Dali Spektor 6 Floorstanding Speakers Review

Dali Spektor 6 Review

When Dali initially revealed a new cheap speaker line, we instantly worried if the much-loved Zensor series was on its way out.

The Dali Spektor 6, on the other hand, isn’t meant to be a replacement for the Zensors; rather, it’s meant to be a new, somewhat less expensive entry point into the Danish loudspeaker company’s catalog. The Spektor 6s are the range’s flagship and only floorstanders, and hopes are high: they promise enormous wallops of exciting sound at an accessible price.


  • Sound is well-balanced.
  • Warm toned natural sound
  • The higher end is more relaxed.
  • Bass that is satisfying


  • Speakers who aren’t designed and detailed well.
  • It’s not a good idea to use it in a tight space.
  • It requires a lot of room from the rear wall.
  • The Zensor series is quite similar in price.


The wood-pulp drivers and the mix of cabinet materials (vinyl wrap and leather look) make these Dali Spektor 6 unmistakably Dali.

These two-way speakers have a 25mm soft-dome tweeter and two 16.5cm mid/bass units. The floorstanders’ low frequency output is supplemented by two bass reflex ports situated around the back of the speakers.

The build quality is good, but not great. These speakers aren’t as elegant as competitors like the Q Acoustics 3050s, but they’re nonetheless sturdy and well-built. Two vinyl treatments are available: black ash and traditional walnut.

The materials utilized are a step down from the Zensors because they’re positioned as entry-level floorstanders. The wood-fibre cones aren’t the same as the ones used in Zensors, but they have the same resonance-reducing qualities.

Dali hasn’t neglected one of the speaker industry’s key principles: broad dispersion, just because it needs to employ more cost-effective materials.

It implies that, like other Dali speakers, the Dali Spektor 6 should be put straight on, not toed in. Because of its dispersion qualities, they have a large sweet spot, allowing you to hear the entire range of the 6’s sound from a broader range of listening locations.

The ability to connect

The Spektor 6 is equipped with a single gold-plated binding post on the speaker’s lower rear side. Because of the cheap cost of the speakers, there are no bi-amp or bi-wire capabilities, but the connections themselves are of decent quality, and you may use other plugs or bare wires according on your tastes.


The Spektor 6 speakers were positioned in our testing area, however due to their rear air vents, the floorstanders require a certain amount of room between them and the back wall, with Dali suggesting 10-20 cm (4–8”) of clearance. Now, Dali is extremely explicit about where the Dali Spektor 6 should be placed, stating that the speakers are meant to fulfill their wide dispersion concept, therefore they should not be directed towards the listening position, but rather parallel to the back wall.

So, after unpacking, we fastened the rubber bumpers on and set the speakers roughly 2 feet away for the back wall, with a distance of roughly 9 feet between them. We generally prefer to do some toe-in, but because Dali said not to, we kept testing with them directly against our TV and the back wall. One final point to highlight is that, like with other speakers, Dali suggests a break-in time of roughly 100 hours to allow the floorstanders to achieve their optimal performance. We weren’t sure if the ones we examined had achieved the 100-hour break-in time because they had only been used for a few hours.

Finally, like with all of our speaker testing, we chose a 4.0 speaker arrangement for our movie testing so that we can see how well the speakers can compensate for the lack of a center speaker and subwoofer. In contrast, for our music testing, we used a clean 2.0 channel stereo arrangement, as this is the preferred option for most music listeners and audiophiles. We continued our movie testing after completing the appropriate calibrations with our Onkyo AV receiver.

Sound Quality of Dali Spektor 6

Next up, as usually, is our sound quality test, for which we chose a few FLAC-formatted audio files for the greatest possible quality. We were ready to go after switching to a 2.0 channel configuration with only the two front speakers and doing the appropriate calibrations.

The first thing we noticed was the slightly warm tone they had, which was more noticeable here than in our movie testing. This made the speakers, at least for us, incredibly calm and comfortable to listen to, yet the midrange never lost focus or cohesiveness. Although the resolution was decent, we couldn’t claim it was the greatest we’d heard, and it’s certainly not HiFi stuff, the casual listener and anyone who isn’t picky about the finer points would find a lot to like in them.

Dali places a lot of emphasis on broad dispersion, and the Dali Spektor 6 excelled at it, as we experimented with various listening locations without noticeably affecting the tone or dynamics to the point of changing the character of each song. Stereo vision was very superb, with musical instruments being quite clear in space and stereo panning effects transitioning between channels with good balance and accuracy. The musical stage wrapped around us on all sides and in front, creating a very realistic immersion bubble.

No matter what music we listened, the higher frequencies seemed calm with a nicely regulated result and never gave us ear strain. These were complemented by a well-balanced middle that provided sufficient clarity across all timbres while keeping everything in control.

The bass end is rather expansive, with plenty of energy and vitality, and it never felt like the speakers were fighting to keep up with the music. The Dali Spektor 6 remained completely unfazed throughout. It didn’t have the deepest or most heart-pounding bass you can get from a floorstander, but that was to be expected, so there were no genuine complaints. Also, when you turn up the volume on the speaker, it loses a little clarity and overall balance, but not enough to be a deal breaker.

Overall, we think the Spektor 6 is an excellent choice for casual music fans. It has a lot of attributes for a cheap speaker, and it’s excellent enough all over to appeal to a wide spectrum of customers searching for a pair of speakers while keeping their budget in check.

Final Thoughts

We’d easily ignore the Dali Spektor 6s’ flaws in exchange for that huge, easy, and even-toned performance if they were priced more affordably.

The Spektors 6s may not be the affordable deal they were hoping for (and the Zensors are unaffected), but we can picture many people like – even preferring – their huge and bright personality.

Dali Spektor 6 Floorstanding Speakers Review
Dali Spektor 6 Floorstanding Speakers Review


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