Audeze LCD-X Review – Over-ear Headphone with New Suspension

Audeze LCD-X Review

The Audeze LCD-X is a model of high-end over-ear headphones that are frequently recommended. These headphones stand out from the crowd due to their innovative design and high-quality sound. They also include a revolutionary suspension system to enhance comfort and fit.
We will examine this product in detail to determine if they are worth the hype. We will look at how these headphones stack up against others in the same price range or category regarding design, sound quality, functionality, and comfort.
These excellent headphones may interest you if you are a music enthusiast, audiophile, оr someone who values sound quality. So join me in exploring their offerings.


  • Bulletproof Build
  • Comfortable headband and earpads
  • Smooth sound with top-tier coherence
  • Technically impressive throughout
  • eQ presets provided by Audeze themselves


  • Weight is still felt by the wearer
  • Laid-back sub-bass can sap dynamics
  • Lacks energy in general
  • Very Expensive

Design and Build Quality

The Audeze LCD-X headphones seem both modern and vintage. These headphones have an open-back design and wide earcups that completely envelop the ears. The earcups are comfortable because they contain metal and leather. 

The headband is likewise leather-clad, employing a novel suspension system that Audeze dubs the “Wing” design. Using the Wing suspension system, the headphones’ weight is dispersed across the user’s head, relieving any potential points оf tension and making for a more relaxed listening experience, even throughout extended periods of use.

These headphones have a strong and high-quality construction. The leather cushioning is substantial and comfortable, and the aluminum earcups seem solid and well-made. It’s a wonderful touch that detaches the wires, and the connectors are of high quality. 

On the other hand, the headphones weigh close to 600 grams, which may be a dealbreaker for some people. It’s possible that some people won’t be able to wear these headphones for long periods due to their bulky design and heavy weight.

This product has an amazing design and builds quality, and their new Wing suspension system is an innovative and practical approach to enhance comfort and fit. So, the headphones’ sturdy construction, interchangeable cables, and premium audio jacks contribute to their overall value. Anyway, putting on the headphones to get a feel for how they fit is vital because the weight and size may not be right for everyone.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Audeze LCD-X headphones, which is legendary, lives up to the hype. The headphones’ massive planar magnetic drivers reproduce sound with remarkable fidelity and depth. So, the headphones have a wide range of frequencies, so they can accurately portray even the most nuanced musical details.

The headphones’ ability to reproduce an extremely realistic and detailed soundstage is a major selling point. So, the headphones do a fantastic job of recreating where instruments and sounds are mixed, and the resulting feeling of space and depth can be quite impressive. That makes them a fantastic option for those who desire a more enveloping musical experience, such as audiophiles and music fans.

The headphones have a somewhat neutral sound profile, which means they do not significantly alter the sound that plays. But on the other hand, their presentation style may bе too intellectual or analytical for some audiences. 

The bass is well-contained and well-balanced, although it lacks the punch of some competing headphones in this price range. Vocals and acoustic instruments benefit from the mid-attention ranges to detail and the ability to convey emotion.

These headphones are among the best available over-ear models in terms of sound quality. Thanks to their detailed soundstage and high-quality sound reproduction, they’re great for critical listening and for listening to whatever kind of music you like. AnySome listeners may prefer headphones with a more bass-heavy or warm sound than those offered here.

Connectivity and Features

The Audeze LCD-X headphones have a standard 1/4″ (6.35mm) headphone jack cable. The cables’ detachability is a plus because it allows you to swap them out if they become damaged or utilize alternative cables depending on your set-up. Also, these cables are top-notch, from the sturdy, well-built connections to the sturdy wires.

The lack of built-in capabilities such as Bluetooth connectivity, noise canceling, and touch controls is а potential drawback of these headphones. Still, many headphones in this price range include these extras, so it’s important to consider whether you need them.

A strong and durable carrying bag is included with the headphones. The headphones are protected from bumps and scrapes by being cradled in the case’s soft interior, composed of hard plastic.

The headphones generally have few bells and whistles and a straightforward interface. But, despite the lack of modern conveniences like noise cancellation or touch controls, they are equipped with premium wires and a sturdy case. So, this piece is a great option if you care more about the sound quality and the headphones’ durability than about the extra features.

Competitors Comparison

It’s helpful to look at how they stack up against other options in the same price range and class. Headphones that are competitive with the LCD-X in terms of cost, sound quality, and features are as follows:

The Sennheiser HD800S is a flagship over-ear model renowned for its superb acoustics and wearability. Much like the LCD-X, the headphones feature a spacious soundstage and a balanced sonic profile. They’re less cumbersome and easier to wear for long periods, but they don’t have the LCD-innovative X’s Wing suspension mechanism.

The Focal Utopia is another premium cans typically pitted against the LCD-X. The headphones’ dynamic driver design ensures a strong, dramatic sound with well-honed precision. Compared to the LCD-X, they’re lighter and more comfortable tо wear, but their soundstage lacks the same expansiveness and realism.

The HiFiMan Ananda is cheaper than the LCD-X in the planar magnetic headphone market. The headphones sound as precise and detailed as the LCD-X but aren’t as well-made or comfortable. 

The Audeze LCD-2 Classic is a cheaper alternative to the Audeze LCD-X. Despite their shared sonic signature and sturdy construction, there is a noticeable difference in the level of detail and precision between the headphones. The LCD-X is lighter and more comfortable.

The Audeze LCD-X headphones have an unrivaled blend of sound quality and comfort. The soundstage and detail they provide are unparalleled by any of their rivals, even though they are heavier and have fewer features. So, the Audeze LCD-X are great cans if you want headphones that put sound and construction first.


The Audeze LCD-X headphones are state-of-the-art over-ear cans with superb audio and a novel suspension design for all-day wearability and comfort. So, the headphones have a high-quality build and provide a neutral sound with a wide soundstage and precise detail. Anyway, the headphones’ sound quality and comfort make up for the absence of some of the advanced capabilities found on other headphones in their price range.

If you’re an audiophile оr a music lover looking for the best possible listening experience, go no further than this piece. Of course, they’re pricey, but the high quality of their construction, sound, and comfort make them worth every penny. The Audeze LCD-X headphones are great if you’re searching for a pair that you can wear for long periods, has a neutral and detailed sound, and fits comfortably.

Audeze LCD-X Review – Over-ear Headphone with New Suspension
Audeze LCD-X Review – Over-ear Headphone with New Suspension


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