Focal Elegia High-Fidelity Headphone Review

Focal Elegia Headphone Review

Since I love music so much, I’m always looking for the best headphones. So the Elegia headphones from Focal, a well-respected brand in the audio business, have been getting a lot оf press recently.
These closed-back headphones were made with long listening sessions in mind, so they sound great and are very comfortable to use. First, I will discuss my experiences with the Focal Elegia headphones, including my impressions of their build, sound, features, and overall performance. Then, read on to find out if these headphones are a good fit for you if you’re considering purchasing them.


  • Classic design
  • Excellent comfort
  • Amazing sound
  • Can sound good when EQd


  • build quality regarding price, can be a little better
  • Timing lacks precision
  • Expensive

Design and Build Quality

Focal Elegia sleek and refined design gives them a high-end appearance and feel. Aluminum, leather, and microfiber are just a few of the high-quality materials used to make these headphones, and they contribute greatly to their longevity and sophistication. 

Also, the headphones have large, oval ear cups padded with memory foam and an adjustable headband with padding for comfort.

The construction quality of the headphones is excellent. They have a robust and long-lasting quality because оf their high-quality construction. The headphones’ closed-back design blocks outside noise, making them perfect for listening to music in busy places. 

High-quality oxygen-free copper was used to construct the headphones’ detachable wires, which helps to minimize signal loss and preserve the sound. So that’s why they generally have an amazing design and build quality that exemplifies Focal’s penchant for meticulous craftsmanship.

Sound Quality

Elegia headphones provide a sound of remarkable quality, and they can faithfully reproduce various frequencies, as seen by their frequency response range of 5Hz to 23kHz. 

The sound profile of the headphones is pleasant and well-balanced; it is neither excessively bassy nor too bright. It’s easy to pick out individual instruments and vocal tracks thanks tо the sound’s clarity, sharpness, and crispness.

Listening to jazz, classical, rock, or hip-hop is a pleasure with this device. The headphones do an excellent job of recreating the sound of realistic and well-defined acoustic instruments and vocals. 

So, the headphones have a tight and well-controlled bass response, making it simple to hear subtle changes in bass levels. Also, the headphones have a fantastic soundstage, which means the music is not confined to the area directly in front of or behind the listener’s ears.

The headphones produce a high-quality and well-balanced sound that works with many different types of music. The headphones especially well reproduce vocals and acoustic instruments. Intense immersion is achieved via well-managed bass and a spacious soundstage.

Connectivity and Features

The 1.2m cord that connects these headphones to your device is removable. It ends in a standard 3.5mm jack. You may use the headphones with a wide variety of devices thanks to the included 3.5mm to 6.35mm adaptor. Also, the oxygen-free copper in the headphones’ cord helps prevent signal degradation and preserve the quality of your listening experience.

The headphones’ noise-canceling function makes them a good choice for noisy settings. The noise cancellation works well to muffle background noises like an airplane’s engine roar оr the roar of passing cars. Contrarily, it is not as efficient at blocking out sudden, extremely loud stimuli like a door slamming.

Using this model, even for long periods, is not a problem. The memory foam ear cups are large and oval and padded generously to fit any ear. So, the headphones have an adjustable headband with padding for comfort.

The Focal Elegia headphones generally have several characteristics that allow them to adapt to different listening conditions. With a comfy design and a detachable wire, these headphones are great for long listening sessions.

Competitors Comparison

This model is a high-end option that can hold itѕ own against other high-fidelity models. The Sennheiser HD660S and the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home are two of their key rivals.

The Sennheiser HD660S headphones deliver a well-balanced sound characteristic at a price point comparable to that of the Focal Elegia headphones. Some listeners may prefer the Sennheiser headphones because of their significantly brighter sound profile.

On the other hand, the Sennheiser headphones feature an open-back design that prevents them from isolating sound.

You can also find comparable headphones, such as the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home, as an alternative to the Focal Elegia. Some listeners may prefer the Beyerdynamic headphones over the Focal Elegia because of their warmer sound profile. 

However, Beyerdynamic’s headphones are also open-backed, so they don’t do a great job blocking out ambient noise. On the other hand, the Beyerdynamic headphones are a little cheaper.

The Focal Elegia holds its own compared to similar high-fidelity headphones. On the other hand, its primary competitors, such as the Sennheiser HD660S and the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones, have slightly distinct sound profiles and design features. 


The Focal Elegia headphones are a high-end option due to their superior sound quality, ergonomic build, and numerous practical extras. The headphones’ quality construction and high-end aesthetic indicate Focal’s meticulous design process. 

Also, the headphones’ noise cancellation feature and balanced, pleasant sound profile make them a good choice for listening to a wide range of music.

These headphones aren’t the only ones that deliver excellent sound quality, but they hold their own against other high-end models in their price range. Their primary rivals include the Sennheiser HD660S and the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home headphones, which have unique sound signatures and aesthetic details.

If you’re looking fоr high-fidelity headphones, go no further than this piece.

Focal Elegia High-Fidelity Headphone Review
Focal Elegia High-Fidelity Headphone Review


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