Jabra Evolve2 30 Review Wired Headset

Jabra Evolve2 30 Review

A good headset for the office and home office should be comfortable, work without frills, and offer clear sound. TechStage shows whether this is the case with the Jabra Evolve2 30 in everyday life.

The Jabra Evolve2 30 is the successor to the Jabra Evolve 30 – a lightweight, wired headset for use in the office or home office. Jabra has made a name for itself with its products, especially with high-quality devices for business customers and professional users. The Evolve2 30 could find its way into the home office because of the price of just over 60 euros.


  • Affordable
  • Mic clarity is excellent, especially in noisy surroundings.
  • Sound quality is excellent, with deep bass and clean highs.
  • Design that is both light and comfy
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams


  • No Bluetooth
  • Hardwired USB-A cable

When it comes to the question of whether with or without a cable, opinions differ. A wired headset usually works straight out of the box, and many users want to make sure that the headset doesn’t give up during a lengthy conference call. On the other hand, wired headsets have disadvantages in terms of mobility. The Jabra Evolve2 30 is aimed at those who prefer to be on the safe side but still want to use the features of a modern headset for teams and co.

Design and quality

Nice and natural curves characterize the shape of the Jabra Evolve2 30. The individual components consist of the bracket, ear cups, and microphone flow harmoniously into one another. Black plastic is the dominant material for the on-ear headphones – metal is only used for the headband, enclosed in a headrest element made of synthetic leather. The use of plastic ensures the lightweight of 125 grams, but it doesn’t make a precious impression at first glance.

The ear cups of the headset can be moved up to 90 degrees in each direction, just like headphones for DJs. This makes it easier to stow the headset for transport. The subtle “R” and “L,” which can be seen on the right and left ear rest, are aesthetically successful. These are not simply embroidered – they appear through larger holes in the ear pads.

We didn’t like the small buttons for start/stop, volume, and the microphone on the right auricle. The pressure point feels too spongy – there are also no symbols on it. In contrast, the button for Microsoft Teams on the right auricle is easily recognizable and offers a firm keystroke. Somewhat unusual: the headset’s microphone is on the right. Many other headphones have it on the left.

Equipment and Scope of delivery

In our test model, the Jabra Evolve2 30 is connected to the computer via a USB-A connector – this is still widely used on home computers. On both a Mac and a Windows PC, the headset worked as soon as it was plugged in. At 1.5 meters, the cable is long enough to make phone calls conveniently at the workplace. At least with a notebook. If the office PC is under the desk, we recommend using an extension cable. There is no need to install drivers. However, Jabra recommends installing the Jabra Direct software. This means that the headset regularly receives firmware upgrades, and the software also offers other features such as an equalizer for mixing the highs and lows of the headphones.

The Jabra Evolve2 30 we tested is a Microsoft-certified variant. This has a special button for Microsoft Teams on the right auricle. This allows users to take calls directly via teams or end them again. In addition, the headset has a button to mute the microphone, a button to pause media playback, and a volume up and down button. There is also a so-called busy light on the right auricle, which turns on when a call comes in.

Pleasant: An elegant storage bag made of felt is included with the Jabra Evolve2 30 for transport. A stable case would have pleased us even more. A charger, however, is not included in the Scope of delivery. Jabra is very environmentally conscious when packaging the Evolve2 30 – a bag made from recycled paper.

Audio quality

The Jabra Evolve2 30 has a good sound. Voices can be heard clearly and distinctly during telephone calls. The sound is neither muffled nor echoing. The headset is also ideal for listening to music – often a weak point incomparable devices that are usually only optimized for phone calls. Two 28 mm speakers make this possible. The bass is surprisingly clear and powerful – which we particularly liked with techno and hip-hop. The heights dominate a bit but are still within a reasonable range. Using the software, users adjust the ups and downs to their preferences.

The Jabra Evolve2 30 also meets the Open Office requirements. Headsets with this certification are characterized by the fact that they efficiently suppress ambient noise. This qualifies these devices, especially for large offices. The headphones dampen ambient noise, such as phone calls from colleagues or family members, a little – but that doesn’t even come close to the possibilities of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). You have to turn up the headphones to avoid loud ambient noises. But that can also be an advantage if you don’t want to miss the postman – or if you can intervene when children are too wild at work.


The sound quality of the microphone is clear and understandable. The headset uses two microphones to increase the call quality. The headset was convincing in telephone conferences. However, the other participants were somewhat irritated by the fluctuations in the volume of their microphones. Sometimes you could hear it louder, sometimes a little quieter – within a short time. The fold-down microphone boom is also located quite close to the face. This can result in your mouth bumping into the microphone – which can lead to annoying noises during a conference call if the microphone is not muted.


The headset from Jabra is very comfortable to wear, primarily due to the low weight of the Evolve2 30. The ear cups of the on-ear headphones do not press too hard on the ears, but they are firm enough to block outside noise. Even after a whole day with the headset on, we couldn’t complain about any discomfort in our ears.

Jabra Evolve2 30 Review Wired Headset
Jabra Evolve2 30 Review Wired Headset


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