BOSE Acoustimass 300, Bass Module, Black Review

BOSE Acoustimass 300, Bass Module, Black Review

Fans of recorded sound are continuously looking for cutting-edge technologies that will improve the quality of their audio playback devices. Among these tools is the black BOSE Acoustimass 300 Bass Module. This bass module will enhance the sound of other BOSE audio systems by providing powerful low frequencies.
We will comprehensively analyze this product. We will also cover itѕ features, specifications, sound quality, and overall value.


  • Powerful and distortion-free bass
  • Wide frequency range
  • Wireless connectivity options
  • Compatibility with other BOSE audio components
  • Remote control for easy customization
  • BOSE app for advanced sound customization
  • Sleek and modern design
  • High build quality


  • Expensive compared to some other subwoofers on the market
  • Large sizes may not bе suitable for smaller living spaces
  • Heavy weight can make it difficult to move and adjust
  • Some users may find the bass overpowering or too intense
  • It may require some fine-tuning and adjustment to achieve optimal sound quality for specific rooms or environments

Design and Build Quality

The black Acoustimass 300 Bass Module is streamlined and contemporary, making it an ideal complement to the company’s other premium audio products. So, tts 15-inch height, 12-inch width, and 12-inch depth make it a convenient addition to any home theater. So, the sleek black finish is a nice touch that will complement your existing black audio equipment.

The module’s construction is оf top quality, feeling solid and long-lasting. The perforated metal front and back panels are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve to shield the internal speakers from damage. The remainder of the housing contains high-quality plastic that doesn’t budge or make noise when handled.

Wireless connectivity is a highlight of the Acoustimass 300 Bass Module. Thanks to its wireless connectivity with other BOSE audio components, you can set up the module anywhere in the room without worrying about running cables. So, with the wireless remote, you can easily tweak the bass and other settings without leaving your seat.

This product is an excellent piece of equipment. The module has a solid, well-made feel, and its black finish and perforated metal front panel offer it a contemporary design that goes well with any home theater.

Sound Quality

The black Acoustimass 300 Bass Module produces stunningly good sound. This bass module will enhance the sound of other BOSE audio systems by providing powerful low frequencies. So, the module’s two 10-inch speakers deliver deep, punchy bass without distortion, making it аn excellent addition to any audio/video setup.

The module can produce low-frequency sounds clearly and precisely, with a frequency range between 33 Hz and 250 Hz. Also, since the module has a sensitivity rating of 82 dB, it can produce extremely loud sounds without audible distortion. At its maximum capacity, the module can take 300 watts, more than enough to cover a large space with low-frequency content without distorting.

This device creates a seamless listening environment when combined with other BOSE audio components. With its wireless connectivity and seamless compatibility with other BOSE audio products, it’s a breeze to set up and start using.

It has excellent sound quality overall. The module’s bass is deep, clear, and distortion-free, enriching the sound of any home theater setup. Therefore, this model is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a module that can offer powerful and precise bass.

Connectivity and Features

When it comes to its sleek black finish, the Acoustimass 300 Bass Module has various functions that make it simple to set up and tailor to your specific needs. This bass module’s wireless compatibility is one of its most distinguishing qualities. You can set up the module wherever you like in the room because it can communicate wirelessly with other BOSE audio equipment.

The module’s wireless remote control lets you tweak the bass and other parameters without leaving your chair. So, the convenient and user-friendly remote control may adjust the sound to your liking.

This device features Bluetooth connectivity, a remote control, and the BOSE app. You can download the software for free оn both iOS and Android smartphones, and it has several settings that let you adjust the music to your liking. For example, the audio app allows you to modify the volume, bass, and presets.

The module can be easily integrated into an existing home theater setup because it is compatible with other BOSE audio components. For example, a BOSE soundbar, home theater system, or another audio component can be linked to the module to produce a more unified and immersive listening experience.

This product has many useful features and connectivity choices that simplify setting up and personalizing. For example, you may fine-tune the sound of your audio system with the help of the BOSE app, remote control, and wireless connectivity. Also, the app’s compatibility with other BOSE audio components will guarantee a unified listening experience.

Competitors Comparison

This model is a high-quality bass module with several useful functions. Yet, to gauge its efficacy, we must compare it to a select group of strong rivals. In that way, here are some alternatives to the Acoustimass 300 Bass Module and how they stack up:

The Sonos Sub, a wireless subwoofer you can place anywhere in the house, is known for its rumbling low end. Anyway, it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and can wirelessly link to other Sonos audio components. 

The Sonos Sub can handle up to 300 watts оf power and has a frequency response of 25 Hz to 250 Hz. Although the Sonos Sub is formidable competition, the Acoustimass 300 Bass Module has a higher sensitivity rating and a wider frequency range.

The JBL SUB 550P is a powered subwoofer known for its deep and punchy bass. It can take up to 300 watts of power and operates between 25 and 150 Hz. Although the JBL SUB 550P is a formidable opponent against the BOSE Acoustimass 300 Bass Module, the BOSE module triumphs because of its higher frequency response, wireless connectivity, and BOSE app.


The black Acoustimass 300 Bass Module iѕ an exceptional piece of audio equipment that produces high-quality sound and numerous additional benefits. There are two 10-inch drivers in the module, and together they generate a deep, rich bass that enhances any home theater setup. Also, it’s simple to set up and modify thanks to its extensive frequency range, wireless connectivity choices, remote control, and interoperability with other BOSE audio components.

This device is a top-tier subwoofer with an innovative design and excellent sound. The BOSE module provides the deep, precise bass that enhances the excitement and immersion of any audio experience, be it a movie, a song, or a video game.

This purchase is great for a high-grade subwoofer with amazing sound quality and various features.

BOSE Acoustimass 300, Bass Module, Black Review
BOSE Acoustimass 300, Bass Module, Black Review


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