Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose S1 Pro Review

Bose has developed the Bose S1 series to represent the most affordable system but still keeping the quality sound that Bose is known and recognized.
Whether for a party, street gig, or performance in a bar, the situation asks for an excellent portable speaker.
Bose S1 Pro is intended for solo performers, especially for entertaining small crowds in various settings.


  • Compact and light
  • You can place it in different positions
  • Good built quality
  • Bluetooth
  • Firmware gets updates
  • Loud
  • Good battery


  • Soundstage performance could be better
  • Not water resistant


The cabinet is made of high-quality materials and has a robust and durable design. The speaker feels solid, but it isn’t waterproof.
The Bose S1 Pro’s dimensions are 13 x 9.5 x 11.2 inches (HWD) and weigh about 16 pounds, making the speaker very portable. The size is conveniently tiny to fit the speaker in your car, home, or garage.
The speaker represents a multi-position PA system, a compact piece that is smaller than other studio monitors on the market. The multi-position tag is because of the internal sensors that detect the speaker’s orientation and automatically adjust the EQ, optimizing the sound for the position.
The Bose S1 Pro is an active two-way speaker with a 6-inch woofer and three mid/tweeter aligned in a row. It can be used standing, lying on the side, mounted on a speaker stand, or tilted upright. There is a stand socket under the speaker’s base to insert a stand and have the speaker to the height you want.
Controls on the speaker’s back are slightly offset inwards, so nothing protrudes during transport and reduces the risk of something breaking while traveling. A metal grille protects the front and has a Bose badge on the front that can rotate if needed.
The Bose S1 Pro has a three-channel mixer with two inputs for the microphone or line-level sources and a third channel for Bluetooth input or line-only (via mini jack). The first two input channels have a combination of XLR/jack connectors, and the channel level control has an LED that lights green when the signal is present or red for signal clipping. The EQ has just two controls – fixed treble and bass. There is also a tiny slide switch for recalling a ToneMatch preset for voice or guitar. The Reverb control gives the signal a sense of space, so it sounds like a concert hall, even in a small room.

The third mixer channel has a 3.5 mm stereo jack input without EQ, so it must adjust on the external device. This channel is also Bluetooth input, and there is a pairing button.
At last, there is a line output on the standard TRS jack for taking the post-mixer output to another system.
Bose S1 Pro can run for 11 hours without connecting to a power source with an integrated lithium-ion battery. The battery needs to be installed because usually, it is shipped separately. The process is easy, and you need to undo two screws on the bottom of the speaker to remove a metal plate. Once you place the battery the right way, return the cover plate, and you are done. When you plug in the S1 Pro, the battery starts to charge automatically. There is a Quick Charge mode if you need it, but you can’t use the Bose S1 Pro during fast charging. It takes up to three hours for a full charge.
The battery status checks easily. When Bose S1 Pro is turned on, the LED indicator flashes several times to indicate the charge status. You can do the same check by pressing the Bluetooth pairing button twice. If the battery is below 10%, the power indicator is red; otherwise, it is blue. If you have four flashes, that means the battery is over 75%.
If you want to update the unit’s firmware, you can do it by connecting the smartphone via a micro USB port and load the new software.

Sound quality

Bose is well known audio brand when it comes to speakers and their sound. So although S1 Pro is a small and lightweight device, it provides powerful and robust sound.
No matter if you use Bluetooth or cable, the sound is clear and distinct in both ways.
If you are not into adjusting the sound manually, the automated EQ has you covered. This unique feature allows for the speaker to respond to its sound and make changed accordingly. Once the speaker determines the beam angles, then based on the position, it changes the sound. Bose found a brilliant way to do this by the position sensor installed on the phone or tablet. When the speaker changes position or location, the sensor gets a notification and automatically makes adjustments to the sound via the EQ.
Bose S1 Pro delivers excellent clarity and sound quality, thanks to the low 600 Herts crossover frequency. The speaker shines when it comes to music playback. The sound is punchy with lots of pressure underneath, with clean and clear treble. Bose S1 Pro delivers excellent highs and mids, but the low-end output could be better.


The Bose S1 Pro is a compact universal PA solution and a speaker that is easy to handle and provides above-average sound. The volume is loud enough for a smaller location with up to 50 people. The possibility for the speaker to work in several different positions is unique. The battery life of up to 11 hours is sufficient for every gig. Overall, Bose S1 Pro is a powerful portable speaker that produces beyond expectation level of good sound for its size.

Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


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