KEF Q100 Review

KEF Q100 Review

The performance of the compact loudspeaker from KEF is clearly illustrated. Below we have illustrated the performance of the bookshelf speakers Q100 in a clear bar chart. First, you see the overall rating and the points achieved in the respective test criteria.

The built-in voice coil of the woofer enables an impressive power handling of up to 100 watts (rated power). In addition, the chassis with dimensions of 300 x 180 x 272 mm was developed to match the woofer. This creates a deep, clean, and, above all, precise bass – clearly the strongest.

The highs are also quite clean and precise. The KEF Q100 only had its “problems” with the mids. The mids pushed into the foreground and drowned out the highs and lows a bit. If it lasts longer, it seems slightly unbalanced.

Nevertheless, we were convinced by the speaker’s power to deliver the bass. Unfortunately, if you are looking for bookshelf speakers for a medium-sized or small living room, you will make the wrong decision with this model.


  • Wonderful performance and very well detailed
  • Excellent speaker cabinets
  • The best awesome sound for the price


  • Maybe just a tad too big if they were going to be wall-mounted

Test results of the KEF Q100 bookshelf speaker

In the course of our bookshelf speaker test, we thoroughly checked the Q100 for you about various criteria. Use this compact speaker-test as a starting point for a more informed purchase decision. Based on the color-coded overall rating, you can get an initial overview of the overall result of the Q100 as part of our bookshelf speaker-test.

Of course, it is advisable to focus on the most important criteria to make a purchase. This allows you to determine the best bookshelf speaker depending on your personal use.

We have set out the tested test criteria again in detail below. First, however, we want to allow for a simpler overview of the top compact loudspeakers. As part of this overview, the performance of the Q100 in our test is also discussed in more detail.


With several 90 popularity points, the Q100 has a reasonably good test result in terms of popularity. However, there is still some room for improvement here.

On the one hand, this rating was determined based on the compact jukebox’s frequency that was already purchased. But, on the other hand, how often the device is discussed in Internet portals has a decisive influence – two important factors!

Is the evaluation criterion popularity particularly important to you? Then you should take a closer look at the JBL Control One and the Magnat Monitor Supreme 102. The two products achieve particularly good test values ​​for the evaluation point and could be a good choice for you.

Customer satisfaction

The Q100 received 94 out of 100 possible points in our test. Compared to other bookshelf loudspeakers examined, it performs comparatively well in customer satisfaction. Despite the seventh place!

Real customers’ product ratings and reviews are essentially responsible for allocating points because they can rate the product best. However, if you are particularly interested in the evaluation criterion of customer satisfaction, we still recommend that you compare the Q100 with the Magnat Monitor Supreme 102 or the Canton Plus MX.3.

The two devices achieved particularly satisfactory test results in terms of customer satisfaction. Consider the two articles accordingly in your purchase decision. Concerning customer satisfaction, we recommend a direct comparison.


How well is the shelf speaker processed? Was high-quality material used during development? How do other customers rate the quality of the device? The Q100 performs comparatively well in these and many other quality questions with an assessment of 95 test points.

Ultimately, when choosing an item, you must set your preferences. At least in our opinion, the quality of the various bookshelf speakers should have particularly high relevance for your purchase decision. Don’t just look at the costs! Cheaper bookshelf speakers are often of lower quality and therefore have lower durability.

If the quality of the product is as important to you as it is to us, you should also look at the Magnat Monitor Supreme 102 or the Canton Plus MX.3. In terms of quality, these two bookshelf speakers can achieve particularly good test values ​​when comparing the product properties with other items. For this reason, it certainly cannot do any harm if you also take these two products into account when making your product selection.


In our compact speaker-test, the Q100 scored 96 out of a maximum of 100 available points. A proud score for this placement.

As a result, when used in everyday life, other buyers judge the time factor for things such as using or cleaning the KEF Q100 as just insufficient. Therefore, the time-saving factor is certainly not one of the most important reasons for purchasing a compact loudspeaker. Nevertheless, look at the Nubert nuBox 313 and the Canton Plus MX.3 if you value a lot of time savings. The two products achieve particularly high results in this evaluation factor and could therefore be of interest to you.


With a number of 96 handling points, the KEF Q100 has a rather mediocre test result in terms of handling. The number of points can be traced back to analyses by real buyers who have already tried out the compact speaker box in everyday use. Customers who have already purchased this item can generally give a reliable opinion.

Is the evaluation criterion handling particularly important to you? Then you should take a closer look at the Canton Plus MX.3 and the Nubert nuBox 313. The two products achieve particularly convincing test values ​​in terms of handling. So take the two articles into account accordingly when considering your purchase.

What complications arise when enjoying music without a jukebox?

Our team often asks bookshelf speakers – do I even need them? Do you want to use the article often? All you need is a simple Bluetooth speaker if you’re going to do without a bookshelf speaker box for the time being. The results are already going in the right direction.

However, you also have to be prepared for impairments when listening to music if you want to work at home in the living room without a loudspeaker box. The bookshelf speaker box is simply the professionals’ option if you are often busy at home. However, if you would like to know it properly in the apartment in the future, you should strike.

KEF Q100 Review
KEF Q100 Review


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