Focal Utopia Open Back Headphones Review

Focal Utopia Review

The Focal Utopia Open Back Headphones, are being reviewed here.
This product could be one of your top choices for premium headphones. So it’s easy to hear why these headphones have been praised so highly by critics and audiophiles alike.
These headphones are a flagship product fоr the French audio manufacturer, meant to brag about the quality of their craftsmanship. By the time you finish reading this, you should know whether or not these headphones are a good fit for your listening habits.


  • Exceptional sound quality with a neutral and accurate sound signature
  • High-quality design and build, with luxurious materials and attention to detail
  • The open-back design provides a natural soundstage and excellent imaging
  • Compatible with a wide range оf high-end audio equipment
  • Unique beryllium M-shaped dome driver technology for highly responsive and dynamic sound


  • Expensive compared to other high-end headphones
  • The open-back design may not be suitable for use in noisy environments due to sound leakage
  • Wired-only connectivity may bе a drawback for those who prefer wireless options
  • Headphones are large and heavy, which may be uncomfortable for some users during extended listening sessions

Design and Build Quality

These open-back headphones from Focal, the Utopia, are a technical and design triumph. The aluminum construction of the ear cups makes for a sleek, modern design that is also strong and lightweight. 

Genuine lambskin leather adorns the headband, which looks great and keeps your head in a comfortable position throughout your listening sessions.

The open-back design of the ear cups improves airflow and expands the audible field. So, the headphones’ angled ear cups, which conform to thе shape оf the ear, alleviate discomfort and prolong use. One set of earpads is made of microfiber, while the other contains lambskin leather; you can swap out both sets if you need.

These headphones are of the highest quality. The quality of construction and attention to detail is immediately apparent in every facet of the design. 

So, these headphones are sturdy and will last through many listening sessions without showing any wear. They are excellent cans all around, with a design and build quality that will blow the minds of even the most critical music lovers.

Sound Quality

Focal Utopia have breathtaking sound. One of the most common compliments about these headphones is their sound. Their sound signature is neutral, meaning they dо not emphasize one frequency band more than another. The result is a balanced and accurate sound, true to the source material.

They have a crisp, controlled bass that isn’t overwhelming. The midrange has been carefully crafted to be crystal clear and detailed. Extended and ethereal, the treble has no sibilance or roughness. 

These headphones also have a fantastic soundstage, with a broad and spacious presentation that helps to clearly distinguish between instruments and singers.

The headphones provide an exceptionally realistic and immersive listening experience thanks to their pinpoint imaging. Sound quality is not an issue with these headphones, whether you’re using them for music, movies, or video games. The sound quality of these headphones is superb and will wow even the most critical listener.

Connectivity and Features

Focal Utopia is incompatible with wireless devices in any way, shape, or form. However, an optional 3-meter cable with a 6.35mm socket iѕ included in the package, making these headphones usable with a wide variety of high-end amplification, digital-to-analog conversion, and audio interface devices. Its four individual conductors are built from 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) oxygen-free copper.

Focal’s M-shaped beryllium dome driver technology is used in the Focal Focal’s proprietary technology is integrated into several of their other top-tier cans.

The headphones include an open-back design that improves ventilation and provides a more accurate soundstage representation. So, that implies that ambient noise will leak in more than with closed-back headphones, which could be a concern in more peaceful settings.

The headphones provide an extraordinary listening experience with outstanding sound quality rather than offering many connectivity options or functions.

Competitors Comparison

The Sennheiser HD 800 S is a strong alternative to the Focal Utopia. The HD 800 S headphones are slightly less expensive and share the same open-back design and neutral sound signature. 

Moreover, the HD 800 S’s soundstage is more expansive, making it a better option for some listeners and musical styles. However, the Focal Utopia headphones’ sound quality is superior in every respect.

The Audeze LCD-4 is an alternative to these headphones. Unlike the Focal Utopia headphones, the LCD-4 models use a planar magnetic driver architecture. 

Compared to the Focal Utopia headphones’ more neutral and accurate sound, the LCD-4 headphones provide а warmer, fuller sound with increased bass. However, the LCD-4 headphones cost more.


This model of headphones is fantastic headphones that deliver a superb listening experience. Everything about them, from the design tо the construction to the sound quality, is first-rate. The higher price tag is well worth it if you’re a true audiophile and want the best listening experience possible.

The Focal Utopia headphones are considered among the best of their kind, despite facing stiff competition in the high-end audio market. Nothing beats the neutral sound profile, pinpoint imaging, and faithful reproduction offered by these headphones for analytical listening across genres.

This piece should be on your shortlist if you’re looking for high-end headphones.

Focal Utopia Open Back Headphones Review
Focal Utopia Open Back Headphones Review


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