Focal Aria 926 Loudspeakers Review

Focal Aria 926 Loudspeakers Review

Focal is a French loudspeaker manufacturer with an excellent reputation in the audio industry.

The thing that is so special about Focal is not that the company designs and manufactures all its speakers in France, but it also builds speaker cabinets and all components, including the drivers.

So Focal has complete control over every step of the process, which means the crossover can be much simpler because the drivers are built for the dimension and shape of the cabinet.


  • Well build
  • Incredible and easy sound with detail


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The Focal Aria 926 is the smallest of the Aria line and takes place between the Chorus and Kanta lines. The Aria family consists of floor standers (3 of them), a bookshelf (1 model), a center channel (also one), and a wall-mounted surround speaker.

The speaker’s dimensions are 1035 mm x 294 mm x 371 mm (HWD), and the weight is 25 kg. The cabinets have non-parallel sides that help with the standing waves, and the combination of 18 mm and 24 mm MDF makes them very rigid.

The three-way Focal Aria 926 loudspeaker has a front baffle wrapped in leather, framing two 6.5-inch flax cone bass drivers, one 6.5-inch flax cone midrange driver, and a 1-inch TNF aluminum-magnesium alloy inverted dome tweeter. The tweeter design comes from the beryllium tweeters in Focal’s Sopra and Utopia lines, and it is designed to improve horizontal directivity and, with that, stereo imaging. The midrange hands over to the tweeter at 2.4 kHz and the woofers at 290 Hz.

The speaker is a dual-ported design; it has a front port for better bass impact and a bottom port for adding depth to the bass.

The latest material for the cones is flax. It is a traditional French product, and France is one of Europe’s leading producers of flax, primarily because it is used in high-quality French linen fabric used in the fashion industry.

Flax is used as a material for the cones because flax fibers are very rigid and stiff, but at the same time, they are light, self-damping, and easy to use. The bonus on using the flax is the company’s eco-credentials because of using a renewable source.

Focal looked for three criteria: low mass, rigid structure, and good damping for uncolored sound. In the more expensive Sopra and Utopia lines, the “W” sandwich diaphragms required an intensive hand-weaving process. So for the Aria line, the manufacturer looked for material that could be machined. That is how the patent for the “F” sandwich emerged by having a thin layer of glass fiber on both sides of a flax core.

The speaker comes with a black aluminum alloy base with spikes that can adjust and has dual functions. The first one is to add stability, and the second is to provide space into which the bottom venting bass port can operate. The speaker comes in a high black gloss finish, prime walnut, and an oak-colored finish, while the grille is included and is full-length magnetic.

Focal Aria 926 has 8 ohms nominal impedance and a rated sensitivity of 91.5 dB. The frequency response is from 45 Hz to 28 kHz (+/- 3 dB).

The speakers are ideal for a room of 20 m2, and recommended listening distance is 3 m.

Sound quality

Focal Aria 926 delivers a lot of detail, with transparency and tonal accuracy, that you get a feeling that the sound comes from the room and not from the speaker. High notes don’t sound harsh, and the soundstage is pretty broad.

The speakers create a believable space, so when you listen to the tracks, you feel like you are at a concert and the singer is right in front of you. Vocal tones are rich, textured, and accurate.

Even when listening to more complex tracks, the bass is controlled, tight, and punchy. The transition into the mid-band is seamless, and treble is sweet and capable of creating a clean image and ambiance.

The fact that all four drivers match so well with each other makes the stereo soundstage so convincing.

Focal Aria 926 speakers don’t require any acclimatization or breaking in period. Just take them out of the boxes, place them in position, and they will work beautifully regardless of the electronics you partner them with.

If you prefer music genres like rap, hip-hop, or similar bass-heavy music, Focal Aria 926 is probably not the best choice. But if you cross the speakers with a good subwoofer, you eliminate that concern.


The Focal Aria 926 has a detailed and smooth top end and coherent frequency range. Together with the flax midrange and bass drivers, the inverted dome tweeter creates an outstanding imaging and wide and deep soundstage. Be sure that Focal Aria 926 can compete with much more expensive speakers, although it doesn’t have the same level of bass impact as the bigger brother, the Sopras.

If you want to have a first-class home theater, you can combine the Aria CC 900center, Aria SR 900 surround, and a subwoofer to the Focal Aria 926, and you are all set for the years to come.

Focal Aria 926 Loudspeakers Review
Focal Aria 926 Loudspeakers Review


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