Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose SoundLink Mini II Review

Bose has many unique products, and it is challenging to say which one is the best. Back in 2013, the company created SoundLink Mini, a compact Bluetooth speaker that was impressive with its design and sound, especially for its size. The price was affordable too.
Today we will review the newer model, Bose SoundLink Mini II, which has fixed some of the shortcomings from the original model, plus comes with added new features.


  • Heavy bass
  • Portable
  • Full, rich sound
  • Nice charging dock


  • Lack of precision on the lower end
  • No aptX or NFC
  • There are cheaper alternatives.
  • Not water-resistant


The Bose SoundLink Mini II is an absolute beast. From the moment you hold it in your hand, you can notice that despite it is a small speaker ( 51 x 180 x 58 mm, HWD), it is heavy, around 0.7 kg. The Mini has an aluminum casing that shows good quality but, unfortunately, is prone to scratches and dents, so you should consider buying a rubber cover. The soft covers are available separately, and they come in different colors, such as deep red, green, navy blue, black or gray.
There is no water resistance rating, so you need to keep it away from rain or water splashes. It is perfect for moving it around the house or backyard, but not for traveling or outdoors.
There are controls for power, volume pairing, and a multi-function button on the speaker’s top. The speaker has a microphone in case you want to take calls. The multi-function button is for changing tracks or activating voice assistants. As far as pairing is concerned, you can pair two devices simultaneously, switching back and forth between them. The speaker can remember up to eight devices. The pairing process comes with voice prompts, and the speaker identifies the devices by name using text to speech.
The left side of the speaker houses a micro USB charging port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the bottom, there are pins for the included dock that serves for charging the speaker. You can do the same through the micro USB as well.
In general, Bose SoundLink Mini II is a pretty device that screams quality. It is not small enough to fit in a pocket, but you can carry it in your backpack and know it is there by its weight. Just don’t take it to the beach, as it is not water-resistant.
The battery life is estimated to be around 10 hours, although it can extend for few more hours if you listen to it at lower volume levels.

 Sound quality of Bose SoundLink Mini II

What lacks in features, the Bose SoundLink Mini II makes up with the sound quality. It is one of the best sounding wireless speakers with a punch way above its small size.
Usually, all compact wireless speakers have problems when it comes to bass. But that is not the case with the Mini. The speaker creates strong bass while still maintaining a balanced sound. It does not distort even at high volume with tracks that have heavy bass.
Bose made sure that other frequencies are at their best too. Highs are packed with energy and provide spacious sound for the violins and cymbals. It is interesting to see how Mini II can produce some space around the instruments without sounding dull like most other wireless speakers.
Mids are warm, which helps the vocals with their texture and details.
No matter if it is about the singer’s breath or clinking glasses in live performances, every detail from the track is there. And the sound is just perfect at any volume, which is not usually the case for other speakers.
Acoustic material is where the Mini II excels, casting a large sound stage.
The SoundLink Mini II has unlimited levels for volume, so you can dial precisely how loud you want it, without worries of any hiss at a lower volume.
Keep in mind that with Mini II, you can’t wirelessly join two speakers to create a stereo pair, as Bose designed it to work only as a single speaker.


Bose SoundLink Mini II saw the light of the day back in 2015. Since then, many things have changed, and now buyers expect speakers to have NFC pairing, Bluetooth, multi-speaker pairing, be waterproof, long-life battery, etc. So they might be disappointed with Mini II.
But to disregard SoundLink Mini II ultimately would be a big mistake because it is still one of the best-sounding wireless speakers. This tiny guy belongs in a league of its own, with its deep bass and incredible highs and lows. There are many wireless speakers with average sound, but Bose SoundLink Mini II doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to the sound’s quality. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but that is the price you have to pay to get one of the best.

Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker Review


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