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Beolit 17 Review: Portable Sound With Danish Style

Beolit 17 review: Portable sound with Danish style


The Beolit 17 is the new model, coming after Beolit 15, but it still costs less, although it is the successor. The B&O team has created a compact speaker, simple yet powerful, while staying faithful to the unique style that customers love about this company.

When you think of the best Danish tech companies, you would think of Bang and Olufsen. And not just in Denmark, but in the whole world.

Superb aesthetics, fantastic designs, and their products’ impeccable performances prove what Scandi’s technology is all about.

The Bang and Olufsen company does not just produce speakers but also a wide range of audio industry products. This list goes from speakers to full multi-room setups.

Today we will make a review on one of the most popular portable speakers of this company.


  • Clear and powerful sound
  • 360 degrees music
  • Portable and not so heavy
  • Excellent design
  • Quick charging
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Helpful app for EQ control


  • High price
  • No smart speaker connectivity
  • No speakerphone technology

Design and size

When you have a company that cares so much about design, to make any technology more sophisticated and stand out from the crowd; as a result, you get Beolit 17 from Bang and Olufsen.

With its many different colors, the Beolit 17 looks like an awesome lunchbox full of delicious foods.

The speaker’s design is a rectangular box wrapped with an aluminum grill that helps the overall sound, with an attached leather strap, so you can carry the device when you are traveling.

The speaker weighs 5.7 pounds, so the strap is more than handy.

The bottom panel of this B&O speaker is a rubber that allows the device to stay in the same place for an extended period. In addition to that, you get a 5.5-inch full-range driver that provides excellent audio quality too.

On the top of the device, you have five circular button controls that include Bluetooth, power, control of the volume, and aux input. The volume controls can be synchronized with your volume controls on the phone so that you can control the device even from a distance.

Features of the Beolit 17

Although Beolit 17 is a Scandinavian product that is ordinarily simple-looking, this speaker is not low on features.

The price is a bit higher than you would typically expect, but this portable speaker comes with the device’s impeccable sound and quality.

The Beolit 17 from Bang and Olufsen has an intense sound that spreads equally throughout the room so that you can hear the same audio quality 360 degrees around the speaker.

And imagine the battery life. It gives you 24 hours of non-stop music with a single charge if you do not play it too loud. A quick recharge of the device is also available.

Bang and Olufsen have their app so that you can personalize your sound quality with something called “Tone touch.”

The device is impressive, but also for the price that it costs, it should be.

Besides the high-quality materials used for this speaker, leather strap, the 360 degrees surround sound that lasts for 24 hours that we mentioned before, you also get a smart, quick charging cable, EQ control, and aux input cable.


With Beolit 17 speaker, you can switch between aux input or choose Bluetooth to play your music. When you connect with your smart device, controlling the volume is easy. You also have the original Bang and Olufsen app.

Although today we have many portable speakers on the market with hands-free speakerphone features, Beolit 17 is not one of them. But you can still connect several of them to get a stereo effect at your home. With the app available for Beolit 17, you can play with the EQ and change the way your music sounds. The app also supports firmware updates.


Aesthetics might be essential for Bang and Olufsen, but that doesn’t mean neglecting the speaker’s performance. You certainly will enjoy using the Beolit 17 because it merely is a beautiful device. You have a deep and powerful bass to make your favorite songs sound rich and uplifting, while the mid and higher levels are clear and crisp.

Please don’t get fooled by the speaker and its small size. It can get surprisingly loud. More importantly, there is no distortion of the sound to make you any problems, although there might be few bass problems when certain sogs are playing too loud.

You can prevent this with the Bang and Olufsen app and adjust the sound as per your taste.


In the end, we should make a summary of the pros and cons of this device.

There is no doubt that Beolit 17 is one of the most attractive products on the market today.

Beolit 17 Review: Portable Sound With Danish Style
Beolit 17 Review: Portable Sound With Danish Style


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