, enhancing the speaker’s low-frequency response. The bass port is created from a flexible material that allows it to vibrate in time with the air inside the cabinet, delivering deeper and more precise bass.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the KEF Q350 does not disappoint. The tweeter is positioned in the middle of the midrange driver, thanks to the speaker’s Uni-Q driver technology, resulting in a more consistent and detailed soundstage. 

This ensures that every nuance of the musical or vocal performance is heard accurately.

The front-facing bass port of this speaker contributes to its impressive bass response. The bass is deep and powerful without being overbearing or boomy.

This speaker is an excellent choice for music genres that rely significantly on basses, such аs hip-hop, EDM, and rock.

Vocals and acoustic instruments are given lifelike realism because of the midrange’s superb performance. The treble performance is crisp and clean, without any harshness or sibilance.

Regarding soundstage and image, this speaker provides a vast and detailed soundstage. The speaker’s Uni-Q driver technology helps to provide a more concentrated and precise sound, allowing you to hear individual instruments and vocalists with greater clarity and separation.

Connectivity and Features

The KEF Q350’s inputs and outputs make it a breeze to set up with your existing home stereo setup. The speaker’s binding posts are universal, so you may use any combination of banana plugs, spade connectors, or bare wire. 

The tweeter and midrange driver in this speaker can each be wired independently. However, the speaker’s overall performance may be enhanced by decreasing the amount оf crosstalk between the two drivers.

One interesting element of this speaker is its magnetic grille, which attaches to the speaker cabinet with hidden magnets. This gives the speaker a clean and modern aesthetic while protecting the drivers from dust and damage.

The product is lacking in technologies such as wireless networking and Bluetooth. However, this isn’t a dealbreaker considering the speaker’s high-quality parts and impressive audio output.

Competitors Comparison

The KEF Q350 is a top-tier bookshelf speaker that competes with other high-end speakers in its price range. Let’s take a look аt how it compares to some of its top competitors:

  1. ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2: The ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 is a well-regarded bookshelf speaker slightly less expensive than the KEF Q350. While the B6.2 has a similar driver configuration, its sound quality is not as detailed or refined. The B6.2 has a more traditional design that may be more appealing to some buyers.
  2. Polk Audio Signature S20: The Polk Audio Signature S20 is another popular bookshelf speaker. While the S20 has a slightly smaller driver configuration, it offers a similarly balanced and detailed sound. The S20 also features a sleek and modern design that may appeal to buyers looking for a more understated speaker.
  3. Klipsch RP-600M: The Klipsch RP-600M is a highly regarded bookshelf speaker similarly priced to the KEF Q350. While the RP-600M has a more traditional design than the Q350, its sound quality is equally impressive. The RP-600M’s horn-loaded tweeter provides a unique sound signature that some buyers may prefer over the Q350’s more neutral sound.


The KEF Q350 is a fantastic bookshelf speaker due tо its high-quality sound, stylish design, and numerous connection choices. You can expect a well-balanced and detailed sound from its Uni-Q driver technology, which will impress even the most critical listener.

Although the speaker is up against stiff competition from other high-end bookshelf speakers, it is still a popular option for those searching for a speaker that can provide both substance and flair. The speaker’s audio quality is unparalleled, whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or listening to music.

KEF Q350 Review
KEF Q350 Review


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