Audio Technica ATH M20X Studio Monitor Headphones Review

Audio Technica ATH M20X Review

Audio-Technica is one of the worlds most favorite headphones brand and that has a decent and solid ongoing portfolio. Audio Technica ATH M20X headphones can be used in variety of ways , they can be used in studios or in the streets either way they are very well compatible for any kind of use. They are very neutral sounding , have a great value and have some bass extensions and high frequency boost that are ironed out. People love to use this brands headphones for production ,mixing or even tracking. They are closed back in over the ear headphones with impending of 47 Ohm. They have a 3.5 mm stereo jack connector and an adapter that’s click on 6.3 mm. They don’t require a head from amp as well


  • One of the most neutral sounding closed backs out there
  • Great value
  • Improved sub-bass extension
  • The mid-range dips and high frequency boost ironed out


  • No detachable cable
  • Comfort could be better
  • Soundstaging is average

Quality of Audio Technica ATH M20X

The Audio Technica ATH M20X headphones are very lightweight and they just weigh 190 grams( without the cable). This is because they have a lightweight plastic in their build and the visible metal parts are in the headband adjustment rails. The cable is not removable which is pretty common for this price point. The headband is very sturdy and tough as are the ear pads which don’t really feel any less different from the pricer M series headphones. Even though these headphones are mostly made out of plastic they look so sturdy, you might even think they can withstand some beating and damaging and they would be fine. Only downside is that the cable connects to the left and right ear cup before entering the headband this can leave a bitt of cable that would be exposed to the surrounding and could potentially make some type of failure to the sound or productivity.

How They Sound

The Audia- Technica headphones have never failed to do a good job in tuning especially with the Audio Technica ATH M20X headphones. They have even been put  in the top seven closed back headphones list when it comes to natural frequency responses and they are by far the most for fordable from the list. High-mid cut and high frequency boost are very common in most headphones but with the M20X these are very much positive regarding cutting and boosting only 5 dB respectively. The low end is even flat down to 60 Hz , but they don’t go much lower than that.

For this price point and materials used to design and make these headphones are quite okay but you should not expect to work with them all night without having any troubles along the way.
Yes the ear pads are very comfortable but after some period of time or if you hours you might want to take a short break. Because they are so light weight you won’t feel them but because they have a tight fit in the headband you might feel a slight pressure around the ears or your head, and this might cause a headache to some.
But some people in general might rate them as a 5.5 in the comfort department.

Channel Balance

With every single average headphone channels are slightly matched and any deviation in the low end are extremely rare. Even though we have some inconsistencies when it comes to getting over and above 5 kHz are very much more frequent , they still manage not to skew the perceived stereo image. And again in every single way the M20X knocks the M50X out

How They Perform With Sonarworks Reference calibration:

When you look at a ” total  harmonic distortion ” graph below 45 Hz you can find some harmless second harmonic distortion which isn’t very obtrusive. When it comes down to the THD , the headphones outperform  some more expensive headphones from the Audio-technica line like the M40x, but they still wouldn’t be able to outshine the M50x and M30x. Of course these headphones don’t have the clearest sounding or presentation but the harmonic distortion produces no audible artifacts and they most definitely won’t hold you back from making high-quality mixes especially when you’re using them even when they are calibrated. The acoustics power frequency will be the exact same to any kind of listener ,this means that the calibration is accurate to every single person that may use these headphones.


The Audio Technica ATH M20X headphones are very natural when it comes to the sounding, even for closed back fit headphones. And they perform wonderfully for mixing and tracking work. They have normal sub bass regions and they might even be better than the M50X when it comes to them working in the studio

Audio Technica ATH M20X Studio Monitor Headphones Review
Audio Technica ATH M20X Studio Monitor Headphones Review
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