Audioengine HD3 Review – Wireless Desktop Speakers

Audioengine HD3 Review


One of the products that are also interesting is the Audioengine HD3 speaker. It supposedly combines all the beloved details of Audioengine A5+ with added Bluetooth. The warranty for this product is three years.

Audioengine makes some of the most popular speakers available today, whether we talk about mighty A5+ speakers or the impressive S8 subwoofer. They managed to spread all over people’s desks with the A2+ and A5+ speakers. And it is not a surprise because you just can’t beat the quality for the price you pay.


  • Nice design
  • Built-in DAC
  • Precise audio performance focused on highs and mids.
  • Usable with a subwoofer for better bass
  • Solid Bluetooth connection


  • Not ideal always active input
  • Not attractive for bass addicts
  • Price

Design of Audioengine HD3

When you look at HD3 speakers, it isn’t easy to find any remarks. They look fantastic.

The cabinets have a brown walnut finish, but they also come in satin black and cherry red option. The size is 7 x 4.3 x 5.5 inches. The weight is 4 pounds for the left speaker and 3.4 pounds for the right.

On the front, there is a metal panel above a small vent. Here on the master speaker are placed switch/volume knob, Bluetooth light, and headphone jack. If you look at the left speaker’s back, you get the power input, the output to the right speaker, the subwoofer, and the RCA input.

You also have the antenna for Bluetooth, the USB input, which allows you to use the built-in DAC (Digital-to-analog converter), and a 3.5mm audio for mobile devices.

The bass reduction switch on the back is there for two reasons. The first one is to use an additional subwoofer with the speakers to avoid doubling the low frequencies. The second reason is if you have the speakers mounted on bookshelves that are not very stable to control the resonance and bass vibrations.

It is worth mentioning that all inputs are open and active, which means you can connect multiple sound sources at once. If you have your laptop connected with a wire and play something, you can also play streaming Bluetooth audio.

Bluetooth pairing is easy, and it can remember up to six devices, but you can use only one at a time. As far as the range is concerned, the antenna does its job. If there are no obstacles, it lets you stream from 100 feet away. If there are walls, then the distance is about 50 feet before starting to have problems with the connection.

The power adapter has a long cable, which allows you to place the speakers anywhere in the house.

When you remove the magnetically attached grilles, you get to see the 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter and 2.75-inch Kevlar woofer, with a power rating of 30 watts for each speaker.

Sound quality

The low end of Audioengine HD3 is surprisingly good. You can feel the air pushing out and the surface where they stand vibrating. The distortion occurs when you have the speakers on the maximum volume and the streaming device.

But nobody listens to that way. And even if you do, the bass reduction switch makes things manageable.

Vocals and instruments from the mid-range are clear and detailed, with lots of contours. You can tell the focus of HD3 is in the mids and highs and not the lows. If you are addicted to bass, you will be disappointed.

No matter what kind of music you listen to, the mids and high-mids excel, while the bass kind of makes you want more. The bass is always in the supporting role, helping the higher registers.

If you put the speakers in reduced bass mode, all things will sound thinner and brighter, but that is not the primary use of this switch. It is there in case you decide to improve the bass with an additional device.

It is up to your personal preference if you would like to add a subwoofer for more bass and a richer experience.


If you want a pair of nice-looking, compact desktop speakers that will provide you with high-fidelity audio, you can’t make a mistake with Audioengine HD3.

Yes, they are not the best speakers in the world for bass, and they are a little bit on the pricey side, but they do meet most of the requirements for this kind of speaker. Of course, there is better audio out there, but make sure you are willing to pay more money for something that will not look as good on your desk.

Audioengine HD3 Review – Wireless Desktop Speakers
Audioengine HD3 Review – Wireless Desktop Speakers


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