Edifier S1000DB Review Active Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier S1000DB review

The Edifier S1000DB are pretty large and heavy for typical bookshelf speakers. They also look more exquisite than other bookshelf speakers produced by Edifier; being quite powerful, they are more suited for enjoying high quality and high volume music.


  • Fantastic build quality
  • Audio is precise and detailed
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX
  • Wired connectivity (optical, RCA, and coaxial)
  • Decent remote


  • Pricey
  • The location of the control knobs
  • Longer burn-in period
  • Quite big for most desks


Edifier S1000DB speakers are built amazingly with complete attention to detail. As a result, you have a spectacular product that becomes more than a speaker; in fact, it becomes a statement.

The speaker’s size is 8 x 13.5 x 10.5 inches ( W x H X D).

The manufacturer used fine materials, like solid wood, to make the speakers, which their weight (almost 10 kg each) can notify. As you can see, even the passive speaker is hefty. Because of the wooden cabinet, the speakers are finger-proof and less prone to scratching. The speakers have beautiful wooden panels all around, with the side panels in light brown color, while the center one is smooth matte black.

There are grilles for the drivers’ protection, but the metal grill covering the tweeter is kind of weak, so you need to be careful not to break it. The unique frame’s shape and the transparent mesh barely hide the 1-inch titanium tweeter (25 watts) and 5.5-inch woofer (35 watts) underneath.

The speakers look fantastic with or without the covers.

Both speakers produce an output of 120W RMS.

Each speaker’s bottom has four rubberized feed, preventing the speakers from sliding during high volumes or damaging the surface where they stand.

The cabinets being slightly angled direct the sound towards the listener, but it also helps with the internal acoustics and reducing sound resonance.

Edifier S1000DB is undoubtedly the most admirable speaker from the Edifier’s gallery of bookshelf speakers.

The remote control is reasonable, made out of quality plastic and buttons with lovely tactile feedback.

As usual, Edifier doesn’t save up on accessories, so S1000DB comes with a fine selection of cables as optical cable, active to passive cable, and 3.5 mm AUX to RCA.

All the interfaces and controls are rear-facing at the right speaker, which is the active speaker. The left one is the passive speaker. In addition to the Bluetooth 4.1 (aptX) wireless connection, there are two RCA inputs, one optical input and a coaxial. You can change these sources with the remote control as well.

The right speaker contains the receiver for the remote control and LED, which shows the source and the function of the speaker:

  • RED: Optical/Coaxial mode
  • Green: Aux/Computer mode
  • Blue: Bluetooth mode
  • If any of the colors blink, that means it is mute

The left speaker on its rear has only the connection port for the right speaker and nothing else. Edifier provides the cable for the speaker’s connection, and it is about 5 meters long, which is enough for most speaker setups.

Sound quality

Edifier S1000DB speakers provide superb audio quality, no matter if you use them to play music from your phone library or to have them connected to your TV to watch movies or play video games.

The tweeters produce highs with natural sound with the new driver, which is more rigid and more prominent than the previous eagle-eye tweeter. In case you think they are a little flat, you can adjust them with the tuning knob to your tastes.

The mids allow great details and the fantastic sound of the vocals. They are a bit more bright than neutral, which provides them with clarity, but still insightful and detailed.

Male vocals have great recognizability, especially in movies or video games, and instruments have a natural body and timbre. There is improved clarity compared to lower models.

But the bass is everything, extended and with plenty of power. The 5.5-inch driver creates windows shaking amount of bass when played loud. It is primarily linear with minimal texture loss, warm, dynamic, and incredibly tight.

Because of their very full, extended low-end, these speakers are fantastic for playing games and watching movies. The clear mids and high ends come very usefully during quieter scenes. There is a somewhat long burn-in period, but these speakers deliver an excellent performance once it finishes. You can notice a considerable change over time in sound quality and tonality when using the same volume, source, tracks and not changing the speakers’ position.

The overall sound is impressive, even perfect for an outdoor setting if the weather conditions are right.


Edifier S1000DB are remarkable and stylish. Their purpose is not only to produce quality sound but to look appealing to the eye as well.

The downhill is relatively high price and heavyweight compared to other Hi-Fi speakers, which continue to get smaller and cheaper in the future.

Edifier S1000DB Review Active Bookshelf Speakers
Edifier S1000DB Review Active Bookshelf Speakers


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