Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Review

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Review

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b are premium over-ear headphones built to last and provide an immersive listening experience without sacrificing comfort.
Headphones are essential tools, whether you’re just a casual listener or a professional sound engineer. Fоr this reason, it’s crucial to pick a pair that works for you.


  • Extremely clear and lively sound
  • Great bass
  • High wearing comfort
  • Detachable cables


  • Both cables are only 1.2m long
  •  Cable connections proprietary
  • Creaks just like the “old.”

Design and Build Quality

Compared to other headphones on the market, this model stands out for their sleek and fashionable style. The headphones’ ear cups are finished in metal, and the strong headband is both durable and comfy. They’re comfy to use for long periods, not just because of the generous padding in the leatherette earcups.

When held, the headphones feel sturdy and well-made. The headphones are constructed from durable materials meant to survive regular use. So, the accompanying carrying case and foldable earcups make these headphones convenient for trips.

This device iѕ a step up in style and sophistication from previous headphones by Audio-Technica. The ear cups are slightly bigger than on other models from Audio-Technica, ensuring a comfortable fit for the vast majority of users. In addition to being comfortable to use for extended periods, the headphones are also very light in weight.

These headphones have excellent design and construction. The headphones’ modern design will attract attention, and the soft earpads and sturdy build make them ideal for everyday usage or long trips.

Sound Quality

This model lives up to the brand’s reputation for excellence in sound reproduction. Thanks to the headphones’ well-rounded and detailed sound, they’re great for listening to various music styles. 

The low end is tight and powerful, while the midrange iѕ clean and distinct. So, the trebles are crystal clear and bright, making out every nuance.

The ATH-sound MSR7b’s quality is unparalleled among headphones at its pricing point. The expansive soundstage creates a fully fascinating listening experience. So, the image is excellent, allowing clear separation of the various sounds.

The headphones are a wonderful option for people seeking a balanced and neutral sound profile due to their constant sound quality throughout a wide frequency range. Also, the headphones have a full and dramatic sound that is enjoyable with any genre of music, from classical to rock to hip-hop.

Thus pair of headphones have superb sound quality. Thanks to the headphones’ well-rounded and detailed sound, they’re great for listening to various music styles. So, the soundstage and image are top-notch, making the headphones a wonderful choice for music fans and professionals.

Connections and Features

The headphones are wired headphones with a detachable cable with a 3.5mm connector. The cable is composed of high-quality plastic and produces a clear, noise-free transmission. So, you can use the headphones with hi-fi systems thanks to the included 1/4-inch adapter.

In terms of features, the headphones are quite straightforward. Anyway, they don’t have any built-in microphone or noise-canceling technology. Still, they feature а frequency response of 5Hz-45,000Hz and a sensitivity of 100dB/mW, making them appropriate for a wide range of audio devices.

Their sound quality and comfort more than make up for their lack of a built-in microphone and active noise cancellation. Anyone looking for a portable, high-quality listening experience will appreciate the headphones, which are ideal thanks to the detachable cable and carrying bag.

The connectivity and features of this model of headphones are uncomplicated and suited for a wide range of audio devices. The headphones are ideal for music lovers and professionals alike due to their frequency response and sensitivity and the convenience of their detachable cord and carrying case.

Competitors Comparison

This piece is just one of many high-quality over-ear headphones available for around the same price. The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, the Bowers & Wilkins PX, and the Sony MDR-1AM2 are just a few of the many headphones to which the ATH-MSR7b is frequently compared.

The ATH-MSR7b is on par with its rivals in terms of design and build quality, featuring a sleek and fashionable form. These headphones have a metallic finish оn the earcups and a robust headband, making them look and feel expensive, while the leatherette earcups ensure a comfortable listening experience.

The ATH-MSR7b stands out from its rivals because of its superior sound quality, which is both balanced and detailed. The imaging is superb, and the soundstage is large and open, so you can easily pick individual musical elements.

The ATH-MSR7b is an example of a wired headset that does not include a microphone or active noise cancellation. Although this could be an issue for some listeners, the ATH-excellent MSR7b’s sound and comfortable design makes up for potential drawbacks.

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b is an excellent over-ear headphone that will please listeners looking for a neutral and detailed sound, a modern and attractive appearance, and a relaxing experience. The ATH-design MSR7b’s and construction are on par with the competition, and it stands out thanks to its superior sound quality.


This device is a professional-grade, over-ear headset popular among music fans. The headphones are aesthetically pleasing, fit snugly, and produce a well-balanced, detailed sound. It’s really simple to tell which instruments are playing and which are singing because of the excellent image and broad soundstage.

This model of headphones are wired headphones that don’t include a microphone or active noise cancellation, but their high-quality sound and comfortable design more than make up for that. 

The headphones are ideal for people searching for a portable, high-quality listening experience due to their detachable cable and included carrying case.

This device is an excellent choice for individuals who desire a balanced and detailed sound characteristic, а sleek and elegant appearance, and a pleasant listening experience. 

Compared to similar models, these headphones stand out thanks to their superior sound quality and would be an excellent pick for anyone in the market for a pair of over-ear headphones of this caliber.

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Review
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Review
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