Jlab JBuds Air True Wireless Headphone Review

Jlab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Headphone Review

Jlab Audio was founded in 2005 and specialized in the design of headphones and earphones. In this test, we are interested in Jlab Jbuds Air which is True Wireless headphones. This format of headphones has been democratized nowadays. All the brands acting in the audio field release their model. Will the Air Jbuds succeed in standing out from the competition? Please find out the answer in our comprehensive test.


  • IP66
  • Comprehensive touch controls
  • Case with integrated charging cable
  • Quick charging
  • Isolation and Be Aware mode
  • Bluetooth 5.0, Class 1


  • AAC only, no aptX
  • Irritation after long use with gel eartips
  • ┬áMic quality

The headphones are delivered in a sky blue cardboard box. We can see a representation of the atria on the front. The manufacturer has also printed part of their technical characteristics. Once the package is open, you get the box that allows the transport and the recharging of the headphones. You also get two earbuds for listening to music and silicone eartips in several sizes, a charging cable, and a user manual. Headphones can be bought for less than 70 euros on the internet.

Jlab jbuds Air Test

The Jlab Jbuds Air are pretty bulky but do not protrude too much from the ears when worn. A good fit is achieved thanks to the rubber tips. As a result, they remain very stable in the ears during rapid movements. On the other hand, they can become uncomfortable when pressing the controls and for people with small ears.

As we told you, three pairs of tips are provided. Comfort and stability are guaranteed with my good pair of eartips (the one that best adapts to your body type). They stay securely in the ears thanks to their ergonomic design and the small rubbers surrounding each earpiece. They are also very light. The only thing you might complain about is a slight discomfort after a while if you have small ears. This effect is felt because the headphones have a rather large format, therefore unsuitable for people with small hearing canals.

You get three pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L). Choosing the right size is sure to get a good fit. The only time you risk cursing Jbuds is when using the controls. Since they have physical buttons that you have to press hard, you irritate your ears every time you want to change songs. I have got used to it, but the manufacturer should instead have integrated touch controls.

Passive noise insulation is above average with the end caps provided by the brand. Also, wind noise is less of a problem due to the design of the headphones. Like most in-ear headphones, the Jlab Jbuds Air wireless headphones provide sound noise isolation. Choose the right size eartip, and you can enjoy your music in peace at your local gym.


The Bluetooth connection is reliable, although you can get short interruptions if you place a wall between the Jbuds and your smartphone. They support Bluetooth technology in version 5.0 (the range is 10 meters). Jlab Jbuds connect automatically when you open the charging case cover (after initial connection). If you keep your phone nearby, you won’t have any problems, but if you go to another room and there is a thick wall, you may experience disconnection. As for Bluetooth codecs, they only support SBC and AAC codecs. For the price, that’s fine, although some competing wireless headphones do support aptX. There is a slight lag between sound and image when watching videos.

Battery life per charge is 5.5 hours, with about 15 hours more in the case. A USB cable is provided to recharge the battery. The promised battery life is slightly overestimated. You don’t get the 6 hours per charge as stated on the box. With 100% battery, you get 5 hours and 40 minutes at moderate volume. Manufacturers often make promises to make sales. In addition, the battery capacity will decrease over time. Still, 5 hours of battery life is more than enough for most people. There aren’t many people who spend hours at the gym. You charge the Jbuds by placing them in the case, and the case battery charges with an attached USB cable. It’s hidden under the case, and you can’t remove it. It takes less than two hours to charge them fully. Overall the headphones provide good battery performance.

Jbuds Air is made entirely of plastic, but the latter is durable. This material is still used in the design of True Wireless headphones. Even the most expensive models are often made entirely of plastic. They also have IP55 certification. This means that they are protected against dust and water jets from all directions. The only part prone to scratches is the shiny logo on the top of the control buttons. There is nothing wrong with the build quality, especially for the price. Of course, the IP55 rating is not the highest, but it is more than enough for protection against sweat or even washing them under running water. The headphones have been dropped “accidentally” on the floor several times, and they still work perfectly without any signs of damage. You can use them for exercising or listening to your music daily. The charging case is also vital. The hinge is strong.

Performance and Audio Quality

You can make phone calls using headphones. The quality of the microphone is adequate. Each earpiece has an indicator light, and there is a battery level indicator on the case. The right earpiece is the most important because it contains all the electronics needed to make a phone call. So if you want to make phone calls with just one earpiece, you will have to use the right one. The microphone quality is quite good. You can have an understandable conversation even in noisy places. Using the voice assistant also works well. To activate Siri or Google Assistant, double-tap the control button. The only problem is the pressure that is exerted when interacting with the control buttons. You press on it, and the headphones dig deeper into your ear canal. Touch controls would have been a better choice. The Air Icon Jbuds are also True Wireless and offer touch controls.

Jlab Jbuds Air offers decent sound for the price, but you can’t compare them to the high-end model from Sony or Bose. It’s a good choice for workouts at the gym or for listening to music on the go. The sound emphasizes treble and bass. When you switch to Neutral or Bass Boost mode, you lose power slightly (you have to press the button three times to switch from one way to another). The neutral preset provides a more balanced sound.

It’s best to stick with Jlab’s preset, which offers V-rendering. We didn’t notice any strong sibilance when the volume was high. There is also no annoying whistle. These headphones belong to the low-end True Wireless category. So do not expect a detailed sound transcription. Nevertheless, you get decent sound quality, pleasant to go to the gym or to accompany you on your daily commute. On the other hand, audiophiles looking for a clear and precise rendering will have to turn to another pair of 100% wireless headphones.


If you are looking for reliable and inexpensive wireless headphones, the Jlab Jbuds Air is sure to satisfy you. You get good Bluetooth connectivity, decent audio quality, and excellent stability for sports. Admittedly, they are not the most enduring on the market, but their performance is still satisfactory.

Jlab JBuds Air True Wireless Headphone Review
Jlab JBuds Air True Wireless Headphone Review


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