Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Beats Solo Pro Review

The Beats headphones are one of the best and most sold headphones brand but recently a product from their parent company Apple has stolen the thunder.
Beats has done an amazing job with their first on ear headphone set that has noise cancellation and is the first full sized Beats headphone that charges with a lightning cable. From many reviews Beats Solo Pro are named one of the best on ear wireless headphones, but the only complaint has been that there is no cable to connect them with so they can also be used as a wired headphone. This shouldn’t be such a big deal because they are in fact listed as a wireless headphone but since they are also noise cancellation headphones a lot of people would like to plug them in on planes for their in-flight entertainment.


  • Improved design
  • Hands-free Siri
  • Active noise cancellation is far better than you’d expect for on-ear headphones
  • 22 hours of battery life
  • Transparency mode when you want to let the sound in
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • H1 chip


  • Uncomfortable
  • No 3.5mm jack for wired use
  • No companion app for customization
  • No automatic pausing
  • Still mostly plastic build
  • Not the best ANC on the market
  • Uses Lightning charge
  • Microphone quality
  • Very expensive


They don’t have a standard headphone jack so you would have to buy an additional lighting-to-3.5mm audio cable to do so. Some find it absurd that Beats Solo Pro don’t come with a cable that takes a few dollars to make isn’t included with them. Other than that these headphones have had a large improvement over their predecessor, the Beats Solo3 wireless and they have brand new features and their performance has definitely improved. They use Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation ( pure ANC). With the tap of a single button you can turn of the noise cancellation to save more battery life and tap the button a second time to activate transparency mode that allows you to hear the outside world. The headphones have six built in microphones, two of which are beam-forming mics that are designed to capture your voice when making calls or when you are talking to your voice assistant.

The headphones also include Apples new H1 chip that are found in Apples second-generation AirPods. This chip allows fairly easy pairing with iOS devices, it’s the engine that controls the noise cancellation and the advanced sound processing. It has an always on Siri feature, you can activate it with the phrase ” Hey Siri ” and you can use your voice to skip tracks or raise and lower the volume. All of these new features and upgrades along with new drivers are all on the inside, there are some minor changes to the outside look of the headphones but the buttons on the outside are still featured. And the headband is upgraded with some metal. The Beats Solo Pro are much more heavier for sure. They weigh about 9 ounces ( 255 grams ), the metal adds on to that and they are a whole lot sturdier and it doesn’t cause any pressure to the head. The soft memory foam filled ear pads seal out most of the outside noises, even when the noise cancellation is of most of the outside noises are muffled out because the ears are fully covered. However the noise cancellation still can’t be fully compared with the Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphones. The headphones do fold up but they do not fold up flat , and unfolding them is how you turn them on and off. The protective case they come in is very eco-friendly. It’s made out of entirely recycled plastic and it has a felt like feel and another good thing is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it isn’t very bulky.

Sound of Beats Solo Pro

The sound quality of Beats Solo Pro is amazing. The sounding is smooth and well balanced, with a punchy bass that isn’t at all boomy. A couple of years ago Beats got a lot of heat when i came to the bass, many people commented that it was bloated, so they tightened things up and fixed the problem. You still get plenty of bass but much more defined. For listening to pop music Beats could give you the best experience . But then again the WH-1000XM3 offers a much more richer and textured sound.


If you can live with the fact that they don’t come with a cable and the kind of highish price tag than these headphones would be absolutely perfect for you. They have an edgy cool new design to them and they have a more premium feel and look to them when in comparison to the Beats Solo3 wireless. Ane they even have better sounding.

THE SOLO PROS key specs:

They have an included Apple H1  chip that helps deliver a faster and stable wireless and is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android devices
An all ways on, hands free Siri
Up to 3 hours of full featured playback with a 10 minute fast charge
Up to 22 hours with Pure ANC ( or with transparency turned on)
Up to 40 hours without Pure ANC ( or with transparency turned off )
They weigh up to 9 ounces ( 255 grams )
They come in a variety of colors : black , ivory , gray , dark blue , light blue and red

Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones Review
Beats Solo Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones Review


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