Audioengine A5+ Review – Powered Desktop Speakers

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Review


The Audioengine A5+ series is a huge success, for years considered as one of the best desktop and bookshelf speakers, and now we will review the successor A5 + Wireless.

It is a well-recognized manufacturer in the audio industry, present for a long time, if not one of the longest-standing companies, and quite famous for providing high-quality home studio monitors for affordable prices.

Their speakers are known to last for years without any issues, which builds the customer’s trust towards the producer. They also provides 30 days return period.

Audioengine released the A5 + wireless speakers in 2018, and they are identical to A5+ speakers but with Bluetooth build-in for streaming music.


  • High-quality Bluetooth streaming
  • Options for wired connections
  • Great audio performance


  • Remote control with limited options
  • No source knob


The cabinet of Audioengine A5+ Wireless is real wood shaped to provide the best sound possible. They come with rounded edges and a distinct look for bookshelf speakers available in matte black, gloss white, or bamboo finish. Each one is 10.8 inches high and 7 inches wide. The left speaker (at 9 inches) is slightly more profound than the right (7.8 inches) due to the controls, connectors, and heat sink on the back panel.

The left one is heavier at 15.4 pounds, compared with the right speaker’s 9.6 pounds.

Unboxing is very pleasing because each speaker comes in gray velour protective bags and a smaller one for the cables.

The 3.5 mm line cable is of good quality and serves to connect the speakers with most sources. There are also little antennae for the Bluetooth, providing a reliable signal.

On the left speaker’s front panel, there is a volume knob, a LED indicator, and a receiver for the remote control.

The drivers are relatively small, consisting of a 0.75-inch silk tweeter and 5-inch kevlar woofer.

On the bottom of each speaker, there is foam rubber to keep them stable.

As mentioned before, on the back of the left speaker are the connections: Bluetooth antenna, a pairing button, RCA inputs and outputs, a 3.5 mm aux input, and a connection plug for the cable that links to the right speaker. There are also a power switch, a voltage select switch, and a fuse.

There are only four buttons on the remote, volume up and down, mute, and sleep mode. Probably it is that limited because you can use your mobile device to do all the controlling.

The pairing process is simple, from the Bluetooth menu and it stays connected even with a used cable to the aux or RCA input. The reason behind it is to have multiple sources connected at the same time.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless is a self-powered speaker, which means you don’t need an external amplifier to use it since it is a built-in part of the speaker.

The amplifier is Dual AB Monolithic with a maximum output of 150 W, with 75 W per channel, which means the speakers can be very loud, but without much sub-bass. If you prefer more bass, you should know that Audioengine produces subwoofers to pair with their speakers.

When it comes to the Bluetooth signal of A5+ Wireless, it is impressive. It is strong, with no interference or dropouts. It also supports AptX.

Sound quality

Audioengine A5+ Wireless provides good sound quality, but some adjustments might be needed if you are used to the sound of multimedia or V-shaped speakers. The sound is clear and precise but also very flat. That means the mid-range might feel forward in contrast to the quick bass and silky treble.

The bass is fast and keeps precision with different music genres, but don’t expect it to rumble, as it goes low as 60 Hz. If you are a bass lover, then an additional subwoofer is the answer.

The highlight of the Audioengine A5+ Wireless is the mid-range, which is crisp and clear but also warm. The male and female voices are sweet, details and textures are there.

The treble is smooth and silky, but its energy stops early, leaving the soft reflections to represent. This situation helps when listening to older recordings, minimizing harshness and sibilance.

The soundstage is well-rounded, equal in depth and width, followed by good instrument separation. The sound is just as good, whether you put the speakers together or separate them, so you don’t need to redecorate your room to find the perfect spot. So no matter where you place them, the performance will be consistent.

Another thing is you don’t have to worry if you position the speakers far away from the walls, on stands, or next to the display. They will sound great.


If you are looking for bookshelf speakers that you can rely on, good quality, self-powered, and without worrying about where to position them, A5+ is a safe choice. If you prefer high-quality Bluetooth speakers without voice assistance and notifications from the “smart” speakers, then you can’t go wrong with A5+.

If you need more bass, then an S8 subwoofer from Audioengine pairs with A5+ Wireless entirely.

Audioengine A5+ Review – Powered Desktop Speakers
Audioengine A5+ Review – Powered Desktop Speakers


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