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JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker Review

JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker review


So can you imagine having an excellent speaker in your backpack? That is what you can expect these days. But about having a reliable speaker in your pocket? That is not a problem as well. That is the purpose of the JBL Go 2, a device designed to be small, neat, and still produce lots of high-quality sounds. And the good thing is you can take it anywhere with you.

People usually say the most lethal poison comes in a small package. So don’t be surprised by the sound you will hear from a small speaker. It certainly won’t be annoying, and low-quality sound on most of our smartphones. Unless you are using headphones, you cannot enjoy watching a video clip or some movie.



  • Solid audio performance for the size.
  • Waterproof.
  • Affordable.


  • Light on accessories.
  • Can distort on deep bass tracks at high volumes.


The good thing about these speakers is that they come in so many colors. You can choose a regular black one or go with some more exciting and brave colors on the other side of the spectrum.

The size of this JBL Go 2 model is 71.2x86x31.6 mm. For older generations, the comparison would be like an Atari cartridge. The newer generations would probably wonder what I am talking about right now. The weight of JBL Go 2 is about 184g. This little package comes with an exterior that doesn’t reveal much. You have one side completely out of solid plastic, while on the other, you have the speaker grille up to the edges. You find the buttons for power, play, changing the volume, and sync buttons on the top of the speaker, while the right vertical side carries the sealable USB Micro charger port and 3.5mm audio jack.

There is little going on on the outside that you don’t have anything to critique. And all the different colors that the device comes with make it even easier to combine it with your dressing style or interior design, for that matter.


As a first feature, I would mention that this little devil with a big heart is rated IPX7 waterproof. That means you can take it with you to the swimming pool or the beach, listen to its beat, but make sure you don’t go diving with it in more depth than 1 meter for longer than 30 minutes. You only have to make sure to seal the USB port.

If you are more of a house bunny, then for sure, you can use this device while taking long baths or quick showers, while you cook dinner, or go around and clean the house. If you love the outdoors, you can take it with you while riding a bike or having a nice picnic with your family.

But here comes the negative side of technology in nature. The battery needs its juice refill because it can only last for 5 hours on moderate listening. That is not the worse timing, but certainly not the best one either. Just consider that if you use it from time to time while working at home, the battery can last for a day. One day at the beach, and the battery will finish.

We also mentioned the few buttons on the speaker itself (power, volume, sync, and play and pause). If you decide to skip the track, you don’t have such an option, and you will have to do it on your smartphone instead.

Sound quality

JBL Go 2 has a pretty decent sound, although you can’t expect the same quality like the sound of much bigger devices.

If you love watching Youtube, listening to podcasts, and other speech programs, then JBL Go will be a perfect match for you. It delivers clear and clean audio, loud enough so you can hear it without any problems or worrying that the everyday city noise will prevent you from enjoying the experience. You can also notice that there isn’t any noticeable lag between playing the video on a smartphone and the speaker’s sound, which allows you to have a better experience than just listening to it on the phone.

While listening to the music, you get what you expect from a device this small. The mid-range sounds excellent, but it can’t take it any further from that. If you play songs that are heavy on the bass side, you will notice that the bass is not that present. The higher-end sounds get a little bit distorted.

To summary the results, the JBL Go 2 portable speaker is the right choice. The negative things are what you already expect them to be. It would be awesome to have more buttons and functions, but on the other hand, they lack because the device is small. It can fit in any bag, even a pocket. Also, this little boy is durable too. It is definitely worth its price, and also it can be considered a lovely birthday or anniversary gift.

JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker Review
JBL GO 2 Portable Speaker Review


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