Bose QuietComfort 25 Review

Bose QuietComfort 25 Review

The new Bose QuietComfort 25 is the successor to one of the best-selling mobile headphones. With its balanced, fairly warm sound and extremely effective noise suppression, the Bose QC 25 is one of the best headphones for frequent flyers, commuters, “open-plan office residents,” and other noise-plagued people.

Compared to the predecessor QC 15, it can also be used without a battery if necessary, but then it sounds worse. On the other hand, the wearing comfort is still high. Moreover, thanks to the microphone and volume buttons on the cable, the QC 25 can also be used as a headset.

The Bose QuietComfort 15 has become a coveted companion on airplanes, trains, and open-plan offices with good sound quality, high wearing comfort, and extremely effective noise canceling. Noise-canceling means electronics are built into the headphones that use microphones to capture the environment’s noise.

In addition to these disruptive sound waves, the electronics calculate waves that run in exactly the opposite direction, so-called anti-sound, and play them back over the headphones. Then disturbing noise and anti-noise cancel each other out, and there is silence. With Bose, the noise-canceling works impressively well; the silence is spooky. Only the Sony MDR-1RNC is similarly effective.

The music can also be played when noise canceling is switched on. Then even a lower volume is sufficient because no ambient noise can be drowned out. The QuietComfort 25, the successor to the QC 15, is now coming onto the market.


  • Good sound
  • Extremely effective noise canceling
  • Pleasant wearing comfort


  • It sounds worse without a battery

Now also without battery and also for Android

The changes to the new QC 25 are limited. It is available in black and white; on the turquoise-colored inside of the ear cups, the sides are now clearly marked with large L and R. The cable contains a hands-free microphone with volume buttons and is detachable. Then it doesn’t bother you if, for example, you want to sleep on a plane without music but with a noise damper. As with the previous model, the electronics require a battery (standard size AAA). There are emergency ones on every corner.

On the other hand, batteries can now be conveniently charged on many trains and planes. The long-running time remains an advantage of battery operation; the QC 25 manages over 30 hours. If all else fails and no new battery is available, the QuietComfort 25 can be used as conventional headphones without juice. The predecessor remained silent without a battery. The QC25 is no longer only available for iOS devices from Apple but also for Android smartphones and tablets such as the popular Samsung Galaxy series.

Balanced sound

Operation without a battery is bad for the sound quality. The Bose then sounds nasally discolored and lifeless. However, with the noise-canceling switched on, the warm sound and the natural reproduction of voices are pleasing. The predecessor sounds thinner and less warm in comparison. Peeling out fine details has never been the forte of Bose headphones. But the balanced and unspectacular sound is still good for long, fatigue-free listening.

The good quality also contributes to the positive impression; the outer caps of the QC 25 are now made of metal. The bracket is still largely made of plastic, but it doesn’t make any annoying noises when you move it, and it fits well. The diameter of the imitation leather pads is only too small for large ears. At 221 grams, the QuietComfort 25 is also one of the lighter noise-canceling models. Like the predecessor, the self-noise of the electronics is very low and can only be heard without music in an absolutely quiet environment.

Test conclusion Bose QuietComfort 25

The differences between the QC 15 and QC 25 are striking. With the possibility of using it without a battery, the biggest criticism of the predecessor no longer applies. The sound is warmer and more powerful. This gives it a test score of 1.98, while its predecessor scored 2.25. The new one also looks smarter, especially in black.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Review
Bose QuietComfort 25 Review


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