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Audioengine HD6 Wireless review


The Audioengine HD6 Wireless is a 50W Class A/B amplifier, stored in the left-hand speaker, with a 14 cm Kevlar mid/bass and 25 mm silk tweeter.

A banana plug-terminated cable is in charge of transporting the signal for the right channel. Although the debate moves in the passive/powered direction, the Audioengine makes up for a resilient contestant to sway buyers to the powered side.

They are mid-sized powered bookshelf speakers with a built-in DAC and Bluetooth receiver. However, they are larger than the mini-speakers you usually see in most desktop solutions. Simultaneously, they are much smaller in size than the bookshelf speakers an audiophile would typically buy as a living room system. Most customers listen to them on a credenza as they are maybe a little bit too big for a desk.


  • Great dynamic subtlety
  • Organization and structure
  • Clear quality sound
  • Stylish and functional at the same time
  • Neutral midrange
  • Incredible soundstage depth


  • Needs more energy
  • No WIFI

Sound of Audioengine HD6

Although optical, RCA, and 3.5 mm inputs are at one’s disposal, indeed, you get attracted to the Audioengine HD6 Wireless name and begin with Bluetooth. In that sense, screwing the correct antennae into the left speaker’s back panel and press the close button to initiate pairing.

These speakers’ ability to stay resilient in terms of dynamic moving – from enthused blows to softer, continuous impacts and the non-changing rendition.

Soundstage-wise, each element finds its place with the scale, space, and multilayering, allowing them to co-exist with a sense of coherency. It’s a fair amount of power from real technology, with performance upgrades whose primary focus is to improve the sound.

The presentation itself isn’t obsessed with immediate sucking in but slowly eases you into music and uses their precise structure to keep you in.

However, the HD6 does come off a little bit too precise and disciplined, lacking energy to some extent, unlike the Triangle Elara LN01As that makes some songs sound more passionate.

Also, this speaker seems a bit more concerned with precise footing vs. power, so, in that matter, it tends to underplay the track’s backbeat drum strikes; meanwhile, the syncopated rhythms don’t charge with the attack and punch the radiant tempo requires.


In terms of adding more bass, you can always use the RCA output to add an external subwoofer in a way that brings more bass. Besides, you can also use the socket to attach a wireless adapter so that you can enable streaming to other Audioengine systems.

The Audioengine HD6 Wireless speaker has a sonic versatility, clean sound, and balance near or far from walls.

Its rubber pad is a clear indicator that this speaker is all about practicality and the inclusion of a volume dial on the left speaker.

Final saying

The best A5+ speakers have been leading the front lines of the US brand’s powered speaker campaign for some time now; the addition of stand mounts is yet another proof of just how serious it goes in terms of deepening its position. The HD6 Wireless, however, needs to fire up the engine a bit more; other than that, those refined, neatly designed, and pleasant sounding speakers do the brand justice.

Considering all the things, these speakers have a pleasant, enjoyable sound; their ability to fill the room with a big, bold sound compliments their compact dimensions. They deliver the sound with a variety of sources.

Solutions like the Audioengine HD6 are not there to replace a stereo lover’s component rig, and many audiophiles think that the system’s lack of customization is frustrating. However, its simplicity, giving an integrated approach, makes it so appealing to most people. On top of that, alongside the mentioned simplicity, you get an actual stereo performance you only get from a pair of separate speakers.

These speakers represent the next advancing ideas from Audioengine; their strength is their build quality, sound staging, bass response, and flexibility. It is a complete system that can serve its purpose as a bedroom system, a desktop system, the central system in a medium, or a smaller room. You can use them in your office for music playback while working, and they won’t wear on you throughout the day.

Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a smaller system, I strongly recommend you HD6 by Audioengine – you won’t find a system that offers as much as this one does for such an acceptable and reasonable price.

Audioengine HD6 Wireless Review | Desktop & Monitor Speakers
Audioengine HD6 Wireless Review | Desktop & Monitor Speakers


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