JBL PartyBox 200 Review

JBL PartyBox 200 Review

Like the PartyBox 300, the JBL PartyBox 200 is a speaker dedicated to those who want to put powerful and quality sound for evenings where music reigns supreme. Larger than most models in our great 2019 comparison of the best JBL portable speakers, it offers more power, full connectivity, and stunning light effects. But before telling you more, it’s time to give you our opinion on the PartyBox 200 so that you can make an informed choice!


  • Powerful
  • Its plays of light
  • Its complete connection


  • His price
  • Quite heavy

Sound and light shows on JBL PartyBox 200

The PartyBox 200 speaker is particularly suitable for parties where music and atmosphere reign supreme. For this, it is first equipped with many LEDs inside the grille for a guaranteed nightclub effect. You have the choice between 3 modes depending on your preferences, the music you listen to, and the atmosphere of the evening: Meter, Pulse, or Party mode.

But the PartyBox 200 speaker is, above all, sound quality and an appreciable power for rhythmic evenings. The power of the PartyBox 200 is 120 watts. To bring the necessary power to the bass and to reproduce the most faithful voices, the PartyBox 200 is equipped with two woofers and three tweeters. For even more sound, you have the option of connecting 2 PartyBox 200 speakers either via the speaker’s TWS function or via an RCA cable.

Wired or wireless

The PartyBox 200 is, above all, a wireless speaker for more practicality. Therefore, it can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Pairing is done simply by pressing a button. Your device will only take a few seconds to find it. Each time you turn on the PartyBox 200, your device automatically detects it. The Bluetooth connection is reliable and seamless even when you move the speaker away from your device.

But if you don’t want to connect it via Bluetooth, the brand has thought of you. It has indeed equipped its PartyBox 200 speaker with a USB port. You can, therefore, directly plug your USB key into the speaker and thus prepare your playlist in advance. This USB port is also very practical since it allows you to charge your smartphone. It can therefore also act as a power bank.

Autonomy and use

Because nothing is worse than a speaker that stops in the middle of the evening because it is discharged, the autonomy is always to be looked at closely when making this type of purchase. Therefore, if our opinion on the PartyBox 200 is positive, it is also for its autonomy. It is indeed 18 hours in normal listening.

If you turn on the sound and the light effects, this autonomy drops to a dozen hours, which is enough for an entire evening without worrying about its level of charge. If you are not using it, it goes into standby automatically after a few minutes of silence, which allows it to save its autonomy.

Using this PartyBox 200 speaker is simple. You won’t even need the manual to understand how it works. Everything goes on top. Just press very responsive keys to turn it on, off, or even lower the music or pair it with your device. This is a point that we particularly appreciated during our test of the PartyBox 200.

Design, connectivity, and mobility

The PartyBox 200 is aesthetically quite simple, sober, but still elegant when its light show is off. It’s when you turn on its LEDs that the magic happens. It is a JBL speaker, and as such, it is a speaker designed in solid materials and with neat finishes. It is robust and does not fear shocks or splashes of water, for that matter. It is, of course, not waterproof, so avoid dropping it in the pool!

It’s not the lightest we’ve tested, but the powerful speakers to liven up evenings are all quite heavy. It, therefore, weighs a little over 15 kilos. The good news is that it is equipped with a carrying handle on the back, which allows you to move or transport it more easily.

In terms of connectivity, it’s a nice surprise for those who want to vary the pleasures. In particular, it has a microphone input if you’re going to be the king of the evening or do karaoke entertainment. But that’s not all. You can also plug in your guitar and do a mini-concert in front of your friends.


For successful evenings, both in terms of atmosphere and sound or “nightclub” lighting, this PartyBox 200 speaker is one of the best. The power of the JBL PartyBox is amazing, as are its autonomy and ease of use. Moreover, you can add a microphone or a guitar to add even more atmosphere. Given the qualities, the JBL PartyBox 200 was able to convince us, and that is why we do not hesitate to recommend it to you!

JBL PartyBox 200 Review
JBL PartyBox 200 Review


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