House Of Marley EM Redemption ANC SB Wireless Earphones Review

House Of Marley EM Redemption ANC SB Wireless Earphones Review


House of Marley is a brand founded by entrepreneur and musician Rohan Marley, who is none other than the son of Bob Marley, hence why the company puts so much emphasis on Jamaica and this iconic singer (all generations combined).

We are introducing the latest wireless headphones model with a charging cradle and noise cancellation, the House of Marley EM Redemption ANC SB.

The material: the headphones and the base

The quality of the box is a success and announces the color. We find ourselves in front of a magnificent and luxurious imposing base from the opening as if we were discovering a precious treasure.

The compartment opens harmoniously and without forcing. Inside the two stereo earphones (left and right) are hidden ergonomic and in matching colors to the base: black and wood in the center.

Overall, the look of the material is a perfect success. I appreciate the atypical and hyper-worked side of the whole. While competitors are releasing helmets and earphones that all look alike, House Of Marley brings an original and… unique concept! Even if we have to admit it: the elongated shape of the headphones is a complete copy of the Apple AirPods.

But where the AirPods are sober, with a basic design and frankly not as revolutionary as what Apple has accustomed us to, we are here amazed by the modern and vintage design of both these House Of Marley headphones.

About the base: it is quite imposing and very pretty with its cream-white imitation wood material (almost light yellow) and with the brand’s black logo inlaid.

Compared to other models, like the Jabra Elite 75t, the base is heavier, which is a drawback in the pocket, but it also has an advantage, as it helps not to misplace it.

The interior of black color spotted with white dots is original. The patterns almost make me think of a marble piece of furniture.

The base is particularly practical and stable, much more than at Jabra. You store it on your desk or in your gym bag. You know that you won’t lose it or drop it easily.

The headphones are comfortable.

I liked that we could only use the left earpiece, which is handy for audio calls. However, some people (including myself) are more comfortable with mono headphones to keep the other ear attentive around you.


In the box, we also find:

  • a very pretty and elegantly braided USB-C cable. It has the same striped patterns and colors as the material.
  • Two additional earphone tips, in addition to the pair already installed, means that we have three different sizes: large, medium, and small. To be chosen according to the size of the ear canal;
  • Two kinds of elastic (???);
  • a quick start guide;
  • a product warranty notice;
  • a sticker ;

Two advertising cards inviting you to consult the brand’s website and social networks.

The “Quickstart” manual is sufficient to get you started, but I find that the operation of the audio filters (“noise cancellation” and “ambient” mode), which boils down to tapping three times on the left earbud each time, would have could be clearer. In addition, three diagrams with “3x” written at the bottom did not seem clear enough to me.


The association on his smartphone is fast and similar to any Bluetooth device. We take the headphones out of the case. The diode flashes blue. We go to the “Bluetooth” part of our phone. We launch the equipment detection. Then we click on our model. Simple and efficient.

Each of the headphones has a tactile part that operates according to the context and the number of presses.

The one on the left is used to activate the assistant (e.g., Siri or Google) or hang up a call.

The audio filters are activated by tapping three times in succession: the first time for the cancellation of ambient noise, by tapping three times again to activate “Ambience” mode. Finally, three additional presses deactivate these two modes.

The right earpiece allows you to start playback, pause, skip to the next track, answer or mute a call.

On the other hand, there is no possibility of going back to the previous song or adjusting the sound volume !? It is disappointing! These same features are found on most headphones, including Asian models.

Recharge and Battery

Once you have finished listening, you put the devices back in their dedicated slot in their base. The latter will take care of recharging them intelligently. They are easy to put on thanks to a magnetic attraction system that keeps them perfectly in place.

It is connected to a USB port via its USB-C connector on the back to recharge the base itself. Charging is fast, and the front of the base flashes according to the remaining% of the battery (4 LEDs, each representing 25%).

Battery Life: The battery provides 7 hours of continuous playback (5 with ANC ambient noise cancellation technology-enabled). Then, it will be mandatory to recharge these headphones by storing them in the base.

The fast charge allows only 15 minutes to use it for about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

And the sound quality?

The technology is reliable ( Bluetooth 5.0 standard with BLE Codecs, SBC [Sub-Band Codec], AAC [Advanced Audio Coding] and AptX [high bitrates with low latency]. I used this House Of Marley EM Redemption on my smartphone and my box Android TV [Nvidia Shield]. I did not experience any latency or audio dropout.

The sound quality is good, but the whole thing lacks punch and bass for certain types of music [Rock, metal and edgy pop]. The sound seems to me to be quite neutral indeed. A graphic equalizer via a mobile application would have been very appreciated.

For hands-free calls, the sound is good and clear. So my correspondents can hear me perfectly.

This headset incorporates a chip managing audiophile filters:

– ANC or Active Noise Canceling mode: it filters out surrounding noise and allows you to focus on your interlocutor or their music;

Ambient mode allows you to capture the surroundings and the surrounding sound to remain attentive outside [ex. : if you cycle on the road].

Other advanced functions

I appreciate that this headphone system is IPX4 waterproof, so I can use it safely while sweating, including during long sports sessions in the summer. It is, of course, strongly recommended not to use it in the shower, at the beach, or in the swimming pool.

I regret that no mobile application is available, which is a disadvantage compared to opponents who offer excellent solutions like Jabra, Jaybird, Bowers & Wilkins, or B&O.


There is nothing to say about the sound quality or the design, which is a total success, except for the slightly behind the bass. However, the product is great and comfortable to wear.

On the other hand, the competitors do a better job by providing applications that control the headphones and especially by offering more easily understandable instructions.

For sound and design, I would put an 8/10.

On the other hand, because of the absence of certain features, such as the inability to adjust the sound volume by tapping several times on the back of the headphones or the lack of a mobile application or graphic equalizer to listen to Rock, I would put a 7/10.

The final mark, therefore, reaches 7.5 / 10.

I recommend these House Of Marley EM Redemption for their collector’s side, for the simply perfect base, for the attractive, atypical, and unique design, and if you are a fan of Bob Marley.

Besides, I think the company [and therefore the son] is using the image of Bob Marley a little too much. It is certainly a fabulous tribute, but this “advertisement” is a pretext to increase the total bill. Said more clearly: the material here is awesome, but the price seems unjustified to me.


House Of Marley EM Redemption ANC SB Wireless Earphones Review
House Of Marley EM Redemption ANC SB Wireless Earphones Review
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