DOSS Soundbox Bluetooth Speaker Review

 DOSS Soundbox Review

Today’s market has many options to choose from when it comes to portable wireless speakers. The problem is how to select the suitable device from all of them. The sound has to be great, to be durable, and withhold constant use, good battery life, and all that by not being so expensive.  You probably think there is no such thing.  Just look at DOSS SoundBox Touch before you think twice.


  • Good price
  • Cool touch controls
  • 360 degrees sound quality


  • No water-resisting
  • Average battery life
  • The light of the touch buttons can’t turn off


The size of the DOSS SoundBox Touch is 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches with a solid build when you hold it. There are not any loose components or rattling sounds to the device. The speaker comes in different colors, such as black, blue, and white. The weight is 1.2 lb.
The speaker comes with a micro USB charging cable, male-to-male audio adapter, and 3.5 mm aux cable. It all comes with a storage bag to store it when the speaker is out of use.
On the top of the speaker, there is capacitive touch control. You have the options to play, skip or pause tracks. In the center, there is a small dial for adjusting the volume, which is very cool. If you like to turn up the volume, you swipe with your finger clockwise. Counterclockwise is to turn down the volume. The touch interface is very prone to scratches, so you should use the protective case when not using the speaker. Another setback is that the light of the touch buttons is very bright and can’t go off, making it uncomfortable in the dark.
It is effortless to switch between the three main options to play music, Bluetooth, Micro SD, or Aux-in. The touch control has a good response, and it is fast.

DOSS SoundBox Touch is a wireless speaker, but you can also use the included auxiliary cable if you want. Bluetooth will probably be the connection of choice by pairing the speaker with a smartphone or a tablet. The pairing process is relatively easy. You need to enable the Bluetooth option on the smart device. Then press and hold the play button on the speaker. There will be blinking colors on the ring at the top, and DOSS Soundbox will appear as an available Bluetooth connection.
After you select it, you are all set up for good, as it needs only once to complete this process per device. Be aware that when pairing or low battery status, there are many notifications with an annoying voice that can sometimes be obnoxious. The Bluetooth range is up to 33 feet (10 meters).
The DOSS Soundbox Touch has an overall expected battery life of 12 hours. The battery is a 2200 mAh lithium-ion charged through an included micro USB cable for a couple of hours. The battery life depends on different factors, so it might be slightly smaller than predicted (at around 9-10 hours).
Although it has a reputation as a great outdoor speaker, you should know that this device is not water-resistant, so you need to be careful not to be exposed to splash or water. It is a great speaker for outdoors if it is sunny and dry.

Sound quality

The sound is the most important thing about any speaker. So when you look at the low price of DOSS Soundbox Touch, you wouldn’t expect any good sound quality coming from it. But you are in for a surprise, and the speaker sounds much better than expected. Of course, don’t expect studio quality, but it is good for the money you pay for sure.
If you play different types of music, you can notice there is no preference for a certain kind of song. All music sounds nice, the tones are clear, and the bass is not overpowering.
The stereo sound comes from 12W high-performance drivers with enhanced bass, and the harmonic distortion is less than 1 %. What comes as a surprise for such a budget-friendly speaker is that it comes with a 360 degrees broadcast, allowing you to hear the sound performance of the speaker no matter where you are standing.
For its size, this speaker can get quite loud. The two 6 watts drivers work amazingly in synchronization. Although 6 watts is not a lot, the drivers provide excellent performance, providing a sound that much more expensive speakers can provide.


The DOSS SoundBox speaker is an excellent option for those on the budget. The sound is fantastic for a device at this size and price. It is a speaker that you don’t want to miss.

DOSS Soundbox Bluetooth Speaker Review
DOSS Soundbox Bluetooth Speaker Review


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