Audio Pro Addon T3+ Review

Audio Pro Addon T3+ Review

Many have looked for it without really finding it. Finally, however, this portable speaker is easy to carry, has a good battery, and delivers excellent sound. Don’t you see who I’m talking about? Well, it’s simply the Audio Pro Addon T3+.


  • Very homogeneous, rich, and relatively precise rendering
  • Nice voice reproduction.
  • Nice reserve of power, well-controlled.
  • Contained communication latency.
  • Solid and serious manufacture.


  • Some problems in monophonic summation.
  • Slightly swollen bass (some resonances may appear).
  • Few controls.
  • Very rudimentary connection.

Presentation of the Addon T3+

For more than 40 years, this Scandinavian company has been creating active speakers with the ambition of offering the best sound quality at the best price. As so often in the Nordic countries, their design is quite straightforward but made with care. The materials used are of excellent quality. The proof is with the small leather handle that allows you to carry it wherever you want.

With its fairly contained dimensions of 11.5 cm deep, 21.5 cm wide, and 13.5 cm high, it can be easily placed on a piece of furniture, a work surface, or even a bedside table. This Addon T3+ speaker will also perfect your garden furniture table for the next barbecues.

Why T3+

Knowing that there is an Addon T3 speaker, why did you rename it to Addon T3 ‘plus’? The brand initially wanted to abandon this model because it was quite old and difficult to integrate into a multiroom environment since only Bluetooth.

However, the request was always present; Audio Pro decided to continue this model by improving it. Therefore, the ‘plus’ of this model corresponds to the fact that this speaker has been improved. So, it makes sense, right?

And so, what are these improvements? There are mainly two. The first is an improvement of the rear vent, allowing a little more bass. The second is at the DSP processing level. That is to say, the treatment given to the sound to obtain a coherent rendering.

For the rest, the Audio Pro Addon T3+ speaker keeps its two 7.5 cm tweeters and its 9 cm woofer.

Important note: In trade, the enclosure is always referenced as Addon T3 and on the enclosure itself. When buying it, check that a sticker on the packaging states that it is indeed the Addon T3+.

Connectors and connections

As we have already discussed, the connections of this speaker are very limited. It has only Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm mini-jack AUX input. So, no Wi-Fi or Ethernet port. There is still a USB-A port at the back, but this will only be used to charge a smartphone, for example.


The advertised autonomy is 30 hours with a volume level of 50%. If you push the sound to 100% of the volume, the autonomy drops to a dozen hours. It is not bad at all! Interestingly, below the speaker is a small hatch giving access to the battery. Thanks to this, if it should lose capacity, it is possible to replace it. Thank you, Audio Pro, for this effort against planned obsolescence.

Addon T3+ in use

So, to use this Addon T3+ speaker, nothing could be simpler; you turn it on, you push the button to perform the Bluetooth pairing, and you’re done. After that, it will suffice to turn it on (if it is not connected to the mains), and the connection is established. If needed, volume buttons are available on the top of the speaker. They are all gathered in a small aluminum insert which adds a touch of elegance to the enclosure. The 3 LEDs above the ignition button represent the battery level.

In terms of sound, nothing to complain about. This small speaker is capable of delivering a powerful and fairly balanced sound. The bass is present but does not dominate, as is often the case with speakers from competing brands.

My opinion on the Audio Pro Addon T3+

I have already tested several portable Bluetooth speakers. And, for the moment, it is the Addon T3+ that I choose without hesitation! It is relatively compact, easily transportable, and delivers excellent sound. It’s a product that I recommend without hesitation.

Audio Postscript

As with any audio product tested by Sitegeek, I must remember that the opinion given above is only based on personal perception. My opinion, therefore, does not refer to the matter, and, likely, you do not like a product that I love. Or the opposite. Don’t forget that a listening test with a specialist will never replace what is written on a site or in a magazine.

Audio Pro Addon T3+ Review
Audio Pro Addon T3+ Review


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