Jabra Speak 410 Review

Jabra Speak 410 Review

This review will be about a quality audio product from a manufacturer known for making such great devices, especially when it comes to Conference Call aimed speakerphones. It is called Jabra Speak 410.


  • Build quality
  • Size and portability
  • Audio quality on both ends
  • Touch/Press sensitive buttons
  • 3.5 mm audio out
  • Affordable


  • Wired only, no Bluetooth


Jabra Speak 410 is a small size speakerphone with a circle shape. It looks like a UFO, especially in the dark. The length of the device is 120 mm, the width is also 120 mm, and the depth is 33 mm. The weight is 185 grams.

Jabra Speak 410 comes inside a clamshell clear plastic box, allowing you to see the device. There is a large product photo on the back of the box. All buttons are showcased, together with a description in 20 languages.

Also, there is another box inside with all the installation instructions.

The Jabra Speak 410 comes with a soft carrying pouch, warranty paper, registration card, three warning booklets (EU/USA/Asia), and the software mini CD.

The device is very portable and compact, it is basically the size of a CD/DVD, and thanks to the smart design, the connecting cable wraps around the device itself, so you don’t need to carry it separately. It also comes with a nice black circular case with a zipper. It is convenient when traveling.

Jabra Speak 410 has a prominent speaker and omnidirectional microphone within a touch-sensitive shiny ring with all the controls. The Jabra logo is placed on the glossy outer ring, together with five buttons for an answer and hang-up calls, to increase and reduce volume and the mute button. All these buttons are touch and pressure-sensitive, and all you have to do is slightly tap them to work.

There is a 3.5 mm mini-jack right beneath the mute button and can be used to output audio from the Jabra Speak 410 and onto another speaker system or headset if you want a private call.

The omnidirectional, noise filtering microphone is just beneath the Jabra logo.

There is a small disc at the bottom of the device, which is actually the speakerphone base. It also serves the 87 cm long USB cable to wrap in the area between the two discs.

Exactly where the speaker grille ends, there are twelve LEDs. If the speakerphone is on mute, the LEDs go red. When adjusting the ringer volume, the light is yellow and white for call volume and incoming calls. As you press the volume up or down buttons, the number of LEDs illuminate accordingly, so you have a visual cue on the current volume setting. If you want to adjust the ringer volume (the yellow LED), you have to press the Jabra logo for 2 seconds until the device rings and LEDs turn yellow. The other option is when on an incoming call, the LEDs turn yellow, and you can adjust the ringer volume before answering the call.

There are three green LEDs when the device is on call.

Jabra Speak 410 is compatible with Skype, Avaya IP Softphone/Agent, Avaya one-X communicator/Agent, Cisco UC Client, and IBM Lotus Sametime 8.0 / 8.5.

You can get on the Jabra support page to get the latest firmware and software updates, and you can perform a firmware update through the control center on the PC. This update is not very fast, but it is simple to execute, and it is better to download the firmware update file than to perform an online update. You also have an option to enable or disable with which of the supported VoIP program solutions you want the Jabra Speak 410 to work with.

There is no installation necessary for it to work, you plug the USB cable in your laptop, and you are good to go. By default, Jabra 410 sets itself as the primary communication device, but you can make all sounds play through the audio settings.

Sound quality

The speakerphone uses a wideband Hi-Fi DSP-enabled speaker, which is perfect for receiving calls from Skype or other similar VoIP suites. But if you want to use it for playing audio files, it is just not that good. And it is not a surprise considering the fact it is a speakerphone and not a dedicated portable speaker.

The omnidirectional microphone offers 360 degrees coverage and is very sensitive, and it picks up even whispering sounds. A normal speaking voice comes through even from a 12 feet distance. The sensitivity to both near and distance is significant, primarily when used with multiple people present at conference calls. The device supports Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for superb call quality.


Jabra 410 is an excellent portable device that you can take with you when traveling. The microphone and sound quality are fantastic, and you can use it as a primary Skype audio device.

If you often deal with conference calls at work, then having Jabra Speak 410 is recommendable.

Jabra Speak 410 Review
Jabra Speak 410 Review


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