JLab Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review

JLab Epic Air Review

JLab Audio is an American brand specializing in the design of in-ear headphones, headphones, and speakers. Led by Win Cramer, JLab was founded in 2005 in Tucson, Arizona. The brand’s growth in the United States was one of the fastest in the audio industry. Today the brand has spread internationally. It has become one of the major brands of headphones. True Wireless headsets (truly wireless) are flooding the market, the competition is stiff, and very few companies can stand out. JLab’s Epic Air headphones can compete? The design of the Epic Air leaves no room for doubt. These are headphones designed above all for sport. JLab has made great products in the past, but headphones JLab Epic Air up to the task? We will find out together in this test.

Epic Air is for people looking for True Wireless headphones for exercising. They are IP55 certified (protection against dust and water jets coming from any direction). But be careful. They are not waterproof. The main objective is to resist your perspiration. JLab specifies that it is necessary to wipe the two earbuds before replacing them in the charging case. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty.


  • Sound signature that is powerful, bass-forward, and snappy.
  • There are several EQ modes available.
  • Eartips come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Noise cancellation is ineffective.
  • It’s quite easy to make a mistake using the controls.
  • Charger is hardwired and has a short charging cable.

Design of JLab Epic Air

The headphones do not have a flashy design. They are visually discreet and understated. They are only available in black, and you will find the JLab logo in gray on the back of each earpiece. The build quality is above average, and their designs are efficient. The ear hooks are flexible and help keep the ear cups in place when you’re on the move. The in-ear tips are angled, so the sound coming out of the 8mm speakers is closer to how your inner ear works. As a result, your musical experience is even more immersive. You will notice the letters “L” and “R,” a small visual guide to how to place the JLab Epic Air headphones on each ear hook.

The flexibility of the ear hooks makes it easy to wrap them around each ear, and the different silicone tips provide a good fit. Feel free to test the different types of suggestions; there are many shapes and sizes. A good fit improves comfort but also sound insulation. The body of the headphones is made of plastic. They are smooth to the touch and do not leave fingerprints. The ear hooks are a bit bigger than some models. However, you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing them. You can use them for all types of activities: going to the gym, working with them in front of your computer or even running. No matter what kind of activity is done, they will stay in place.

The power button is implemented inside the earbuds. Press the button three times to activate automatic pairing. They connect directly when you take them out of the charging case, so you don’t need to turn them on manually. After the first connection is established with your phone, the main earpiece will automatically connect and synchronize with the other.

The outer surface of each earpiece incorporates touch controls. They are super intuitive and responsive. They work every time. A single click on the mower headset will play/pause your music. A double click will activate Siri or Google Now. You can reduce the volume of your theme by letting your finger press on it. And with the right earpiece, you can play audio tracks and increase the volume by holding your finger. It’s just that the controls are a little less responsive when you answer a phone call. To answer or hang up your phone calls, just click once.

The jlab epic air’s charging box is enormous compared to some of the competition. The positive point is that the battery is more extensive, but the negative effect is that the case is suddenly less easy to transport. It is too big to fit in one of your pockets, rather than in a jacket pocket or in your gym bag. The box is equipped with a micro-USB socket to recharge it, but also a USB port. For example, you can charge your smartphone/tablet. Some users would have preferred to swap this feature for an easier-to-carry case! The headphones offer 6 hours of use with a single charge, plus 5 recharges with the case. In total, you get about 30 hours. Figures are approximate.


The Jlab Epic Air True Wireless supports the aptX and AAC Bluetooth codecs (superior listening quality). The sound emphasizes the bass, suddenly the midrange and treble are disturbed. If you are a fan of electronic or hip-hop music, these will be perfect for you. There are wireless headphones that do not offer enough bass for some users. This time, lovers of deep bass will only appreciate the sound reproduction. Like most sports headphones, they emphasize bass sounds. The sound reproduction is not balanced. If you’re looking for flawless audio quality, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

One of the black spots of these headphones is their connectivity. As is often the case with low-end True Wireless headphones, there is signal loss. And it’s strange how this happens randomly. Whether you are near your phone or 15 meters away. The problem is not constant, but it isn’t enjoyable. Especially when you’re in the middle of a workout or when you’re listening to your favorite music. This problem should not be present on headphones sold at this price. If you are watching videos on YouTube, there will also be problems with the lag between sound and picture.


If JLab Audio could fix the signal interference problem, the JLab Epic Air would be perfect for True Wireless headphones for sports activities. Once placed on your ears, the fit is optimal, the touch controls are responsive and easy to use, and the usage time is above average. If you are a bass lover and can forgive the signal cuts, the Epic Air wireless headphones can have you covered.

JLab Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review
JLab Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review


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