Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Review in-Ear True Wireless Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Review

The Bowers & Wilkins PI7 is primarily targeted at B&W audiophiles. Who wants to go on a musical adventure? Who sees value in additional functionality in addition to pricing? If you want a wireless in-ear that combines cutting-edge audio technology with the cutting-edge design then this is the model for you.

We had the PI4 from Bowers & Wilkins in England a little over a year ago. It did not let us down. However, we thought the cable in the neck was a disappointment. The B&W PI7, the latest top model, is now in our hands. And, if Bowers & Wilkins is to be believed, your search for the greatest wireless in-ears has come to an end.


  • 24-bit high res audio
  • Great design & details
  • B&W amazing sound
  • Applied functionality


  • No matching smartphone case or tie clip with B&W design yet

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 in-ear headphones are fully wireless.

The Engineering team at B&W did not waste any time after our review of the B&W PI4 was published online. They got to work on our suggestions. The Engineering and Design team was imprisoned for several months by management. The crew was put on a strict diet to guarantee that they performed at their best.

However, seeing the B&W PI7 and seeing the product that B&W has produced fills our hi-fi heart with pride. To do this task when the world appears to be silent for a moment. That brings us joy. Also included is the abbreviation. PI stands for Personal Immersion.

Bowers & Wilkins PI7: Sound Quality

Bowers & Wilkins PI7: Sound Quality Perhaps if we give a few examples, it will become clear. Bowers & Wilkins has chosen to use a synergistic approach. An almost single piece of technology or sound on the in-ears is an engineering component that directly adds to the design. The eartips are the same color as the body, which is gray. The touch button on the outside corresponds to the stainless steel micro-grids on the side and top. Even the charging outlets on the inside have a pleasing symmetry.

It demonstrates that the PI7’s designers have given careful consideration to sound, technology, and design integration. This cable is extended to the in-ear storage box (which also serves as a charging station).

The overall effect is so intense that it reminds us of a scene from American Psycho. Christian Bale sits at a conference table comparing business cards in this scene. This culminates in a competition to see who has the largest collection. Christian Bale has a new business card, but when he sees “Paul Allen’s” card, he goes white. He feels a knot in his stomach since the card from “Paul” impresses him so much. Not only Christian Bale, but the other guys around the table as well. This scene replayed in our heads, but this time with wireless in-ears. Bale displays his new Samsung Galaxy earbuds with pride. The man on the other side of him takes his Apple AirPods Pro from his pocket. Next to him, a Klipsch appears. Then, at long last, a symbol appears. For years, the brand has been connected with design and hi-fi quality. The B&W PI7 is set on the table there. And the entire room is quiet.

Under the Hood with Bowers & Wilkins PI7

It’s fantastic that the design incorporates high technology and engineering. But what has been digested by the B&W PI7 team? And, in terms of audio, what can you expect? Let’s look at the different aspects.

The chipset and aptX support 24-bit audio, which is the first thing to mention. So you’ve got wireless in-ears that can also display high-definition audio. That sounds fantastic, but we know what to expect from Bowers & Wilkins. However? But if you truly want to listen to a flac file, you must put in your best effort. There are only a handful of brands that do this. Two drivers are used in the B&W PI 7. A typical driver and a tweeter with an armature. We’re familiar with this concept because it’s used by a growing number of companies. They all have one thing in common: they can reproduce audio at a high quality. Bower & Wilkins may also ensure that the audio quality will improve. There are also two microphones for speech and four microphones for Active Noise Canceling. They’re cleverly hidden underneath the small grids. The term “wireless” signifies the presence of a battery. The PI7’s earphones, on the other hand, are fairly little. Despite this, they were able to provide you with four hours of listening time. They charge quickly in the charging box and may be recharged four times before the case battery runs out.

Modern audio devices, on the other hand, either fail or win in one area: software! With the PX5 and PX7, we saw that robust backbone in software support as well. The Bowers & Wilkins program gives you a lot of options when it comes to setting up your PI7. However, something in the application attracted our attention. When we looked for the most recent firmware changes, we discovered not one, but two different firmware versions. The first was for the in-ears, and the second was for the case. That’s unique. Also included is a 3.5mm cable that connects to USB-C. This cable is included in the package. Bowers & Wilkins has included a piece of technology that allows for audio re-transmission in the casing. An analog or digital source can be connected to the casing. This is done with the provided cable. The sound is then sent to the in-ears through the casing.

Allow time for this to settle in. It took a long time for us as well. While all of the other manufacturers claim to be good, have the best sound, or offer eighty years of playback on a fully charged battery, B&W goes above and beyond. They improve the product’s functionality. For a little while, we are deafeningly quiet. On the plane, you can use your PI7. Sound can be played through the casing or directly from your Nintendo Switch. B&W has a solution for all those instances when your wireless in-ear fell short.

Bowers & Wilkins PI7: affordable audio technology

Of course, all of this technology has a cost. Let’s get right to the point. The cost is substantial. This isn’t for everyone. It takes a lot of work and money to recreate the actual Bowers & Wilkins sound in wireless in-ears with 24-bit high-res capability. Does the B&W PI7, on the other hand, have the authentic B&W sound? We’ll be listening to music.

Bowers & Wilkins PI7: Listening to music

Of course, B&W caters to a huge number of frequent consumers. We listen to a variety of music to find out. We listened to Greta Van Fleet in this manner. A good example is “Black Smoke Rising.” Electric guitars provide a burst of adrenaline to the tune. In the midrange, we can hear this. We hear that a sturdy low carries the mid frequencies, but we also know how to incorporate the highs’ accents into the overall. The high accents provide details in the way we’ve come to expect from B&W. Greta Van Fleet’s music has an 80s flavor to it. Quickly, a parallel to Led Zeppelin is made. That sounds fantastic on the B&W PI7. It was exactly what we expected. It sounds pleasant if a little idealized. At Bowers & Wilkins, it’s all about that creamy edge. The vocals are loud in the foreground, but the backing vocals are heard a little further away. It provides a clear stereo experience. B&W does not make it excessively wide, but neither does it make it too narrow.

We’d like to make it obvious that we’re not opposed to a musical trip. This journey led us to the song “Sia Evans – Hide U (Thinlicker remix)” by Sia Evans. A song with a lot of build-ups. It’s not standard hi-fi music, but it wonderfully demonstrates how the B&W PI7 can transport you to a wonderful musical experience. It’s a dreamlike take on electronic dance music. A road track is another name for it. We can close our eyes and lose ourselves in the music. And yet again, the PI7 delivers exactly what we require. The nice low, the ideal middle, and the high accents. Yes, we’ll be able to check the boxes. It’s enjoyable to listen to songs like this.

Final Verdict: Bowers & Wilkins PI7

We listened to the new Bowers & Wilkins PI7 for around twelve hours. It’s stunning, and it has that classic Bowers & Wilkins sound. We listened to music while talking on the PI7. We have nothing to be unhappy about. The wear sensor occasionally failed to function properly. But we’ve already said everything.

The bottom line is whether you’re willing to shell out some more money for this fantastic piece of audio equipment.

The PI7 is primarily targeted at B&W audiophiles. Who wants to go on a musical adventure? Who see value in additional functionality in addition to pricing. It’s for you if you want a wireless in-ear that blends cutting-edge audio technology with cutting-edge design. If B&W produces matching phone cases, rings, bracelets, and tie clips, the B&W aesthetic will be complete.

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Review in-Ear True Wireless Headphones
Bowers & Wilkins PI7 Review in-Ear True Wireless Headphones
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