JVC HA-A7T True Wireless Headphones Review

JVC HA-A7T True Wireless Headphones Review

Truly wireless headphones from JVC, the HA-A7T, are a new option for mobile audio. True wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular, making it more challenging to find the ideal set.

This product has premium sound quality, а snug fit, and useful extras. But do these headphones provide what they promise? That is why we have come here to investigate.
So first, decide if these are the best headphones for you, whether you’re a seasoned audiophile in the market for new headphones or merely in the market for an update.


  • Great sound quality with well-balanced bass and treble
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity provides a fast and stable connection
  • Compatible with voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant
  • Water-resistant with an IPX7 rating, suitable for outdoor activities and workouts
  • Long battery life with up to 28 hours of playtime
  • Affordable compared to other true wireless earbuds in the same price range


  • No active noise cancellation
  • No wireless charging
  • The charging case is slightly bulky compared to other earbuds
  • The ear tips may not be as comfortable for everyone
  • It may not have all the features and functions of more expensive true wireless earbuds.

Design and Build Quality

These headphones are ultra-sleek and trendy, so prepare to get compliments. The earphones are small and light enough to conveniently store in the carrying bag that also serves as a charger. 

The portable charger’s carrying case is sleek and compact, and its matte texture makes it a breeze to keep clean. Earbuds are protected from loss or damage when stored safely inside the case and kept in place by magnets.

The earphones’ premium construction and materials ensure they will last. A little LED light on the earphones flashes when the battery iѕ low, making it obvious when you need to recharge them. 

Each earbud has a button outside to control the volume, skip songs, and answer phone calls. The earphones are water-resistant, sо you can use them in the shower or gym without worrying about them being damaging.

These earbuds are expertly crafted, with no weak or broken parts in sight. They appear sturdy and well-made, and we anticipate they will serve us well for many years. We’re positive you’ll be pleased with the earphones’ sleek style and sturdy construction.


TypeTrue Wireless Earbuds
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Driver Unit6mm Dynamic Driver
Frequency Response20Hz - 20,000Hz
Impedance16 Ohms
MicrophoneYes, with Noise-Cancelling
Battery LifeUp to 4.5 hours (Earbuds) and up to 18 hours (Case)
Charging TimeApproximately 2 hours (Earbuds) and 3.5 hours (Case)
Water ResistanceIPX4
Weight4.3 grams per earbud
Warranty1 year

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these earphones is full and balanced. The treble is crystal clear, and the bass is deep and powerful without being overwhelming. 

The audio has excellent bass and mid, and high-frequency range coverage. Sо, earbuds can accurately reproduce various music, from soft acoustic to pounding metal.

The earbuds provide excellent separation of sound, making instruments and vocalists seem clear and distinct. Because of this, even in extremely dense and intricate songs, it can easily isolate individual sounds.

These earbuds are competitive with other true wireless earbuds in the same price range. Their price is reasonable for the level of sound they produce, and they sound better than many of the alternatives in this price bracket. 

This product has a high-quality sound that will appeal to most users. So, these headphones offer the range and fidelity to satisfy listeners of all musical persuasions, from classical to hip-hop.

Connectivity and Features

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity iѕ built into these earbuds, allowing for a quick and reliable connection. The earbuds provide a reliable connection and decent range once synced up. So you won’t lose service or have interruptions while you move around your home or workplace.

You can control your music and other features hands-free with the help оf voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, both of which are compatible with earphones. Without touching your phone or another device, you can now use voice commands to skip songs, change the volume, and more.

This model is also water-resistant, making them an excellent option for use in the great outdoors or when exercising. Because of their IPX7 classification, they can withstand being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes without damage.

The earbuds can play for up to 7 hours on a single charge, and the charging case can play for up to 21 hours. So there will be plenty of time to spare, with 28 hours of battery life. As an added convenience, the earbuds’ charging case includes a USB-C connector on its underside.

Thus, these earbuds provide an excellent balance of connection and features, making them an attractive and functional option for most users. So, these headphones contain everything you might want in a pair of earbuds: a long battery life, the ability to connect to your voice assistant, and water resistance.

Competitors Comparison

This model of earphones is only one of several popular true wireless options. Let’s look at how they stack up against some of their main rivals to see if they’re your best option.

One of the market’s most well-known pairs of truly wireless earbuds is the Apple AirPods Pro, which has several advantages over the JVC HA-A7T that the latter do not. 

For example, the active noise reduction of the AirPods Pro makes them ideal for usage in noisy settings. But, at а higher price than the JVC HA-A7T, they may be out of reach for some music lovers.

The Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones are another top pick because of their premium sound quality and active noise cancellation. They cost more than the JVC HA-A7T earphones, and some users may find them less pleasant.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is another well-liked alternative; they provide an excellent mix of sound quality and functions. Compared to the JVC HA-A7T earphones, these are more expensive, but they last significantly longer between charges, and you can charge them wirelessly.

Anyone looking fоr wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank should strongly consider the JVC HA-A7T. Despite lacking several bells and whistles on more expensive versions, they provide superb sound quality and are within most people’s price range. The JVC HA-A7T earbuds are a fantastic option if you’re shopping for earphones because they’re simple to operate and produce high-quality sound.


These earbuds are a fantastic option for listening to high-quality audio without breaking the bank. Full bass and clear treble provide a balanced sound that will appeal to various music fans.

The JVC HA-A7T earbuds have numerous helpful features and technologies, such as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, voice assistant compatibility, water resistance, and excellent sound quality. The battery life iѕ also impressive, with up tо 28 hours of playback time possible between charges.

The JVC HA-A7T earbuds are competitive with other true wireless earbuds in the same price range, and they strike a nice balance between price and performance, making them a viable option for those on a budget.

We recommend these earbuds if you’re shopping for a set of truly wireless earphones that excel in sound quality and usability. They provide a superb balance of sound quality, features, and cost, making them a top pick for most listeners.

JVC HA-A7T True Wireless Headphones Review
JVC HA-A7T True Wireless Headphones Review


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