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Fluance Ai40 Review

Fluance Ai40 Review


Fluance is a Canadian audio company responsible for manufacturing home audio music systems and turntables. The new Fluance Ai40 has an excellent balance between the performance and its price.

If you are starting your journey in the home theater world, then Fluance Ai40 is perfect for you. These speakers are plug and go, connecting via RCA or Bluetooth, so they are easy to use. They also complement the living space.


  • Easy Setup
  • aptX
  • Versatile Ways of Connection
  • 2-year warranty


  • There is a delay in the remote control commands
  • Bass is very much affected by the volume levels


When you first unbox them, you see that Ai40s come with a power cord, 8′-18 gauge speaker wire, remote control, batteries, and a 3ft 3.5 mm Aux to RCA Cable.

They come in a natural walnut finish, black ash, and lucky bamboo (which is kind of cool with its white front and bamboo pattern on the sides). It is nice to have different finishes to choose from to blend into any decor easily.

The wood cabinet is well built, solid with curved edges, classified as an acoustic suspension design (meaning it reduces low-end distortion). It is not composed of plastic materials that look cheap, but from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that adds an extra touch to the speaker.

There are beautiful 1-inch silk dome tweeters and 5-inch woven glass fiber drivers that don’t require any grilles to cover them up.

If you look at the active speaker’s back, you will find the amplifier panel with 19V DC input for the power, connectors for the left speaker, RCA inputs, and a Bluetooth pairing button.

In the active speaker, there is a class D 70-watt amplifier (2 x 35 watts). If you want to adjust the sound to your liking, there is a built-in adjustment for treble and bass.

The right speaker is the active one, while the left one is passive and powered from the right via an 18-gauge speaker wire. When you connect them, make sure the same wire connects to the same color’s binding post.

Moving the treble and bass frequencies from the tweeter and the bass are the crossover’s job at 2,600 Hz.

On the front of Ai40, there is one control knob, which allows you to control the volume manually, but you can also control it via the paired device or remote control. If you press the know, you will turn off the power, and the light goes red. There is a light indicator with a yellow color when speakers pair with an RCA input, blue for Bluetooth. Interestingly, you can also control the intensity of this light with the remote control. Maybe it is worth mentioning that the remote control is a bit slow in relaying commands to the Ai40. There is a one-second delay that can be annoying.


Fluance Ai40 has high-quality materials, and you can notice that from all the accessory parts.

All Bluetooth speakers are very easy to set up, so Ai40 is not exempt from that rule. Once the Bluetooth mode is on, it instantly connects with the smartphone. Because the speakers are aptX-compatible, you get a CD’s quality with 44.1 kHz audio at 352 kbps.

As mentioned before, the light indicator allows you to see what is happening with the speaker. For example:

  • if the light is blue (solid): That means the Bluetooth paired
  • if the light is flashing blue: Bluetooth is in pairing mode
  • if the light is yellow: RCA
  • if the light is red (solid): The device is in stand by mode
  • If the light is flashing red: It is muted.
  • If the light is double flash red: Bass or treble set to -/+ 5
  • If the light is blue or yellow double flash: Bass or treble are set to 0

In case you have problems pairing the devices via Bluetooth, you have two options. On the remote control, you can press and hold for three seconds the play/pause button or press and hold the pairing reset button on the active speaker’s back.

Just be aware that if you connect via Bluetooth for streaming music and get a phone call while doing so, the ringtone comes through the speakers and can be very scary.

Sound quality

These speakers have a great sound even at the neutral setup of the EQ. But if you prefer more bass and more prominent treble, you can easily take care of that via the remote control. It only takes few minutes to do so.

Depending on the volume you like to listen to, you can increase or decrease the bass and treble settings, especially if the mid-range masks the treble. If you use the remote control, the small white light on the remote flashes twice when you reach the bass or treble’s maximum levels.


Fluance Ai40 are good speakers and worth the price you pay for them. Although having aptX HD and LDAC would be amazing, for most people, appX is just enough.

You can also pair them with a hi-fi turntable to get a fantastic 2.0 stereo experience.

So if you are looking for reliable Bluetooth speakers with great sound and not expensive, Ai40 is for you. Keep in mind there is a warranty for two years from the manufacturer.




Fluance Ai40 Review
Fluance Ai40 Review


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