KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers Review

KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers Review


Usually, when we want to buy something, we go with a familiar company.

If the company is well known, then its product is supposed to be good.

We already know that KEF is a manufacturer with an excellent reputation. But can we say the same about KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers?

The KEF as a manufacturer, is famous for being one of the leaders in the inventions for speakers in different disciplines and applications. They make a full range of products for themselves and produce mini speakers for Apple’s iPod.


  • •Nice, robust cabinets, acoustically inert
  •  Warm and rich mid-range
  •  Good bass response
  •  Dimensional soundstage
  •  Significantly clear and smoot upper register


  •  Lack of speaker’s grill
  •  The upper mid-range could be more present


Let’s start from the beginning, the unboxing.

Once you see them out of the box, you immediately feel that this is a high-end product. You have several options for their finish, like satin black, satin white, or walnut finish.

The size is 12 x 7 x 11 inches, which means they are as deep as they are tall, so that’s why they look a little bit robust and heavy. But they are lighter than they look. The weight is about 12 pounds each.

Once you get them out of the box, the first thing you will notice is the Uni-Q array consisting of a 5.25-inch driver and 1-inch tweeter. It reminds me of LS50 with the tweeter in the rubbery woofer center with dimpled edges. The Uni-Q array comes in all Q-series speakers, and its purpose is to provide accuracy and 3-D sound. So no matter where you sit or stand in the room, the sound will find you.

These bookshelf speakers do not come with grills, so you can buy them separately if you prefer a more aesthetical look. However, the speakers look good even without them. The neat thing is they attach magnetically, so there are no additional holes on the speakers.

On the back, there are a bass port and binding post. You can connect the speakers to your receiver through banana plugs or exposed wires.

In general, the speakers are light enough to carry them around but tough-looking and capable of enduring any abuse.

KEF recommends you should have a minimum of 6 feet between speakers and 9 inches away from the wall behind.

The frequency response is from 51 Hz to 28 kHz.

Impedance is 8 ohms.

Amplifier requirements 10W – 100W

Max output 108 dB

Sound quality

KEF Q150 has a unique sound deep with powerful bass, mid-range warm and clear. But what kind of experience you will have with these speakers depends even on the receiver.

If you connect them to a less powerful receiver, you will manage to get the deep and dimensional soundstage. Still, you will probably notice that KEF Q150’s not so good at reproducing percussions but deliver the texture of instruments like acoustic guitar or acoustic bass, especially in mid-sized rooms. They do not excel in huge spaces.

Once you connect them to a more efficient receiver, both speakers open up a great deal moving closer in their treble reproduction.

They are perfect for watching movies or tv-series. The dialogue is rich and detailed. You can hear the drinks getting mixed in the background, ice cubes hitting the glass walls, or while someone drinks in the movie. All these details are very distinguished, clear, and vivid. They even beat the ELAC’s UB5 at presenting these details.

Bass response is warm and deep. There is the addition of a low distortion inductor as a crossover, which results in cleaner bass notes. But once you start pushing the speakers, you will find their limit too.

The only remark worth mentioning about the KEF Q150 is the smooth sound, especially on the upper mid-range, lacking energy.

Another thing that we should point out is that these speakers are not analytical. The main emphasis is on a smooth and rich sound above any other feature.


For their price, they are one of the best in their class. KEF Q150’s are a great addition to the KEF family of speakers. ELAC’s UB5 might be a better choice, but it is up to you to decide. Both speakers have their advantages, regardless if that is in the design or the performance.

As mentioned before, KEF Q150’s are built robust, and as passive speakers, they will last for many years and get to enjoy their exquisite design with the massive power of a 5.25-inch driver array and two-way bass-reflex.

Overall, Q150 is a smart choice for anyone appreciating fantastic-looking speakers that come with excellent sound quality.


KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers Review
KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers Review


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