Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD Review

Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD Review

Over more than four decades, Harbeth Audio has earned a reputation as one of the finest audio manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Audiophiles worldwide hold their products in the highest regard due to their superb sound quality and sturdy construction. The Audio P3ESR XD is а top seller because of its portability and high quality.
We will provide an in-depth analysis of this product, including its build, sound, features, and accessories. So, we’ll review its benefits and drawbacks and suggest who could benefit most from using this particular speaker.


  • Exceptional sound quality with а warm and natural sound that is full of detail and nuance
  • Tight and controlled bass response, with smooth and detailed high-frequency response
  • Custom-designed crossover ensures that the sound is perfectly balanced across the frequency spectrum
  • Wide and deep soundstage with excellent off-axis response
  • High-quality build with attention to detail


  • The passive speaker requires an amplifier to power it
  • More expensive than some of its competitors
  • It may not be as visually appealing аs some modern speakers
  • Limited connectivity options with only a single set of binding posts

Design and Build Quality

Simple yet sophisticated is the Harbeth Audio P3ESR XD bookshelf speaker’s design. The speakers come in stunning wood veneer finishes like Cherry, Rosewood, and Eucalyptus. These speakers have top-notch construction and a silent, resonance-free cabinet. The speakers have а 19mm Ferro-cooled tweeter, a 110mm Harbeth RADIAL2 cone bass/midrange driver, and a custom-designed crossover for maximum performance.

The cabinets’ robust high-density fiberboard construction makes them rigid and soundproof. The front baffle is machined from a single piece of material, minimizing any potential for distortion or loss of clarity. 

Since the speakers are not too bulky, they are best suited for smaller to medium-sized listening rooms. Just like we’ve come to expect from Harbeth Audio, the speakers’ design and construction are of the greatest quality.

This product has a classic look that can be yours in various stunning hues. No resonance or tremor indicates that the cabinet is well-made and sturdy. The drivers and the crossover have been tuned to perfection for maximum output. Its design and construction are superb, up to the excellent standards we’ve come to expect from Harbeth Audio.


DesignTwo-way, sealed
Drivers1 x 5" Harbeth RADIAL2™ bass/midrange, 1 x 0.75" (20mm) Ferro-cooled dome tweeter
Frequency Response75Hz – 20kHz, ±3dB free-space, grille on
Impedance6 ohms, easy to drive
Amplifier Power50W – 150W into 6 ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD)306 x 190 x 184 mm (12.05 x 7.48 x 7.24 in)
Weight6.1 kg (13.5 lbs) each
FinishesCherry, tiger ebony, eucalyptus, rosewood, maple

Sound Quality

If you want a high-quality audio device, go beyond the Harbeth Audio P3ESR XD. The sound coming from the speakers is realistic and detailed. With its 110mm Harbeth RADIAL2 cone bass/midrange driver, the speaker produces a tight and controlled bass response that is devoid of distortion, while the 19mm Ferro-cooled tweeter provides a smooth and detailed high-frequency response. Also, with a custom-made crossover, we got а sound evenly distributed across the audible frequency range, making for an interesting and pleasurable listening experience.

The speakers’ soundstage and image are very impressive. They create a detailed, lifelike soundscape that extends far and broad. The separation and placement of instruments and singers throughout the soundstage contribute to a realistic listening experience. The speakers’ off-axis response and sounds from various listening locations are also very good.

This device has excellent sound quality overall. The sound coming from the speakers is rich with detail and subtlety and has a genuine, warm quality. 

While the low end is tight and well-controlled, the upper end is silky and detailed. Therefore, the soundstage and image are top-notch, creating a realistic and delightful listening experience.

Connectivity and Features

Because it lacks an internal amplification system, you must use Harbeth Audio P3ESR with an external amplifier. However, the speaker’s nominal impedance is 6 ohms, and its sensitivity is 83 dB. 

Thus they can be powered by a variety of amplifiers. Also, you can use all kinds of speaker cables with the speakers because they only have one pair of binding posts.

The speakers’ custom-built crossover is one of its most distinctive features. The crossover was fine-tuned for maximum efficiency, so you can expect a pristine frequency balance. Also, the grille over the speakers is magnetically attached, making it simple to remove and replace.

Harbeth Audio provides a variety of complementary extras, such as а matching stand, isolation pads, and a subwoofer. Isolation pads prevent unwanted vibration and enhance clarity, while the matching stand will perfectly complement the speakers for optimal sound quality. Subwoofers are made to enhance the bass response of high-end speakers like the P3ESR XD, allowing for a more complete and satisfying listening experience.

This product relies on a single pair of binding pins compatible with various speaker cables for its connectivity. Also, the optional matching stand, isolation pads, and subwoofer enhance the performance and create а more immersive listening experience. At the same time, the custom-designed crossover guarantees frequency-to-frequency consistency over the whole range of sound.

Competitors Comparison

Several other bookshelf speakers in its price range can’t hold a candle to this model regarding sound quality. Below are some of its primary rivals to give you an idea of what it’s against.

The KEF LS50 Meta is another highly praised bookshelf speaker at a comparable price point. The LS50 Meta’s coaxial driver and updated aesthetic make for a more pinpoint soundstage. Some may like the P3ESR XD instead because of its warmer and more natural sound.

A second bookshelf speaker that can hold its own against the P3ESR XD is the Dynaudio Special Forty. The Special Forty’s updated look and superior sound quality are the product of а custom driver and crossover design. Others would rather use the P3ESR XD because of its warmer and more natural sound.

The Focal Chorus 706 is cheaper than Focal’s more costly bookshelf speakers, yet it delivers excellent sound quality. The superior audio quality of the Chorus 706 is thanks to its cutting-edge design and custom-built drivers and crossover. The P3ESR XD, оn the other hand, provides a warmer and more natural sound that may appeal to some listeners more.

The Harbeth Audio P3ESR XD, like many other bookshelf speakers in its price range, has excellent sound quality and is a strong contender against similar models. Not the most cutting-edge speaker, but well recognized for its exceptional build quality and warm, genuine sound. Fans of music who value realism and immersion will enjoy this.


The Harbeth Audio P3ESR XD is a premium bookshelf speaker that excels in sound quality and construction. The tight, controlled bass and smooth, detailed high-frequency responses contribute greatly to the speaker’s warm and authentic sound. The interesting and pleasurable sound to listen to is the product of а crossover built specifically for this purpose. This product is not the most cutting-edge speaker on the market, but its realistic and immersive sound has earned it widespread acclaim from audiophiles. The Harbeth Audio P3ESR XD is a great option if you’re shopping for а high-end bookshelf speaker.


Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD Review
Harbeth Audio P3ESR ​​XD Review


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