DOSS Soundbox XL Bluetooth Home Speaker Review

DOSS Soundbox XL Review

DOSS Soundbox XL is a premium device from a Chinese audio manufacturer called DOSS Audio.
All DOSS speakers, including DOSS Soundbox XL, have plastic cabinets, but they look pretty good despite being budget speakers.
The sound is the most impressive thing about Soundbox XL, as the speaker sounds more prominent than it is. The use of the speaker is more for indoors or eventually outdoors when having a barbecue. It is not water-resistant.


  • Very loud
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Affordable
  • Great build quality


  • Basic design
  • It doesn’t pair with other speakers


DOSS Soundbox XL speaker is 11.8 x 2.6 x 5.2 inches. The weight is about 1.5 kg, so it hefty speaker, hence the XL in the name.
The drivers have protection with aluminum mesh on the front with a small DOSS logo at the bottom. There are two 10W drivers, two passive bass radiators, and a 12W subwoofer. Interestingly, the same drivers are on a more expensive Bluetooth speaker such as Sony SRSX77. Passive radiators aim to increase the low-frequency response and achieve the performance of a much larger system. They are like regular speakers but without the magnet.
As mentioned earlier, the body is mainly matte black plastic, except for the metal surrounding the buttons. There are seven of them, power, volume control, mode, track selection, and play/pause. It is refreshing to see different buttons for the volume and selecting tracks, rather than holding the button down to change them. Another plus is the extreme response from the button controls on the DOSS Soundbox XL. The concave surface on the power button is a nice touch to be different from the others and not to power off the speaker by mistake when changing tracks manually.
The “M” button stands for mode. There is LED light for each mode below the button. For Bluetooth, there is blue light, for auxiliary red and white for MicroSD (it plays almost all audio formats on a MicroSD card up to 32 GB).
The slot for the SD card is on the back end of the speaker, next to the 3.5 mm auxiliary input and the power input port.
For charging, there is a 12V adapter with a 2.5A output. To be fully charged, it takes about two and a half hours, which is reasonably fast. It is best to charge it for at least 12 hours the first time you set it. When you plug in the speaker, it starts charging, and the battery indicator LED turns red. When the battery is complete, the LED turns green. You can have the speaker plugged in all the time if you intend to use it at home. The battery is Lithium-ion, rated at 2200 mAh.
Pairing with Bluetooth is excellent (press and hold the power button for two seconds), and the connection and reconnection of the memorized devices go quickly. It runs on V 4.0 +EDR, and the range is impressive too, as you can be 10 m away and have no problems. You can sync most smartphones or tablets. If you don’t stream your music via Bluetooth, you can use the SD card or hardwire your phone or tablet with the auxiliary cable, which comes in handy for older devices that don’t support Bluetooth.
The manufacturer declares that the battery life is 10 hours at a 50% volume, but some reviews show no more than 8.5 hours. If you have the speaker at total volume, the battery life is about five and a half hours.
Too bad that DOSS Soundbox XL doesn’t have auto-off, so to power-off when not in use. This way, the speaker remains on until the battery finish.
On the bottom of the speaker, there are four thin rubber pads to prevent scratching.

Sound Quality of DOSS Soundbox XL

The DOSS Soundbox XL sounds nice and clear at low volume, but it seems to excel when the volume is 50 to 75%. At this point, you can fully realize the fantastic bass and the considerable frequency range.
The two 10W drivers, the two passive radiators, and the 12W subwoofer can produce severe volume and maintain a clear sound. The Soundbox is loud and can easily fill a large room with sound. It is louder than DOSS Traveler.
It is impressive that even at high volumes, the sound is crisp, and there is no distortion. And there is serious bass coming from the subwoofer and the two passive radiators. So if you like music with a heavy baseline, such as trance or electronics, you would really like this speaker.
In case you don’t like too much bass, don’t worry about that. The bass blends in well with other frequencies, and it is not overpowering.
Soundbox XL has a well-rounded sound where the mids, highs, and lows are all present and clear. Considering the money you pay for this device, you get a good deal.


DOSS Soundbox XL is a great speaker that you can take with you on a trip, parties, or barbeques.
It would have been much better if there were the option to pair it with another speaker and have that surround sound feel, a feature already present in other speakers in the same price range.
But as a standalone speaker, it is pretty impressive and provides an excellent sound.
So if you are looking for an affordable speaker of good quality, this should be on the top of your list.

DOSS Soundbox XL Bluetooth Home Speaker Review
DOSS Soundbox XL Bluetooth Home Speaker Review


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