Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Review

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Review

In-house competition: after the surprise success of the Melomania 1, the British are sending the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch, their second true wireless in-ear, to the test. It comes with a fresh design and new functions. The price remains cheap. How is he doing?


  • Excellent audio performance
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable design


  • Persisting connectivity issues
  • Frustrating touch controls
  • No noise cancellation

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Test

The market for Bluetooth headphones is growing: With the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch, the UK company already presents its second completely wireless in-ear headphones.

On the one hand, it has to assert itself against the Melomania 1 and at the same time competes against top-class devices such as Apple’s AirPods Pro (test) or the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 (test) due to the high sound quality.

The detailed test report shows which tricks and functions it should use to win the favor of buyers.

True wireless in-ear headphones

Nobody expected the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 (test) in 2019. Nevertheless, the headphone debut from other EU countries quickly celebrated a real surprise success. And rightly so: The true wireless headphones are inexpensive, sit comfortably in the ears, and sound amazingly good.

Maybe too good. Like the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch from 2021, a successor has a hard time topping the price-performance ratio again.

The British are initially trying to do this with the equipment. The associated transport and charging case comes in a non-slip leather cover with an embossed company logo. It looks classy, ​​well made, and looks great.

There are five LEDs on the front side that indicate the charging status of the built-in battery. On the back, there is a USB-C socket for charging the case.

When you open the lid, the truly wireless headphones have a new form factor compared to their predecessor. This is because it was developed based on over 3,000 ear impressions.

With a slim 6 grams (g) weight per side, the plugs are also pleasantly light in the ears. The charging box weighs only around 56 g.

Exemplary: the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch comes with a variety of different rubber ear tips. They ensure a firm fit in the ear and ensure a full sound with the right seal. In contrast, there is no longer a foam variant.

The manufacturer supplies two pairs, each in three different sizes. In addition, there is a set of silicone brackets for each size, which further strengthen the hold in the ear.

Touch operation

The earphones have a button for a start/stop and accept calls and activate the voice assistant in the smartphone.

The left plug jumps back one song when you double-tap and reduces the volume when you hold it down. The one on the right skips one track further and increases the volume.

Tapping three times activates the transparency mode, allowing outside noises to be amplified in the ears via built-in microphones – for example, for train announcements. However, like the Melomania 1, the Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch does not have noise canceling.

All typing gestures can be viewed in the free mobile phone app “Melomania,” and functions that are not used can be deactivated. However, changing the default key assignments is not possible.

Otherwise, the app is well done. On the start page, the connection status and the battery levels are shown separately for both earphones. In addition, the intensity of the transparent mode can be regulated, and with “Find my Earphones,” you can search for the headphones if they are lost.

A graphic 5-band EQ allows individual sound design and offers three memory locations for your own presets. Cambridge Audio also provides sound presets for various styles of music.

There are additional functions in the app settings, such as an overview of the available audio codecs (Bluetooth 5.0 AAC, SBC, aptX without HD) or the choice between low-power and high-performance mode. The latter is based on the same amplifier technology used in the company’s CX series hi-fi amplifiers.

However, the entire sound performance is accompanied by a reduction in playing time from nine to seven hours. In addition, the charging case saves 40 more hours of playback, while a complete charging cycle takes about 120 minutes.

Hearing test

Even the little siblings sound lively and rich in detail, with tight, honest bass. The touch version goes a step further, including more significant drivers that now measure 7 mm.

The result: the bass foundation is – with the appropriate silicone attachments – not only tight and direct but also profound. Voices and instruments are even more agile than before, which goes well with the overall set-up of the truly wireless in-ear headphones.

The mids are pleasantly balanced, the highs clean and rich in detail, without sharpness. You like to listen to them over a longer period.


The Melomania Touch surpasses its predecessor with numerous app functions, larger drivers, and good battery performance but no longer has the element of surprise on its side. Moreover, compared to the premium models of the competition, we still miss noise canceling. Nevertheless, Cambridge Audio undercuts the price, in some cases significantly, and thus climbs to the top of the range among true wireless headphones.

Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Review
Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch Review
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