Edifier R2000DB Review Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R2000DB Review

The Chinese company Edifier, founded in Beijing in 1996, has become one of the dominating leaders producing 2.1 and 4.1 speaker systems in China and the world.

And it is not surprising, because the market for wireless and portable speakers is expanding in the last two decades. We all have music stored on our smart devices and can quickly transfer to modern speakers via Bluetooth. The speakers are getting smaller, not to invade living space, and the prices are getting more affordable.

Wireless listening has become part of everyday people’s habits. Edifier R2000DB connected via Bluetooth and controlled by remote control makes its usage even more effortless.


  • Amazing sound
  • Simplicity and convenience of use


  • There is nothing worth mentioning


The Edifier R2000DB has a trapezoidal shape with a slight elevation angle, which allows the sound to be directed towards the listener and reducing the generation of standing waves in the cabinet. The weight of the right and left speakers is around 9.7 kg which makes them quite heavy.

The grilles are removable and come with the speakers as protection against dust and unwanted kicks.

The back panel is uncomplicated with adjusting knobs for treble, bass, and volume. The binding post is a direct plug-in interface, while the optical input is next to the RCA input interface.

The Edifier R2000DB has a two-way driver unit. The tweeter’s size is a 25 mm silk dome with a special coating on the surface, while the mid-low woofer is 5.25 inches with aluminum cones instead of cones made of paper or glass fiber.

There is a rear-mounted bass port design, so consider that when positioning the speakers next to the wall.

The DSP all-digital electronic crossover makes sure the speakers provide a great listening experience. The DSP chips are expensive, and Edifier R2000DB uses the TAS5508 chip, which has exquisite crossover point control and relatively stable reproduction of the sound.

The Edifier R2000DB also has a professional digital power amplifier chip for better separation of treble and mid-bass, without mutual confusion.

There are also two 60 watts TI TAS5342 Class D power amplifiers. D power amplifiers’ advantage is in the high conversion rate, with very little heat, which avoids short circuit problems because of high heat. That is why class D power amplifiers became more and more used in professional speakers.

The R2000DB supports a 3.5 mm wired connection and Bluetooth and optical fiber connection with a TV, console, etc., allowing you to use it in several different ways. The standard RCA inputs can connect to a record player or PC, the optical input for the TV as a home-theater system, and Bluetooth to pair it with a phone or tablet.

PCM9211 chip is responsible for the optical reception and ADS conversion.

Bluetooth has the chip CSR8630, supporting Bluetooth 4.0, while aptX encoding is not supported.

The Bluetooth connection is the default one after booting the R2000DB. By enabling the Bluetooth search on your phone, you can easily find the speaker. If a pairing code is requested, you can enter “0000”.

If you need to disconnect, you can use the remote control to switch modes or press and hold the volume knob.

There is an infrared receiver on the main speaker’s front panel, which functions as a power and input indicator. When the speaker is in AUX mode, the light is green. For optical connection, it is red and blue for Bluetooth mode.

Sound quality of Edifier R2000DB

If you play pop music, you can hear the Edifier R2000DB performance. The tweeter allows apparent details, well-rounded sound, and not too much distortion.

The mid-frequency is smooth and constant, without significant, up and down escalations. Even with high volume, the sound doesn’t break. The extension is firm and just perfect for pop music. The vocals sound great without any prominent sibilants.

The bass is deep and gives a foundation to the overall sound, and there is no need for amplification.

In the case of classical music, the sound of instruments is accurate without feeling thin. The details are in place, providing complete hearing sense.

Edifier’s speakers, by default, have the “classic EQ” turned on, but if you prefer, you can change it to a “dynamic EQ” if you are more fond of a modern sound. It is an excellent option to have regarding the listener’s preferences and tastes.

If you are using the optical input, the sound is more open than with analog inputs. The lowest sound quality is as expected when using the Bluetooth input.


Considering the price, sound quality, uniquely built, Edifier R2000DB is a real serious player among the competitors. When you think of the audio quality and versatility this system offers, it is worth the price.

R2000Db is indeed a fantastic representative of Edifier’s R series.

No one will be disappointed with these speakers, regardless of whether you want to enjoy your music collection or upgrade your TV for a better movie-watching experience.



Edifier R2000DB Review Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
Edifier R2000DB Review Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers


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