Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Beats Studio 3 Review

The Beats Studio 3 wireless are one of Beats premier full-size wireless headphones. These over-ear headphones are very comfortable to wear, they have a long lasting battery life and wireless connectivity. But when it comes to noice cancellation they might not want to be your first pick.


  • Amazing noise-cancelling technology
  • Very comfortable
  • Rich, crisp sound signature with a focus on high-mid definition
  • Wireless audio and active noise cancellation
  • Flawless operation with Apple devices


  • No gesture controls
  • Expensive
  • No passive listening mode
  • Adaptive aspect of NC is not impressive
  • Battery life and Bluetooth suffer when not connected to Apple devices


Beats Studio 3 headphones do look quite similar like some of the previous generations of Studio Wireless headphones. The headphones have a good grip and they sit really close to the head when you put them. These headphones have an all black look to they with minor details like the classic Beats red logo with silver highlights and gold trimming. They are the type of headphones that could get you featured in a rap music video. They do not have a new build that would stand out amongst the others. The frame is made out of plastic, the pads are made out of synthetic leather which is extremely soft. They aren’t made out of pricier materials like real leather, aluminum or Alcantara but in my opinion they do their job in comfort quite well. Beats often gets judged about not having a sturdier build but we don’t seem to mind how they are built. The plastic doesn’t break or crack, and there is enough resistance in the fold-up hinge of the headband that stops it from flapping like they are broken. They have oval cuts in the ear pads that give much more room to more ear shapes.

Connectivity & Battery Life of  Beats Studio 3:

The reason for the fast and amazing connectivity in the headphones is Apples W1 chip thats built in. This is a custom chip that takes out the wrinkles out of the connecting process. When you turn on the Beats Studio 3 headphones you will se a pop-up prompt on your iPhone with the 3D model of the headphones that you have to tap which automatically connects them to your phone. Apple has been improving their wireless technology a lot with introducing us to the H1 headphone chip that is included in the AirPods and the Powerbeats Pro. This chip helps you the the battery percentage of the headphones on your phone. Whilst we are talking about the battery life of the headphones i would have to say that it is pretty great. You get up to 22 hours of wireless playback, with noise cancellation off the headphones will last you an amazing 40 hours of playback. The headphones have a small 5-LED indicator next ti the power button that tells you a rough percentage of how much battery life you have left.

Noise Cancellation:

Active Noise Cancellation ( ANC ) with these headphones is another tweaked feature from Beats. The Studio series headphones have had noise cancellation for a long period of time but just recently it’s been updated and there have been more smarts layers added between the ears and the outside noises. Pure ANC doesn’t solve one of the more bigger ANC issues like with some noises from the real world like wind noises. Wind whistles around the mic which the noise cancellation tries to correct but it actually makes even more noises in the process.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality is very similar in the Beats Studio 3 headphones like in any other Beats headphones. When used a very small amount of people might be disappointed but thats highly unlikely to happen. They don’t sound very bassy or juvenile. The sound width is similar to most travel friendly headphones, and our headphones have a quite forward presentation that makes the key parts of a mix seem very much closer to your ears. The relatively low or sub bass is a surprise coming from the Beats Studio 3 headphones. These headphones have another kind of bass emphasis, it’s a thickness with the upper bass and low mids rather than a sub-bas gut punch. Some might take this in like a fat , warm or full tone, and they aren’t overloaded with genuinely low frequencies. Certain parts of the headphones low-mids end up saturated to a point where it sounds like wet cardboard, engorged and lacking texture. The Beats Studio 3 have a safe treble that lacks a bit but its a very minor inconvenience.


If you are not very judgmental with the audio performance then the Beats Studio 3 would be perfect for you. They look good, are very comfortable, have a long lasting battery life , are very easy to pair with any device but especially if you own an Apple product. The only downfall is the soggy mids, they don’t deliver the sub-bass power that many would expect.

Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review
Beats Studio 3 Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


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