JBL Partybox 1000 Review

JBL Partybox 1000 Review

If you want the best and most advanced Bluetooth speakers, you must go to JBL. This brand has been at the top in the world of Bluetooth speakers for years. But has the brand managed to outdo itself again with the Partybox 1000? And does this Bluetooth speaker set the tone for the future Bluetooth speakers of this brand?

We have been able to subject this Bluetooth speaker to an extensive test! We are happy to share our findings with you in this Partybox 1000 review. By the way, at the end of this article, you will also find more information about the best Partybox 1000 offer.


  • Volume resources, awesome bass reproduction
  • Spectacular light effects
  • Plenty of connections


  • Is not protected against water
  • Lacks built-in battery
  • Expensive

The ideal party speaker

Do you like to throw a party in your garden regularly? Or are you looking for a disco Bluetooth speaker with your group of friends? Then the Partybox 1000 will undoubtedly meet your needs. This Bluetooth speaker is known as the “ideal party speaker.”

This is partly due to the DJ pad on the speaker. With this DJ pad, you can create your music and light shows, among other things. Since this Bluetooth speaker can give a full light show, you can have a great party anytime and anywhere.

Known JBL sound quality

The JBL Partybox 1000 is a fairly large Bluetooth speaker. Given the dimensions, you would expect that this speaker has a lot to offer. Well, that is certainly the case when it comes to sound quality. This speaker delivers the sound quality we are used to from JBL. Or rather, the sound quality is even better than this Bluetooth speaker’s predecessor(s).

Clear sounds, deep bass, and a rich sound are how the sound quality can be described. It doesn’t matter which music genre you choose. At your party, you can opt for delicious Dutch sing-alongs, but also nice loud thumps. The Partybox 1000 ensures that you always enjoy the great sound quality.

Striking design

This Bluetooth speaker from JBL is quite striking. That is certainly the case if you let the light show do its work. The design of the speaker itself is also quite striking. For example, the speaker is particularly large. In addition, it is nice that JBL has opted for completely black housing. Only the red JBL logo stands out on the front.

Advantages of the JBL Partybox 1000

Do you want to stream your favorite music at a party? This is possible with the help of the JBL Partybox 1000. You stream the music wirelessly via your smartphone, tablet, and laptop/PC.

This streaming goes without any noise. Only when you walk away from the speaker with your smartphone do you notice that the music sounds a little less clear?

Do you want to operate this Bluetooth speaker in an even easier way? This is possible with the included Air Gesture wristband. This wristband allows you to control the speaker remotely. In an easy, pleasant, and fast way. Ideal, so that you have enough time to dance, sing along and have fun.

Includes DJ Pad

The most striking feature of the JBL Partybox 1000 is the DJ Pad. This pad is located on the speaker’s top and offers many possibilities. You can use this to create your bass, drum sounds, and guitar sounds. Because you have these options, you make every party even more fun. Moreover, it allows you to let your creativity run wild.

Easy to move

Earlier in this Partybox 1000 review, you could read a large Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, a weight of almost 35 kilograms accompanies this, so quite heavy. Fortunately, this speaker does have wheels and a handle. Thanks to these parts, you can move this speaker quite easily.

Charge your smartphone via the speaker

Does your smartphone battery run out quickly during the party? Don’t worry about the man. You will find a handy USB connection on this speaker. With this connection, it is possible to charge your phone. Plug the USB cable into the speaker and the other end into your smartphone. From that moment on, the speaker immediately starts charging your smartphone.

Great sound

You will undoubtedly want to enjoy your favorite music during your party. You can enjoy your favorite sounds with the Partybox 1000. The sound is truly unparalleled; the other variants of JBL can’t match this sound either. Is the sound possibly not quite to your liking? Then you still have options to add multiple sounds. Thanks to the DJ Pad, you can still make the music completely to your liking.

Disadvantages of the Partybox 1000

Do you prefer a wireless Bluetooth speaker? Then this variant of JBL is not for you. It is not possible to use this Bluetooth speaker wirelessly. This is pure because you have to connect this speaker to the mains. You can bring the Bluetooth speaker to life with the supplied power cord. As soon as you pull the plug from the socket, the speaker stops immediately. When throwing a party, you are therefore always dependent on the presence of a power outlet. A power outage can also throw a spanner in the works.

No microphone included

Making a good comparison between party speakers is recommended. If you make this comparison, you will soon notice that a microphone is included with several variants.

That is unfortunately not the case with this Bluetooth speaker from JBL. Fortunately, this Bluetooth speaker does have a microphone connection. Thanks to this connection, you can still blare along with your favorite songs. The only thing you have to consider is that you still have to purchase this microphone separately.

It takes up a lot of space

The Partybox 1000 is a big boy. Not only in performance but also in size. Because the speaker is quite large, you have to free the necessary space. You also have to take into account the weight of roughly 35 kilograms. Would you like to purchase a smaller party speaker? Then choose the JBL Partybox 300 or the JBL Partybox 100 (the smallest version).

Partybox 1000 offer

Do you also love good offers? Then you are certainly not the only one in our country. So many Dutch people are looking for offers daily. Fortunately, you will regularly find interesting discount promotions for the Partybox 1000. At Coolblue, you even enjoy extra competitive prices. It is therefore recommended to purchase this Bluetooth speaker from this well-known webshop.

Reviews of the Partybox 1000

At Bol.com, ten reviews have been left about this Bluetooth speaker. Of these ten reviews, the average score is a 4.1 on a scale of 1 to 5. Again, an excellent score, while the score at Coolblue is much higher. Thirteen buyers left a review at Coolblue, an average score of (9.6).

Conclusion about the Partybox 1000

Bottom line, we are enthusiastic about the Partybox 1000. It’s not the cheapest party speaker, but the quality is unmatched. That applies to the overall build quality and certainly to the sound quality. The sound that this party speaker produces can be called sublime. If you want to throw a good party, this is the speaker for you. We are also pleased with the light show, the controls, and the DJ path. In particular, the presence of the DJ Pad is something that distinguishes this Partybox.

Also, take a good look at the points of interest of the Partybox 1000. So, you always need a socket, while the speaker is also quite heavy. In our view, however, these points of attention do not outweigh the many advantages. We can therefore wholeheartedly recommend the purchase of this party speaker. You will undoubtedly have many fun evenings with it, together with your friends, a cool light show and the best music.

JBL Partybox 1000 Review
JBL Partybox 1000 Review


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