Razer Kraken Ultimate Review

Razer Kraken Ultimate Review Far from the mythical creature inspired by Scandinavian legends, the Kraken by Razer is a gaming headset or rather a range of ...

Panasonic RP-HD305B Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones Review

Panasonic RP-HD305B Bluetooth Over-ear Headphones Review With the wireless over-ear HD305B, the Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has launched Bluetooth ...

Panasonic RP-HD610N Review

Panasonic RP-HD610N Review If you look for good Bluetooth headphone headphones with noise suppression, you are spoiled for choice: the range has become vast. ...

Audeze LCD-1 Review

Audeze LCD-1 Review The US-American manufacturer Audeze is bringing a lightweight on the market with the Audeze LCD-1 headphones manufactured in an open ...

Mackie MC-350 Review

Mackie MC-350 Review Two years ago, the American company Mackie made its debut with the inexpensive, closed studio headphones MC-150 and MC-250. The MC-350, ...

Tascam TH-06 Review

Tascam TH-06 Review The attribute "Bass XL" is read suspiciously often in connection with Tascam's new release TH-06. One can get scared when, as a tester, ...

The Tribit QuietPlus 50 Review

The Tribit QuietPlus 50 Review Tribit is one of the absolute insider tips when it comes to headphones and Bluetooth speakers. Hardly any other manufacturer ...

Tribit QuietPlus 72 Review

Tribit QuietPlus 72 Review Tribit unveiled a new active noise canceling headset: Tribit QuietPlus 72. Not to be confused with its big brother, the Tribit ...

Denon DJ HP1100 Review

Denon DJ HP1100 Review With the Denon DJ HP1100, Denon places its top model in the closed DJ headphones market segment. Large drivers, high levels, and ...

Superlux HD-660 Pro Review

Superlux HD-660 Pro Review Superlux is a somewhat interesting manufacturer of audio equipment from the Far East (Taiwan). Although the portfolio is always in ...

Ultrasone Pro 900I Studio Headphones Review

Ultrasone Pro 900I, Studio Headphones Review The Bavarian manufacturer Ultrasone offers professional studio headphones with the Pro 900i. A total of five ...

Austrian Audio Hi-X50 Review

Austrian Audio Hi-X50 Review At the beginning of the year, Austrian Audio celebrated the resurrection of Viennese headphone production with the Hi-X55. The ...

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