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Edifier R1280DB Review

Edifier R1280DB Review


The incredible power, stylish look, and versatile use are what make the Edifier R1280DB an excellent choice for your TV or PC

Overall decision


  • Excellent sound quality
  • You get many options for its value
  • Remote and Bluetooth control


  • Too powerful for some people
  • Design could be more polished

Its power, use, and affordable price make these speakers a generous and smart purchase choice.


  • Two digital and two analog inputs
  • 1 woofer and one tweeter (per speaker)
  • Bluetooth
  • Powered 2.0 speaker system
  • It comes in wood or black color

The primary use of the Edifier R1280DB is to be a pair of speakers for your PC. Nevertheless, they can use as an audio boost for your Tv or Hi-Fi system.

With its inputs, remote control, and Bluetooth, Edifier R1280DB is easy to connect and use. And it is also quite powerful with its power output of 42W.

Being not very expensive, these speakers won’t make a significant impact on your budget but will make a big boost on your PC or home entertainment system.

The design and features of Edifier R1280DB

The Edifier R1280Db is 146 x 241 x 178 mm per speaker, making it in size between regular PC and bookshelf speakers. If you use a 24-inch or smaller screen, they will look huge, but they look good next to 27-inch or larger monitors.

They also look eye-pleasing next to average-sized TVs but bear in mind that they have an extra depth which will stick out considerably if you mounted your TV on a wall.

The same effect applies to the styling of the speakers. You don’t get plastic desktop speakers, but a proper construction with a wood-alike vinyl cover. The cover can be two different types: a black finish or a brown woody one.

You won’t make a mistake whichever color option you choose. The Edifier is built to a high standard and has lovely details that make it worth the price you pay. The rounded corners, subtle switch from the wooded texture on the sides, and cool chromed plastic across the middle of the speakers all add up for an extra effect.

You have two drivers and a bass port on each speaker under the speaker grille. The front bass port allows you to mount the speakers in a confined space without losing the bass performance.

The drivers are one 4-inch (102mm) paper cone woofer and one 13 mm silk dome tweeter. As you would expect by these speakers’ price, there are no expensive and rigid materials for either driver.

The grille attaches itself with pins made of plastic fitting into holes on the speaker’s front.

Because the speakers work as a pair, you have different features on the left and right speakers’ back. The left one is passive, including spring clips for the audio input.

On the other hand, the right speaker’s back has more details. You get the same output clips as for the left speaker, but also, you have two line-level analog audio inputs that use different phono sockets for each channel.

Under these, you have phono and optical digital inputs, and to the left is the main power switch.

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned these speakers’ versatile use because of this selection of inputs combined with the Bluetooth option.  You can connect a TV or PC, also connect your phone through Bluetooth without any additional boxes or cables.

Also, on the right speaker, you will find the volume, bass, and treble controls.  The bass and treble controls are standard analog dials with a middle position as a default and can turn 120 degrees to the left or right. The volume control is of the infinite spin, which means you can adjust the volume on the speaker itself and also with the remote control without one interfering with the other.

You also have LED for the power, input, and status of the Bluetooth. Because this LED is not on the front, it is difficult to tell if the speakers register any button press on the remote. That’s why you can press the volume button way too many times before even realizing that the volume had changed.

The remote is cheap and basic-looking, plastic with twelve buttons on a glossy top. As in many cases with this kind of remote control, it is difficult to tell if you have pressed them and some force is required. It would be more convenient if there is a visible LED indicator to help navigate easier.

But still, the remote is entirely usable and very welcome.

The twelve buttons have a logical position in two identical rows, and the Bluetooth playback controls are crucial for the use of the remote.

Performance of the Edifier R1280DB

When you look at these speakers’ sizes and compare them with other PC speakers, it is customary to expect a full and powerful sound, and these speakers deliver it. The sound is more than enough for a middle-sized living room.

The sound is very even, with no emphasis on the bass or the treble, making it great for the ear. Usually, PC speakers tend to use bass or treble way too much to sound stringer than they are. With Edifier R1280DB, you get a fair and even sound.

When you listen to it, there is excellent depth and warmth to the sound.

You can tell that the mid-range and the upper bass are not too forced, but it still lacks a little bit of push to get the sound quality that more expensive speakers can give you.

My preference is to boost the treble and reduce the bass slightly. This way, the dialogue and other higher range details are more pleasing to hear without being too loud. If you use them for watching TV every day, too much of a bass presence can be distracting. Even with settings like this, you can still get the sound effects of explosions and other dramatic moments while watching your favorite movies or TV shows.

When it comes to music, this is the part where these speakers excel the most. You can listen to various genres thanks to its even warm tone. But if you are addicted to bass, you will need an extra sub; otherwise, there is no need for most people.

Compared with other audio upgrades solutions for TV, you get more volume and depth than average all-in-one soundbars. But if you want just a little bit of more depth, without rumbling bass, that might disturb your neighbors, then maybe the soundbar is a better idea.

However, whether you like the sound to be louder or more subtle, you can play with it due to these speakers’ versatility. That is the fact that makes them so appealing.

Why buy Edifier R1280DB?

Suppose you want to make a significant upgrade to the power of your PC or TV speakers, with superior strength and warmth to the sound, without overpaying for it, without the hassle of any additional equipment. In that case, Edifier R1280DB is the right choice for you.

Considering that you can plug in several analog and digital audio sources, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth and control everything with the remote control; you have a very convenient audio upgrade.

In the end, the conclusion is that these speakers are quite a significant upgrade for your PC, and if you want to listen to just low volumes, then smaller speakers might be a better choice for you.

The same goes if you prefer just a warmer and more precise sound for your TV, without paying attention to the bass, then an all-in-one soundbar is the better option.


The excellent price, versatile use, and power make this pair of speakers a fantastic purchase choice.

Edifier R1280DB Review
Edifier R1280DB Review


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