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Kanto YU6 Review Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp

Kanto YU6 review

Kanto Audio is a manufacturer from Canada whose goal is to produce speakers with balanced sound in a minimalistic style in different colors and textures.

Kanto offers three powered speaker systems, two powered subwoofers, speaker stands, and cables. There is Kanto YU6 as the most prominent and highest model, and the smaller siblings YU4 and YU2.


  • Plenty of colors for the speakers
  • Bluetooth, phono, line, optical, subwoofer outputs


  • USB is not computer friendly


Kanto YU6 are very nice-looking speakers, and they look modern and timeless in their simplicity. They come in a box, where each speaker is in a fabric pouch to protect them during shipment. The package also includes a remote control, two batteries, a 3.5mm aux cable, power cable, adhesive foam feet, etc.

From the speakers’ color choices, there seven finishes are available, such as matte black, pastels, white, bamboo, or wood grain. The matte and gloss finishes are not vinyl but painted. The dimensions of each speaker are 6.9 x 19.7 x 8.1 inches (W x H x D), and they are pretty light (9.5 lb left and 7.8 lbs right)

There are no protective grills, so the 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 5.25-inch Kevlar cone woofer are visible. The build quality is outstanding, with smooth edges and even surfaces.

There is an active speaker with a display window in the lower-left corner and a volume control knob in the right corner. The dynamic speaker also has a built-in Class D amplifier of 50 watts RMS per channel, while at the back, there are two 24bit/96kHz capable optical connections and two analog options (RCA and 3.5mm). The Bluetooth wireless receiver (4.0) has aptX support, which means most Android smartphones and Windows and Macintosh laptops can connect, not iOS devices.

A LED change colors as a notification for the selected input, pairing mode, or mute. The passive speaker connects via two cables to the active one, and the provided ones are pretty long.

In case you want to include a subwoofer, there is a port for it and a USB charging port for a phone or a tablet. Too bad the USB is only for charging and not computer friendly to allow playing music from the digital library.

There are golden binding posts on the active speaker, which are outputs for the passive speaker using the 16-foot cord that comes with the devices.

The remote control is well thought and has an exemplary function. You can change the treble, bass, balance, volume, mute. In case you are not happy with the settings, there is a reset button to return to a neutral position. There is a separate button for each input. The remote control comes in handy when you don’t have access to the speakers (on a top shelf, for example) to control it or pair it up with a Bluetooth device.

As usual, Kanto provides two years of warranty for all their speakers and products, which is not bad.

Sound quality of Kanto YU6

These speakers not only look refined, but they offer a sophisticated and precise sound as well. Even when you use Bluetooth to stream music, the quality is there, well balanced regardless of the music genre of choice.

In case you lack bass, the option of adding a subwoofer is there.

There might be initial problems with the Bluetooth setup, but the sound is perfect, and the speakers work excellent once connected.

Kanto YU6 speakers are completely capable of handling all the notes, no matter if they are high, low, or anything in between. They fit right away in small or medium-sized rooms.

Vocals are prominent, and bass and mid-range are well separated. Highs have beautiful refinance, and if you prefer more crispness, it can be adjusted. If you use them at a party, for sure, they will deliver high maximum volume.

The low-end is warm, rich, and smooth, but if you want to fill a larger room and visceral bass response, you need a third-party subwoofer. Although YU6 is not a speaker for bass lovers, it still has a quality bass that can increase quickly with EQ adjustment.

The overall sound is clean and doesn’t get muddy or bloated.

The mid-range is the center of attention with smooth vocals, transparency, and clean tones. Female vocals are slightly more present than male vocals, but both still have a clear and distinctive character.

The instruments have plenty of body and stay separated from vocals, allowing each to have its moment of shine.

YU6’s high-end is linear, crisp, and with details. Strings and cymbals are well balanced, and they do not sound too sharp.

Treble is less directional, making the speaker not so sensitive of the placement and provides a detailed image on a larger area.


Although Kanto is a relatively new name in the Audio world and might seem as they have focused only on the speakers’ exterior to look sophisticated and modern and not on the functionality and performance, that is far away from the truth. The minimalistic design is just the cherry on top of the excellent acoustics these speakers have to offer.

Kanto YU6 combines its timeless look with versatility to create a better product than most competitors when it comes to well-balanced, customizable sound, unique vocals, flawless design, and connectivity.


Kanto YU6 Review Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp
Kanto YU6 Review Powered Speakers with Bluetooth and Phono Preamp


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